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The Anguish of Daana'd

From the scrolls of Cenotaph Dream, Funerists' Observance, Deceased

During the early days and nights of the Usurption, the Solar Anathema fled to the four corners of Creation, each seeking to regroup and smash the Dragon-Blooded Host for their betrayal. According to Kulai White-Eye's Diaries of Golden Princes, one such Solar was Bane of Zsofika, a Forsaken savant-king who ruled a mighty Southwest nation known as Gaol. Gaol was a majestic isle tainted with the madness of the Solars, a spectacle of First Age ingenuity that floated above the waves of the Southwest. However, the Usurpation managed to reach even the Kingdom of Ebon Miracles, and in the month of Descending Water, agents of the Dragon-Blooded Host sabotaged the technology which enabled Gaol to float above the waves, killing millions in one blow.

The city sank into the Southwestern Sea, flooding the roadways and homes of all the residents. It was as if the Sea itself had opened its gullet to swallow the fair city beneath its waters. According to Senni the Younger's Record of the Consuming Sea, the death-knell of Gaol left behind a horrific gash in Creation, and the sea surrounding its graveyard is a leagues-deep trench of a shadowland. The Immaculate Texts make mention of this, and claim that Daana'd herself, once exuberant and full of bravado, was the one to sink the entire city, dooming its innocent and suffering populace to a horrible fate, a choice which weighed heavily upon her brow forever after.

For this tale, the death of Gaol and its people is known as the Anguish of Daana'd.

- Patkin


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