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These are framework rules to use Exalted 2nd Edition as the support for a space opera campaign. Based initially on the work at GoldenCat/StarWars, I took those rules, modified a few things, and began to add in pieces from the new World of Darkness material (like firearms) and GURPS to make the setting more generic and also gear it towards non-Star Wars science fiction. While I appreciate Golden Cat and his conspirators' work, it isn't exactly what I'm looking for and I certainly don't need Jedi or Sith.

There are times where I'll be referring to different books that are not part of the Exalted line (such as either the 3rd or 4th edition of GURPS Space or the nWoD supplement Second Sight). These references will be clearly marked as such. References to nWoD rules material will not be complete, nor will some of the flavor text from GURPS; I'm not going to piss White Wolf or Steve Jackson Games off by reprinting large chunks of their material here.

The main idea in these rules is to create the foundation for a campaign I'm hoping to run but they're intended to be setting-neutral. The setting material itself (aside from example items, like starships or mecha) will be on a separate page and is currently titled Iron Hulls and Ebon Seas. While I considered several different systems for this setting, including GURPS 4e, d20 Modern, and the D6 system, I decided that because most of the material would have to be written from scratch anyway, I might as well do it in Exalted, since most of what I was looking for was already available in either the nWoD or Exalted, such as rules for psionics, perks, firearms, melee weapons, mecha (think warstriders), social combat, mass combat, and a variety of other things that might come in handy.


  • Character Creation - Building the heroes of our little dramas.
  • Techniques - Techniques are to heroes as Charms are to the Exalted. Every hero has a certain flare for different things and Techniques represent that ability.
  • Supplemental Rules - Exalted does not normally have starships floating around in space. Thus, we need rules to handle those ships and how they maneuver.
  • Equipment - Where would science fiction be without all the cool stuff? This is home to the guns, gadgets, and gizmos that aren't handled as part of the normal rules (and revisions to the normal rules where they need to be made).
  • Vehicles - While starships are the center stage of space opera, other vehicles are far from unknown, including ground cars, advanced aerospace craft, mecha, and still more. Each setting has its own vehicles, of course, but without samples to work from, it gets a little harder to make them.
  • Starships - Getting from planet to planet requires interstellar travel. These are sample ships to do it in.


Nice, Moon! Glad to know it inspired you if even a little! However, just to correct a lil' thing - it is Him. Male cat here! *Nods* - GoldenCat, who should have just used 'Colapso' >.>

Whoops, sorry about that. Thanks for the quick response. I'm currently working my way through the whole list of Backgrounds before tagging on the Merit and Flaw lists with page references. - MoonSword