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Golden Sarcophagus

(1) Yeled: A massive golden Sarcophagus dominates the small room inside. Its literally half the room and located in the exact center. It seems to depict the Sun Tyrant in a prone position, although its very ornamental and more abstract than many murals you've seen him in. Around the room are a variety of treasures...these are not like those in the chamber Fu guards. These seem more personal: A suit of orichalcum armor of impossible design that you've seen again and again in the murals; A leopard pelt, somehow preserved through the years, is draped artfully over a wooden stand; A weapon stand with twin, sheethed broadswords—one scabbard depicts a leopard and the other a falcon; A stand holding a five pointed crown of orichalcum and a ring with a seal; A single bracer with a falcon shaped into its side; And another stand holding an ornate a scroll case.

Sook takes a few moments to take in the treasures of the room in front of him

Sook strides forward to the sarcophagus, gently putting his hand on it and walking from foot to head, feeling the tactile sensations of the bas relief that adorns the magnificent structure

Mou-Shendu , having finished inspecting the glowing liquid for now, and seeing the others enter the cabin, follows them in after a moment. He stops and takes in the artifacts and the sarcophagus, understanding their significance.

(1) Yeled: The sarcophagus is warm to the touch, and almost seems to breathe with a life of its own. Its like touching someone who lies in a deep, peaceful sleep rather than an inanimate coffin containing...well, a corpse, most likely.

Sook: "you did well for yourself....but what use is it all now?",he says this quietly, to himself, though mou would certainly be able to hear it

(1) Yeled: Much of the symbolism on the sarcophagus matches that which you've seen previously in the murals. The sun adorns the head of the massive structure and shines out with 13 beams of light. A leopard rests on one side and a falcon on the other. The arms are crossed over the chest and hold two broadswords, matching the real ones that rest less than three feet away.

Mou-Shendu approaches the sarcophagus. He stares at it, clearly deep in thought.

Kaimi: "It may not be of use to him but it’s still pretty neat. So that's him, huh?"

Sook: "not really’s his box"

Kaimi steps up next to Sook to get a better look at the box. "But isn't he suppose to be in it?"

Sook makes a sudden move that probably comes as a shock to those assembled, and pushes on the right head end corner, leaning into it, to push the lid aside and around

Mou-Shendu: "like everything in this place, it is most likely powerfully enchanted..."

(1) Yeled: The lid is heavy and for a moment Sook doubts he can move it...but then it gives way and slides about six inches.

Kaimi had been raising her hand to do the same and is definitely surprised but still leans forward to look.

Sook: "id assume that is him"

(1) Yeled: The light in the room is enough to reflect off of something shiny and metallic inside.

Kaimi peers in curiously

Mou-Shendu tenses as Sook does this, preparing for the unexpected. When nothing happens, he relaxes a bit, and holds up a light to cast away the darkness within.

Kaimi also holds her lantern up for a better look

(1) Yeled: The light of the lanterns shines in through the opening and reveals a mask made of orichalcum and likely jade, depicting the sun.

Mou-Shendu: "Alright," Mou offers after a long moment. "Let’s move the top off, so that we might see properly. Kaimi, help me with this end. Sook, can you get the other..."

Kaimi: "Sure thing!" Kaimi reaches forward immediately to help Mou with that end of the sarcophagus lid

Sook gives it another big push with lots of follow through, attempting to move it completely off of the sarcophagus

(1) Yeled: After a lot of hard work the lid slips off the bottom and slides to the floor with a loud crash of metal on metal. The boat shakes a little from the impact, and then rocks uneasily.

Sook looks inside

(1) Yeled: Nestled tightly inside the Sarcophagus, filling every inch of its otherwise spacious interior, is a second sarcophagus. This one is also shaped so as to depict a man lying in a prone position, but instead of a face there is only the brilliant sun where the head should be.

Sook grunts and screws up his face,"why in creation....?"

Mou-Shendu looks it over for writing or symbols.

Kaimi puffs out her cheeks and then exhales "ok.... Next?"

Sook: "what use is the flesh....if you lock it up thus?"

(1) Yeled: There is indeed writing...evidently of a sorcerous nature. It is similar to some of Mou's thaumaturgic warding and protection spells, but surely more potent.

Mou-Shendu: "This is what I was afraid of. It is warded.”

