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Butterflies of Carpressia

Excerpt from Talneth’s Guide to Magical Creatures

These odd insects have many properties of both mundane and magical animals. They feed and pollinate flowers in the same way that a typical butterfly does, and they also derive sustenance in the same manner. The confusing thing about the creatures is their resilience to all inclement weather, including the chaos durring the Storm of Raging Earth, and their odd tendencies to die shortly after coming into contact with magical essence. This effect was finally determined when all the butterflies in the courtyard of the Matriarch of Lastleaf, a small city far in the east, placed a magical weather controlling device in the center of her garden.

After much study, it has been determined that the creatures do not die after their first exposure to a significant amount of essence. They seem to perish immediately their second exposure to essence. The creatures in fact carry a signature of essence after their first exposure, and they will deposit it immediately after contacting a second magical source.

Personal study has shown that the nature of the imprint upon the insects correlates perfectly to the essence they have come in contact with. The signature is always the same if the first source of essence is the same, and it can be determined where the source came from with sufficient experimentation.

It is believed that there is a direct correlation between the Butterflies and the Amaryllis Blossom, as the blossoms have never procreated in captivity without the presence of the Butterflies of Carpressia. Field study has proven to be lacking in merit to this point.

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