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Starlight Crypt

An elaborate tomb located in a South Eastern Shadowland, the Starlight Crypt is thought to have once been a Sidereal place of power, later corrupted into an Abyssal Manse by the formation of a Shadowland after Ma-Ha-Suchi's forces decimated several of the local villages. The central chamber of the Crypt is a dome-shapped room with walls of pure obsidian. Embedded in the walls of the inner room are hundreds of diamonds. Each diamond is the remains of a human being. Anyone who dies within the Manse itself is incinerated by a flare of Essence and their ashes draw into the obsidian chamber, crushed and forged into one of the diamonds. Slowly but surely, the Starlight Crypt is creating a perfect map of the skies of the Underworld. Should anyone stay long enough to observe, the diamonds within the ebony chamber move inside the walls, following the courses of the Underworld stars. When complete, the Manse will be the single most powerful tool for the astrological arts of the dead.