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Isparian Wall

From the writings of Foundation Apex, archivist to Ledaal Visaren of Tuchara:

The Isparis dwelt in the northern reaches of Creation from the time before the First Age. Surviving records from the First Age, such as the Xiao Lin Scrolls and The Annals of the Falling Sun, depict them as snail-like creatures, gray and rubbery and foul, whose cities of green stone bent and warped the Essence through unwholesome angles. They used sorceries and technologies now lost to time, and worshipped the Yozis in vile and execrable rites.

When the Yozis were banished to Malfeas, some of their creatures survived, including the Isparis. Their cities burrowed deep into the mountain range near Gethamane. These mountains proved perilous even to the Princes of the Earth, and were known as the Isparian Wall. The name fell into disuse in the Late Resplendent Period, for by that time all known colonies of the Isparis had been rooted out and the race deemed extinct.

Certain relics of the Isparis remained in use, for the principles underlying their manufacture and function were so abstruse, so twisted, that sane minds could not comprehend them. Cathak Rakara’s Journey to the East presents evidence that the Dragon Kings employed Isparian barrier devices in warding many of their most precious treasures. Moreover, the Guide to Magical Creatures notes that such Unclean Anathema as Blooming Violets and Seven Hymns Princess drew upon Isparian spells and methodologies to breed such plagues and monsters as the All-Color Fever and Heliopathy, the karmeus and the Xenovore.

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