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Inauspicious Portal, The

Fragments from the journal of Amelthelas of Meru, Physician and Demon-binder:

...have recently come across references to an infernal equivalent to the Calibration Gate, allowing mobile access to Malfeas. When I questioned Glamorous Composition about it in the wake of our most recent encounter, she vehemently denied its existence, though of course she is not one of Ligier's souls, and might truly be ignorant.

...the Erymanthoi I questioned confirmed that they were summoned through this 'Inauspicious Portal' after my pet Sesselja rearranged their innards. This is an unfortunate turn of events; I cannot allow such an easy access to Malfeas to remain available to Exalted who might be vulnerable to corruption by the Yozis, no matter how convenient it might be for my own researches.

...having examined the Portal extensively, I suspect that a properly crafted Soul Bell might be able to destroy it. Given the restrictions of the Treaty of Bells, I will have to find a sympathetic censor to do the deed for me. Perhaps Zheng Di will be obliging, after I provide him with evidence of the corruption of the Society of Poets...

- AlecAustin

Hey AlecAustin.\\ It's awesome that you joined, and this entry is really cool (I approve of anything involving demons :), but please keep in mind for the future that all entries in letters after A are supposed to be filled-in phantom citations, not newly-created citations.\\ ~ Shataina

Will do. I must have missed that rule, somehow. ~ AlecAustin