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Lake of Dreams

A famous Northeastern lake, all who live around it know the Lake of Dreams is touched by magic, the incomprehensible runes and lines that never fade from the crystalline sands around it make that clear, as does the indescribably wild taste of the lake's silvery water. No fish dwell inside the lake, and no person standing on any shore has ever seen the opposite. To swim in the Lake of Dreams is to invite fortune to twist the life and, rarely, the body of the swimmer. People claim to have been cured of crippling injuries or diseases by a swim in the Lake, even restored to health from the brink of death, while others claim to have learned secrets long forgotten. The Lake's gifts are never predictable, but always benevolent. A single draught of lake water will give visions of the past, present or future, though few can make sense of the portents within. Some claim the Wyld dwells within the silver depths of the lake, but if it does it is a Wyld tamed by the same magics that focused the energies of one of the most potent Sidereal Demesnes in Creation.