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The Horizon

A landmark in the Far South, the Horizon is a gargantuan ridge of sandstone in spectacular shades of tan, rose and gold. The swirls of color are somewhat hypnotic, especially in the high sun. They sometimes move. At one time, the Horizon was a deadly Demesnes, for the laws of physics held little sway over the area. The Horizon itself stretches across the desert as far as the eye can see, but one can walk around it in a day, or over it in less. The spires and arches of the Horizon make impossible turns and twists, huge loads suspended in air by hair-thin collumns of sandstone or vice-versa. Even capped, the Horizon remains impossible, for its architecture was preserved by the arts of the Southern Dragon-Kings who used their Yeilding Earth Path to form the Demenes into a gargantuan city, possibly the largest single Manse in all of Creation. The riches of the city are long since stolen, but the city itself remains in prefect condition for even scavenger lords know the place caps a potent Demense and none has yet been stupid enough to risk unleashing it.