Sook: "to what purpose? to deny the worms...their feast? seems....trivial"

Mou-Shendu: "I appreciate your sentiment, Sook, but I would not yet presume that protecting a dead body was the only goal here. Great magics existed in those times, far beyond any of our understandings."

Sook looks back into the box. "dead is dead,regardless"

Mou-Shendu: "Perhaps".

Kaimi: "Er... what other goals are you suggesting? Are trying to say that this Sun Tyrant is not dead?"

Mou-Shendu: "They could be protecting a body, but they might also protect a treasure, or some arcane secret that could be gained. They may even be keeping something in. We do not really know the fate which befell the Sun Tyrant. We must keep our minds open."

Mou-Shendu draws his finger over the writings, several inches above them as he discerns the meaning.

Kaimi: "Well what does it say? Can we open it?"

Mou-Shendu: "it seems to be a ward against... darkness... or something of that nature. We may not trigger it at all. But I can't be sure. This magic is far beyond me. But we are here to find Jia Bouyu, so I feel we must proceed."

Kaimi: "Darkness? Why would we trigger a ward against darkness? We're not dark. Unless you're not telling me something Mou. We even have light!" Kaimi grins holds up her lantern to accentuate her point

Mou-Shendu: "If my interpretation is correct, I do not believe we have to worry. But as I said, this magic surpasses my knowledge."

Kaimi: "Hmmm. Well I guess we will just have to open it then. Though why we want to talk to a tyrant is beyond me. Will be interesting though." Without further ado tries to pull open the second sarcophagus

Mou-Shendu: "Kaimi, remember that Tyrant is a name earned through the ages after much was forgotten. The best history of his life that we have can be found on the murals in this..." He stops suddenly as kaimi makes her attempt.

(1) Yeled: The lid is heavy and Kaimi can't budge it. Furthermore, it’s below the level of the first, outer sarcophagus, so sliding it off will be impossible.

Kaimi: "Darn. I can't... Sook, would you give me a hand here?"

Kaimi tries to lift the lid instead

(1) Yeled: This is a very large, heavy lid. Its not as large or heavy as the first...but it is still quite big.

Mou-Shendu studies the various items in the room, searching for an appropriately durable lever, with which to pry open the lid.

(1) Yeled: The only things that are even remotely lever-like, among the objects or treasures, are the swords. Some of the stands, being or at least containing wooden poles, might work.

Mou-Shendu: His eyes settle on the swords.

Mou-Shendu: ((How long are the poles?)) (1) Yeled: ((four feet, maybe)) Mou-Shendu: ((and the swords?)) (1) Yeled: ((they are quite large, considering the curved broadswords appear built for speed and are usually quite flashy when used properly. But they are not so large that someone couldn't wield them))

Kaimi: "Hmmm. Who ever put the Sun Tyrant in here really wanted him to stay in here." Kaimi purposely accentuates the words Sun Tyrant as she speaks and grins as her eyes flick toward Mou

Mou-Shendu: "We might be able to pry it open with a lever, but it must be both strong, and of sufficient length to ease our load." He peeks out onto the deck for anything that might serve the purpose better.

(1) Yeled: The only things that might work outside are the oars (very long) or possibly the end of the massive rudder

Mou-Shendu returns and looks to Sook. He points to the wooden poles in the cabin. "Do you think you could take a few of those together and pry up the lid?"

Kaimi: Slightly behind Mou in reasoning Kaimi points to the swords "How bout one of those? Though I'd hate to mess up those blades. They are quite nice."

Mou-Shendu: "They may serve the purpose better, and I have a feeling they will not be damaged easily. But for the reason you said, I'd rather try the wooden beams first."

Kaimi: "Ok. So we break the oars first and then the swords. It's a plan!" Kaimi grins broadly and teasingly at Mou.

(1) Yeled: The "poles" are parts of the'll have to smash 'em up first.

Mou-Shendu: "The oars are too long, so we would have to break them to even attempt using them. Again, they are a part of a historical treasure. Let's start with these beams from the display stands." Mou-Shendu smiles. "Once we break those, we can start breaking treasures."

