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The Bull of the North, AKA Yurgen Kaneko, is one of the more controversial bits of Exalted "canon". Canonically, he is a Dawn Caste Solar who exalted on the early side (see Discussions/BullOfTheNorth for more on that) and has been wreaking havoc in the North ever since.

The Bull of the North appears in the following Exalted books:

  • Scavenger Sons: p. 19 mentions him as an icewalker leader.
  • Castebook Dawn: pp. 14-15, 24-26, 38-39, 50-51, 85-86. Gives quite a bit of info on his life (from his point of view and from that of those around him), as well as a character sheet at starting Solar level (p. 86).
  • Kingdom of Halta: pages 38 through 41 describe the war between the Bull of the North and the Tepet Legions which ended in the destruction of the legions.
  • In Northern Twilight: The Bull is an important supporting character through all but the first third of this book, and it takes place during his war against the Tepet.
  • Aspect Book: Air: pp 33 and 45, just short mentions about the Bull.