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Enchantress of Nine Ice Swans

Song of Seven Willows, seeker of knowledge and finder of joy, writes:

Enchantress of Nine Ice Swans, whose original name has been lost to the ages, was a rebellious and vain Twilight caste Solar of some sorcerous strength and more than passing beauty. Indeed, the only things greater in scope than her occult power and her beauty were her paranoia and jealousy.

The Enchantress was deeply in love with a Zenith named Meridian Blaze, and was jealous of his relationship with Cascading Solar Flare almost to the point of madness. She believed that Cascading Solar Flare was having strange curses and sorceries laid on her name, and so she devised a spell and convinced a northern Fair Folk Noble to exchange True Names with her; the exact manner of achieving such a feat went to the grave with the poor, lovestruck Twilight.

For three hundred years, Enchantress of Nine Ice Swans worked to undermine the authority and scope of the Deliberative, and ultimately, of Cascading Solar Flare's rule. She made her way into the bed of Last Loss, the Cataphractoi Insensiblis whose tragic death made way for Flawless Mirror's succession, but the stalwart armor of the Deliberative would not be swayed by her feminine wiles.

The Enchantress' desperation lead to dark and infernal magics, as more than a few nights Meridian Blaze found himself bound helpless by demons, borne away to the Enchantress' bedchamber to listen to her desperate pleas and seductive entreaties. What passed between them on the night of the Metal Harvest was only known to Meridian Blaze; the next day, she leapt off a cliff, and her ringing cry of despair as she embraced her bloody death ripped through the hearts of all who heard the sound.


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