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From the Lesser Illuminations of Prophecy, as scribed by Flawless Mirror

All things in this world have an opposite. The Sun and the Moon, The Earth and the Stars, and the Behemoths and the Hiefozil.

Towering beasts, larger than even the Stalwart Vestibule's highest spire, the hiefozil are a sight to behold. Many mistake them for their violent cousins, but thanks to telltale scale patterns, one can recognize them for the gentle giants they truly are. Subsiting on a diet of plants and solar essence, they graze in the deepest parts of the Eastern Forests.

Alas that they did not have a more violent nature. Perhaps then they could better defent themselves against poachers. Their fur is a prized possession; essence use causes it to shimmer with mesmerizing patterns and swirls of color. The Starwater Bandits have grown quite fat on the sales of their massive pelts, and are blind to the danger of unchecked hunting.

I pray the Oaken Stewards can protect what few hiefozil now live.