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The Great Library System

Paradise Cloud, scribe of the Immaculate Order, writes:

Here we learn again of the hubris of the Anathema. This fragment of a message was retrieved from an ancient speaking stone found in the ruins of Lomnenereth, and in it we discover that in their thirst for power neither their peers nor the Gods themselves were safe.


"If you are hearing this it is probably too late for secrecy, so I shall be frank. Our plans have failed. The Gaze of the White Gull alights upon us, and even now the Justicars of the Risen Sun are hunting.

"Such is the anger of the Deliberative at our plot that there are whispers of The Soul Bell Vault being opened once more; could it be that the Kerning Stone shall become our prison?

"How can this be, my lord? Surely the Great Library System should have been operational by now. For a hundred years virtually every Exalt of note, whether Solar, Sidereal or Lunar, has made use of the libraries, investing their knowledge so that they could draw in turn upon on the wisdom of others, and unbeknownst to them, investing with it a portion of their souls.

"And who among the librarians would be fool enough to reveal the existance of the Soul Bell Batteries? We all stood to gain so much once the batteries were full and the Cataloguing of Souls could begin. With the soul of every Exalt tied into them and all their knowledge, essence and power available to us through a fully operational Great Library System, we would have ruled not only Creation but Yu Shan, and in glory not known since the fall of the Primordials.

"Could it be perhaps Amalion's doing? After all she did provide the plans for manse-networking the libraries based on her designs for The Court Of Silk And Steel and the Realm Defence Grid. Were we fools to trust a demon? If only we could have bound her to silence. But at first it was too dangerous to risk the ire of Gentle Rose Spider and after the Cataclysm at Red Cliff she was too well known.

"If only my own library at Lomnereth had not been destroyed so many times. Each time as the batteries were almost full we were visited by tragedy and the souls were released. It is almost as if an unseen hand has been moving against us.

"But there is no time for speculation. My wardguards tell me that the Justicars are breaking through and so I must send this missive by demon-messenger now, so that you shall have the comfort of knowing, as you spin forever within the Kerning Stone, that you were not betrayed by,

"Your servant,

"Dethemal Dew Eye"

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