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Keep-Manse Reem

From the writings of Foundation Apex, archivist to Ledaal Visaren of Tuchara:

In the Median Resplendent Period, the Exalted of that age constructed the Manse-Bulwark: a system of Manses at the borders of Creation, bound together by flows of Essence and anchored to the defense grid of the Imperial Manse. The keystone of the Eastern Bulwark was the Keep-Manse Reem, located midway between Uchriast and the Bitter Flower Empire, in the depths of the forest of Sula Mon.

The Manse’s builder, the Unclean Anathema named Viperous Orchid, bound spirits of discord into its walls under the authority of the god Grona-Abassi, Lady of Kin-Strife. As a result, countless conflicts found their way into the Manse over the centuries. The Record of Fallibility, the Fire Chronicle and The Annals of the Falling Sun record a number of interesting incidents of this nature; I recommend those volumes to the interested scholar. The most notable of these incidents would surely include the last battle over control of the Cranefly School, the ghastly suicide of Night Quill (as described in the Braid and Cord Saga), and the month-long duel between Mouse That Hunts Eagles and Jelani Laughing-Flame for the love of the sorcerer Xi Pou.

The Keep-Manse Reem was lost during the Contagion. In his Journey to the East, Cathak Rakara notes that the Manse may yet exist in the shallows of a Wyld Zone. An expedition to investigate this has been proposed, but has not yet taken place at the time of this writing.

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