Kaimi: "Alright its a deal." Kaimi says laughing

(1) Yeled: After some work, Sook, Mou, and Kaimi manage to lift the lid using a makeshift lever. It too clatters to the ground noisily. Peering inside, you are unhappy to discover yet another sarcophagus. This one, however, is much smaller than the first two. It’s large enough to hold a man and little else. In this case the sarcophagus is much simpler than the first two. It’s no less well crafted, but it no longer carries all the symbols and trappings of the Sun Tyrant. It depicts a man, handsome of face and strong of body...but there is no sun, no leopard, no falcon, no swords....

Kaimi: "I feel somewhat cheated somehow."

Prax: ((Gotta love Egyptian Nesting dolls))

Mou-Shendu: Once again, Mou inspects it for warding.

(1) Yeled: ((roll Int + Occ)) Mou-Shendu: [7d10.vs(7)] => [10,8,4,10,8,9,5] = (5) Mou-Shendu: ((Critical Hit!))

(1) Yeled: There is indeed warding, and Mou is able to make it out fairly well. It doesn't seem to ward against anything in particular. Instead it seems to be a warning against disturbing the rest of Jia Bouyu. It then lays down a heavy curse on those who do: plague, war, and poverty are among the afflictions prescribed, and the curse claims that it will affect three generations after the first.

Mou-Shendu relays the unhappy news to the others.

Mou-Shendu: "Perhaps we should try an alternative to opening the sarcophagus," offers Mou after pondering for a moment. "It may still be disturbing his sleep, but there may be a way to speak with him without triggering this ward."

Kaimi grins "What do you suggest? We just say hi? Hi Jia Bouyu we just happened to come here hundreds of years after you died and were buried or possibly imprisoned... We just wanted to chat. Yeah that will go over well."

Mou-Shendu: "At the burial ground of the dead, it is often possible to summon their spirit. But you point out the problem with this idea: I doubt I could accomplish this on one who has been dead so long."

Kaimi: "Not to mention that that still sounds a lot like disturbing his spirit. What do we do then? Perhaps we should explore more. Maybe something else here might talk too. Like Fu. It could give us a way around. Or maybe there are instructions in one of those murals again."

Mou-Shendu: "Well, there was something I have been considering. Fu told us that we must speak to Jia Bouyu, and that the Manse holds the key. That could simply mean that Jia's body is here, in the Manse. But it may also be a reference to something else here in the Manse, such as the hearthstone in that pedestal out on the deck".

Kaimi head whips around to stare to meet Mou's eyes directly. "Hearthstone? That's what that was?"

Mou-Shendu is taken aback by Kaimi's response, but he tries not to show it. "It is very likely", he answers calmly.

Kaimi: "That a very interesting item to include on this ship considering the murals always show the Sun Tyrant without his heart and a sun in its place."

Mou-Shendu: "Yes", Mou replies. "There could very well be a connection. In Jia's possession, the hearthstone would channel pure Sun essence directly to him, where ever he was."

Kaimi: "So you think thats the key then." Kaimi looks thoughtful

Mou-Shendu: "It is possible. But it may be unrelated."

Kaimi: "So we will try that then. If that doesn't work we will continue searching for some other 'key' to our problem."

Mou-Shendu: "I am not really sure what to try with it, really"

Kaimi: "It may work just to bring it in here. If it really is the source of his power and he really is still able to sit up and talk he may sense it and come to."

Sook: "we could,you know....ignore the warnings. It has been over 1000 years"

Mou-Shendu: "Yes, but this place was made in a time of great magic, and from what we've seen, its magic remains great."

Sook: "didnt keep us out though"

Mou-Shendu: "No. Nor was it meant to."

Kaimi: "Yeah that worries me a bit too. I know you keep saying that he may not have been a tyrant back then but what if he was? Is it really a good idea to wake him up and give him his power source back?"

Mou-Shendu: "The murals outside show that he was changed after the noble houses took his... sun-heart... away."

Kaimi: "Exactly. But for better or for worse? We still don't know why they took it or what it did to him for certain."

Mou-Shendu nods in agreement.

Sook: "if you took my heart...i would die....if you gave it back...i wouldnt live...again"

Kaimi: "Yeah but he was suppose to be on God status. He might be different."

Mou-Shendu smiles at Sook's comment, but turns to kaimi. "But we know that you have a destiny to fulfill here, and that we must somehow speak with Jia Bouyu."

Sook: "we dont KNOW she has to speak to him. We assume"

Mou-Shendu nods. "The advice given to us by Fu is our best lead. But you are, of course, correct, Sook.

