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My Lunar revisions upon another's revisions

I liked most of the stuff DualMegami did with the Lunars. However, the specifics for the beastman transformations I never really agreed with. I like to think my revision revisions allow the player to customize his character a little more. But then again, I think alot of things.

Look at the original revisions here: RevisionsComplete/DualMegami

For all transformations:

Your caste is either attribute-based, so either physical, social or mental. You also get ONE favored attribute besides. The charm itself can be one of three transformations: Deadly, Sly and Wise (yes, I changed majestic to sly) each corresponding to the three sets of attributes, respectively. Anyone may take a _BT in another caste, but it's not as good.

____ Beastman Transformation

  • Cost: 5m, 8m if not caste
  • Duration: Indefinite. Non-caste BTs require committed essence to stay longer than a scene, as they are not necessarily a "natural form."
  • Type: Simple (that's right, simple).
  • Min [Attribute]: 2
  • Min Ess: 1
  • Prereq: Finding the Spirit's Shape

Stuff for all

  • _BT always gives you additions to your attributes. However, like the original, you can now put those points where you like. A caste BT gives you (BT rating x 2) + Ess in points to spread among your caste and favored attributes. A non-caste BT gives you (BT rating x 2) in points. These points are assigned at character creation and when more are added and cannot be changed. No BT may rise above essence rating and you may NOT have more than one up at a time. Each BT has a 2-point minimum attribute, detailed below.
(Example: Lichen Eater, a worm totem, is a Full Moon caste with the favored attribute intelligence. He has two DBTs, a SBT and is essence 3. He recieves 7 points to distribute among STR, DEX, STA and INT while he is in DBT. He has 2 to divide among CHA, MAN and APP while in SBT.)
  • You may add your BT rating in auto successes to an intimidate roll while in ANY beastman form, even a non-caste form.
  • You may take 1 "gift". These are not the same as gifts in the lunars book. You pick it at character creation, and it must correspond to your totem animal. This must be approved by the GM. Note that these will never be used for attack purposes, and should not be too earth-shattering. You never get more.
Examples include: The ability to soar (not fly), digging or burrowing capabilities, swimming adeptness, breath holding (not breathing water), etc.

Individual BTs

Deadly Beastman Transformation

  • >Your size increases by 50%
  • You get your DBT rating in Bodily Weapons
  • You soak Lethal with full stamina
  • Add your Essence rating to smell- or taste-based perception rolls
  • Once per scene you may add your ess in auto successes that involve your caste or favored attribute. This does not include damage.

Attribute: Strength. No Full Moon is weak. He may be clumsy (slug totem?) or easily tired (sloth totem?) but he's not weak.

Bodily Weapons

Lunars should be able to use their bodies as formidible weapons. Bodily Weapons make this happen real good like. Steps to do so:

  • 1 Make up a weapon that your animal might use. This can be a paw, talon, tail, wing, etc.
  • 2 The stats of this weapon are distributed from a point system (surprise, surprise!)The formulais: 2 + Ess x 2.
  • 3 Distribute the points. All stats cost one point from this (speed, accuracy, defense, lethal damage.) You may subtract points from one stat to increase another, at the GMs discretion (it is inadvisable to allow more than -2 to anything). Subtracting can help if the character wishes to have, say, a shell which isn't to usefull in fighting but would be great for parrying or a tail that is inaccurate but damaging.
  • 4 When essence is increased, two more points are added to each bodily weapon, as the formula dictates. These weapons never get worse, so don't try and subtract more. Again, run it all by your GM.

Also, if a player wants their weapon to do bashing, at GM discretion the system could be modified. However, I suggest against this. Lethal damage is one of DBTs main things.

If a player wants to stack one weapon instead of getting more when they increase their DBT, this is how you deal with it:


Sly Beastman Transformation

  • >Your size Decreases by 20%
  • You get your DBT rating in Voices
  • Mortals who seek to oppose you must succeed in a WP roll (diff: your Ess)
  • Add your Essence rating to hearing- or touch-based perception rolls
  • Once per scene you may add your ess in auto successes that involve your caste or favored attribute. This does not include damage.

Attribute: Appearance. The AppearanceExplanation.


This and Minds are complete originals for my new revisions. I am very proud of them. If you don't like it, too bad, don't use my system.

The idea that Lunars can't get by in society is completely bogus. Voices make a Lunar with SBT very socially effective. The system:

Make up a social effect, it doesn't actually have to be a voice. This "voice" affects characters in a way that you make up and is approved by the GM when you make it. The effect on a roll is a number of auto successes equal to your Essence. Vague? It should be. I'm making this for maximum customization without overkill (hopefully). Examples: a commanding voice, "always sounds like your mother" voice, a distracting voice.

Be creative with this stuff. If you've got a negotiator concept, give him/her a "trusted voice" and make your legitimate negotiations fool-proof. With another SBT give him/her an "underhanded voice" to make your dealings with the local blackmarket unavoidably successful. What can you come up with?

Voices does not stack with the SBT auto-successes bonus. Only a 2 or 3-die stunt may overrule this.

Voice actions are reflexive and cost 1 mote (stunt and it costs nothing!). They are generally used with another action as well, though, too. Stealthing and using a distracting voice is a good example. A voice duration is variable and can be changed through differant measures of creativity.

Wise Beastman Transformation

  • >You glow a writhing, colorful aura - different from your anima.
  • You get your DBT rating in Minds
  • You gain the Eidetic Recall merit.
  • Add your Essence rating to sight-based perception rolls
  • Once per scene you may add your ess in auto successes that involve your caste or favored attribute. This does not include damage.

Attribute: Intelligence. A No Moon can be unperceptive (worm totem?) or slow on the uptake (again, sloth?) but he should never be stupid.


Minds work much like Voices.

Decide on a way to think. This "mind" allows you to think in a certain way that you make up and is approved by the GM when you make it. The effect on a roll is a number of auto successes equal to your Essence. Examples: a learning mind, a creative mind, an original mind, an artistic mind.

Putting on a Mind or changing from one to another is a simple action that costs 3 motes. Turning off a Mind is reflexive, may be used in the same turn while putting another on and costs nothing. A Mind's duration can be anywhere from scene-long to day-long, but never longer. A player may have his character stay under the influence of a Mind, but accessing another or changing BT isn't possible while doing this. Only one mind may be on at a time.

There is a penalty for going out of your Mind! Staying in one Mind can be a bad thing, as you are then very geared toward thinking in a particular manner. You are not as capable of thinking in versatile ways like your original mind. If the Storyteller decides that a certain mental action a character is making conflicts with the Mind he is using, a success is lost. This can cause a player to fail or botch a roll. Example: Inquisitive Hare is using his Organizational Mind to plan the building of a village for his cult in a way that is both defensive and aesthetically pleasing. He is then ambushed while in thought and it is required of him to think on his feet (initiative, dodging). It would be best if he reflexively dropped back to his regular mind to avoid losing successes in being aware of them and dodging their attacks.


Bonuses with > next to them are optional. If a player doesn't want their monkey totem to be any bigger than his human form already is, that's his choice. He still get's the intimidate bonus, though. They are mostly cosmetic, so don't expect much. All of these can be great for stunting, too, which is really why I threw them in there. Also, Gms, if you're playing a more light-hearted game, this is a great source of humor. Have a big giraffe totem get his head stuck in a tree! Make fun of your tiny sparrow totem! If the player makes a bad joke, his aura slaps him!

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