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One of the largest libraries of the Great Library System, the Library of Lomnenereth was destroyed three times during the First Age. Other libraries in the Great System included the Meru Library and The Cranefly School. The Primordial Adrian destroyed the first incarnation of the library of Lomnenereth, a mad Solar named Crystal Chimes destroyed the second in a fit of pique when she was fined for returning her books two hundred years late and the third library was destroyed in a perfectly natural lightning blizzard ordered by a vengeful Lunar seeking vengeance upon the Solar who currently maintained the library. The Fourth Library was built during the last years of the Solar Deliberative, containing many texts that were deemed heresy and anathema when the Usurpation came. In order to preserve the wisdom against the Dragon-Blooded purge of all things Celestial, the Sidereals appointed a number of mortals and God-Bloods to protect the texts of all the Great Library System. These Warrior-Librarians acted in secret, eventually becoming the Sean'kaar Order.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian, Chosen of Saturn

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"Warrior-Librarians" makes me giggle madly. -Dim\\ Call dibs on the Sean'kaar are write those Warrior Librarians up! - Telgar