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Amaryllis Tokens

Notes taken at Paraylius God of Pomp's famous "Last Lecture"

"Fellow Academes. As I am sure you are aware, in the last century I have had the privelege of aquiring the finest known collection of these oddities known to Yu Shan, and present now the startling results of my extensive research.

"It appears that they do indeed have the connection to the Butterflies of Carpressia which lesser scholars have often posited. The connection long eluded me, until one day I delved into the passage of essence through these marvellous artifacts. By studying the connection to essence of these crystal flowers, I have discovered that they once lived. Their affinity both for the elemental pole of earth and the divine elixir of Ambrosia suggested that they were native to the Blessed Isle in the time when it was the home of all deities.

"But my research has not been purely of a theoretical nature, Fellow Scholars!

"I have, here, in this sealed urn, a living specimen of the Amaryllis. Allow me to demonstrate..."

[At this point the notes recording the lecture end. As we all know, neither Paraylius nor any of the gods attending this lecture were ever recovered. And the Amaryllis, if it truly had ever lived, had reverted to a token once more. Of course no one has managed to revive any of these tokens since. Not least because they have been banned from Yu Shan ever since.]

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