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From the annals of Flawless Mirror

She is feral, most assuredly. And yet, not without an air of grace. Fire and defiance glints in the depths of her eyes, and her lithe form ripples with speed. Her every move is lazy, but measured, like a zekrit.

She hunts and sleeps in the great forest of Sula Mon, and there was she chosen by Luna.

Forward I look now, to her moment of exaltation. How strong, how defiant, and yet, how fragile; like a cornered bird. Luna is before her, and with a roar she leaps upon her. They begin to wrestle; only by showing her superiority can Luna calm the wild woman. For three days and nights they wrestle and bite; each refusing to give ground. At last, when all that was within her is gone, the wild woman collapses, chest heaving. Luna kneels slowly and draws a narrow gash down the woman's left breast with a fang. The Silver Goddess reaches within her heart and draws a perfect crystalline shard from it. With the utmost tenderness, she slips the shard into the woman's heart.

With a cry that wakes every beast for half a day's travel, the woman Exalts. Filled with silver light, she is overcome with the power that now flows through her soul.

Collapsing to the forest floor, the woman feebly claws at her chest, desperate to remove the alien presence within her. But soon her movements stop as she comes to realize the alien presence is only herself, now reborn.

She stands, and breathes in the dank air. Her senses are filled with the forest; she hears the rustle of every leaf, the smell of every beast, and the beat of every heart. She howls with joy, a high sound of glory and thanks.

I look back, deep into the past, and see my love as she first was. Chopakta Of Rabishu. The first Lunar.

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