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"How does a tree explain to a leaf the concept of autumn?"

-The Last and the Echo, to White

Storytold by LeSquide

More revisions to Lunar transformations!!!

For those of us who think the current Lunar situation isn't too great, there are revisions. These particular revisions are actually of earlier revisions a friend of mine, DualMegami, made. Her revisions are wonderful, I just wanted to put my own spin on things.


Custom Brawl Charms

These are custom Dragon Blood brawl charms I made. When you're Essence 5, the book charms just don't cut it anymore.


Dragon-Blooded Sail Charms

I really wanted to branch the sail and brawl charm trees together. This is the sail charm I needed to do so, and the actual charm that will make it happen.


Celestial Martial Arts

This isn't anywhere near complete. I don't know enough about martial arts to make a style very well, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm not linking this to the rest of the ma page until it's done, so back off. I figure if I make it a minor edit, no one will see it anyway.