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So, I'm Prions. I'm currently running an Exalted Campaign over the summer at College. I am actually currently writing a book from scratch for my campaign, which I will post chunks of sooner or later. But so far I just got a login to snark at people. Heheh.

My Campaign

I should probably give it its own node, but (1) I'm lazy and (2) there's not too much to say on it yet.

I have 3 PCs (A Solar, a Lunar, and a Dragon-Blooded walk into a bar......) with a fourth planning on joining as a Fair Folk. It's fairly high-powered,as it's easier to add XP to a Dragon-Blooded than nerf a Solar. Plus, then I get to do all sorts of evil things with some assurance that my party will nto in fact die horrible deaths.

Here's the catch (spoiler! if you're one of my PCs, don't read yet!). Creation is being invaded. BY THE ZERG. Yes, the Zerg from StarCraft. Yes, Blizzard can sue me. Yes, I know I sound like a script kiddie or a forum lamer troll. Sue me. Not you, Blizzard.

The way I see things, the Zerg quickly establish a foothold and start experimenting in infesting essence users, finally capturing enough Dragon-Blooded outcastes to learn how to create Zerg Exalted. Meanwhile, Sarah Kerrian has been brought through, as there is literally no one more qualified in either universe to play every major power off against each other (and there are so, so many superpowers waiting to fight each other). So far, the Drathlords and Fair Folk were in league but each thinks they've been betrayed when Gem didn't get turned into a shadowland. Oh, and Autochthon has started to awaken, because he knows what a shitstorm the Zerg are going to cause in Creation.

I just needed tp brag. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. More to come later. I will probably create a Zerg node to detail teh five kinds of Zerg Exalted and so forth.


Please feel free to add comments. Please also feel free to NOT add comments. Freedom is a two-way street, after all.

The problem I can see, aside from this making very little sense, is that the Zerg are firmly biological entities and they're going to get their collective squirmy butts kicked. Yes, their super-brains are psychic but psychic just don't cut much bread in the world of Exalted. Neither does biology. Their whole schtick is infestation, which patently doesn't work on the Exalted (basic immunity to every kind of disease sans the Great Contagion). Throw in the fact that there are actual Gods and entities that are significantly bigger then space and time itself and you have a situation into which the Zerg are going to look like a minor head-cold.

Be that as it may, more power too you, this is so weird I'll watch it simply for novilty value. -- Halloween

  • Prions says: Thanks for your thoughts! I think in general I strongly agree, but there is one factor which makes a difference: Kerrigan herself. Obviously, Creation is FILLED with entities which, if they stopped bickering for a week, could liquify the Zerg and I don't mean in the financial sense. However, how different is that from the Starcraft universe Kerrigan just became the Queen B!tch of? My campaign hinges on every single major threat being played off each other until it's too late. If the party does expose the Zerg for being rampaging, unstoppable monsters (who eventually learn how to infest Dragon-Blooded essences and start mass-producing Exalted) the Zerg will indeed become a minor head-cold. Indeed, without Zerg Exalted, the Zerg would never really have a chance, psychic domination or no. But the way I see it, no one will believe horror stories until the Zerglings come a-knocking

Base the Zerg in the far East. Tales of villages being overrun by swarms of creatures will go unheeded there. People will only start to notice that something is really wrong when the creep mound in the East gets so big that sailors start confusing it for the Imperial Mountain and get off course. Don't forget about the Zerg's ability to burrow. In the East they might have to stay in one spot because of the harder soil, but in the sandy areas of the South they could have beast like those from the movie "Tremors". There might be word of airships in the north being brought down by swarms of those flying, kamikazeing zerg. You could have the zerg in the West cutting all of an island's trees down in order to form a brigde from one island to the next. A brawl between an ultralisk and Mask of Winters' Juggernaut would also be good. ~ Qzujak49

  • Prions says: Sounds great! Mysterious invasions are fun. Though, I think since Juggernaught is the size of a city, the Zerg would probably use lots of Guardians to tear it down.... ohhh, how angry the Mask of Winter would be, oh it would be great. I'm staging the first invasion in the south, though the rift actually closes early on, and the Zerg find a new way in.... through the Well of Udr. Too bad the Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils doesn't have any friends, or she might stand a chance.