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Lastleaf, City of

Taken from the journal of Jalirus Condekkar, Scavenger King and Finder of Truths

At first glance, one could easily think the name "Lastleaf" is a misnomer given that the city lies in a secluded valley deep in the east, fortified on all sides by countless varieties of enlarged flora found only in the east. A wall of greenery stretching as far as the eye can see and then further still makes mockery of the sparse vegetation implied by the city's appellation.

The true scholar, however, knows that as with all things, there are various layers to any given truth, and so is the case with this fabled city, for Lastleaf is the only known source of Amaryllis Blossoms in the modern age, and this is the true source of the name.

Small, as cities go, it is nevertheless well worth visiting, and to this day I have fond memories of walking arm in arm with the Matriarch through its many gardens and walkways. The city is home to many rare flowers and blossoms not found elsewhere in creation, and though they pale beside the Amaryllis, they are still a spectacle I would see again before I die. I have heard it said that the Topiary of the Invested is unassailable for pure visual wonder, but I personally find myself preferring the simple pleasures of Lastleaf.

As always, though, it is not simple pleasure that guides me. It is my hope to spark the Matriarch's interest in trading some of the rarer blossoms in return for a recently acquired partial copy of The Salina Treatise. I do pray, however, that she does not have reason to question its veracity.


- NightRain