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Reef Palace

Many Demesnes in the Far West remain uncapped, some unknown, because it is extremely difficult to reach them. Many more Manses have been destroyed over time because after the end of the First Age, it has become impossible to keep them maintained. The Reef Palace is a rare find in that it is a deep-water Manse that remains intact, though dangerous. It has not yet capped the potent nexus of power it sits atop. Yet, because it is growing. Slowly, over centuries, the Manse as grown from a minor place of twisted power to a calm palace of the Chosen. Originally discovered by the aquatic Dragon Kings of the West, the Palace was capped as were many of the now free western Demesnes. The water-breathing folk used their magics to shape Manses as easily in the depths of the ocean as the Exalted did on the slopes of the Imperial Mountain. The Reef Palace is, in fact, a coral reef grown by Dragon King Magic from numerous species of coral, some unique to the Manse as they were created by mutating influences of the uncapped and partially capped Demesne. As they grew into more complex, geomantically potent forms they slowly but surely capped the wild place. For millenia, they have been growing and even now they have not finished their task.