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Arndis Asgeirsdattir

Well, she hasn't made her page, so I, JadeSerpent, have done so. I'll try to convince her to add stuff if she thinks of any; in the mean time I have to build this, which is funny, because Arndis is the more Wikian of the two of us (she's friends with P. Michaud, the developer of PMWiki and she maintains a site of her own, Arndis' Aetheryal Aerie.

Things Arndis has made

  • VirtueFlaws/ArndisAsgeirsdattir Virtue Flaws from the mind of my girlfriend.
  • Charms/ArndisAsgeirsdattir She's assembled a charm tree for Haslanti glider use... Also a cool way to give Terrestrials a Air aspected Ride Tree for people doing charms the Storyteller's Companion way. Will upload this evening.

People Arndis Knows