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This page is dedicated to my own houserules which deal with combat. They are appropriate to my own ideals of combat, and are intended for use in my games, which generally tend toward a more realistic feel, using a multitude of themes and moods. Charm changes are noted on other pages.

General Combat

  • Essence to Dodge rules apply
  • Essence Minimum damage rules do not apply
  • Full Parry rules apply
  • Extended movement rules do not apply
  • PC Clinch rules apply
  • PC Min Dice pools do not apply
  • Characters do not generally take penalties in combat for having an untrained ability, unless they are using a weapon that they do not know how to use/hold/fire properly. This is at ST discretion.
  • Huge soak - for every 5 (round down) soak that a character has in excess of the total unsoaked damage dice of an attack, the target number of the single die which is rolled goes up by one, to a max of 10.


  • Despite the fact that it slows down combat significantly, I play with the WoD system of declaring actions in reverse order of initiative. In my opinion, it encourages a more interesting and strategic battle.
  • Characters may conduct reflexive actions or speak at any time, but talking must be limited to one short sentence
  • Actions are begun on a character's Initiative count, and are completed at a later time.
  • The later time that the action occurs is on an initiative count lower than the one the character rolled. How much lower is determined by the delay of the action to be performed
  • A character may revert in the middle of performing an action
  • If a character takes multiple actions in a Turn, those actions happen relatively simultaneously, unless they would have to be performed consecutively. If a character has two types of attacks, using two weapons, etc, the attacks may be relatively simultaneous, but otherwise the attacks must be consecutive.


These rules are obviously significantly more complicated than those presented in the core, and not recommended for storytellers who are not very familiar with the combat system or players who want battles to move quickly. They are a work in progress that is constantly playtested with the intention of generating a system which integrates well into my very realistic style of gameplay, focusing on drama and realism above simplicity. They are in effect in my games, where I keep track of basically all of the number crunching for my players, and work well in that capacity. Please comment much. Thanks. - Morpheus

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