Kaimi: "All we really know is that I have a destiny here. Not even what that might really mean for the Jade isle. And Why in the world would I be connected with this guy anyway?"

Sook: "maybe he is an...ancestor"

Kaimi chokes. "Sook please. I have found out about enough family of late for the moment. Let’s discuss that next... never."

Mou-Shendu: "In any case, you are connected to him now, simply by Master Li's interpretation of the stars leading you down here. Whatever your fate, it will be influenced here. That is a connection."

Sook: "well,there is a lot to be said know...bloodlines. maybe he is a line of rulers....the last maybe? and you....are to be the next?"

Mou-Shendu: "Let's not jump too far ahead here. These speculations will not help us with the task at hand."

Sook grunts. “Might help convince us it is worth go on....or not worth it"

Mou-Shendu: "Perhaps. But we still have no way to answer those questions."

Kaimi: " Yeah Sook really. Not a princess here. Not except for the time my mom was a.... anyway never mind. Not related."

Sook: "We do, I imagine," he nods to the sarcophagus

Mou-Shendu nods. "Then this task first. Then, perhaps, answers." Mou-Shendu slips into silent thought. He closes his eyes and relaxes his body, letting his mind slip into a meditative concentration as he searches for direction."

Sook eyes the series of sarcophagi...if he were a more rash person, he would just open it anyway...however, he is not

Kaimi: "What's he doing?"

Kaimi indicates Mou

Sook looks at mou, "thinking i guess, ask him."

Mou-Shendu mumbles in reply. "Yes. Thinking... with a clear mind."

Kaimi gives Sook a dirty look.

Kaimi: "Well I think we should explore. There may be other answers here."

Mou-Shendu nods, but makes no further gesture or comment.

Kaimi raises her eyebrows. "Ok I'll explore a little more then." Kaimi turns and heads out the door.

Water Play

(1) Yeled: As Ayame bathes in natural essence of the water, taking it in and refreshing herself, she notices something out of hte corner of her eye. Did one of the statues just disappear under the surface? Ayame isn’t sure…but something moved...unless its a trick of the light.

Ayame starts a bit, and looks around, then moves over to investigate

(1) Yeled: There is nothing. No unusual ripple in the surface. No indication that anything had been there. Just a statue of a submerged nymph with the top of her head and eyes peeking out across the surface of the "river." Ayame pokes the statue

(1) Yeled: The statue is life-sized and lifelike, intricately detailed...made of immobile black jade as far as Ayame can tell.

Ayame dives underneath to inspect it (1) Yeled: The statue depicts a beautiful and nubile river nymph clutching a sword with a blade that seems made of the water itself. Her hair, furthermore, seems to be like the ripples and churning of water flowing down a series of small cataracts

(1) Yeled: ((Roll Perception + Awareness, Ayame)) Ayame: [7d10] => [10,1,8,4,7,7,9] = (46)

(1) Yeled: As Ayame inspects the statue, she becomes aware of something--not much more than a shimmer or disturbance in the natural flow of the water--encircling or clinging to the hard black jade.

Ayame swirls her hand in the disturbed water

(1) Yeled: Ayame's fingers touch something soft and slightly malleable...its not unlike skin and flesh. Its cold to the touch, though, and as soon as Ayame touches it whatever it is darts back and away from the statue.

Ayame swats her hand at whatever it is that darted

(1) Yeled: Its moved out of her reach, but Ayame can make out the disturbance in the water now. It appears to be heading quickly toward the boat.

Ayame darts after it quickly

(1) Yeled: Whatever it is matches Ayame's speed and it heads under the massive hull and into the only place in the whole room with any kind of shadow.

Ayame gives herself an essence fueled burst of speed and dives into the shadows under the hull behind it

(1) Yeled: It takes a moment for Ayame to locate it again under the barque. When she does she sees it literally materialize out of the water as if the water itself were given a physical, fleshy form. It still blends vaguely into the water, but she can see that its definitely human shaped and sized. In fact as it becomes more clear she can see that its attractive feminine form is very nude, and its hair is the color of foam and flows around her before literally becoming one with the water itself.

(1) Yeled: "Want to play?" it asks from about 10 feet away.

Ayame peers over the body of the figure "sure"

(1) Yeled: The seemingly young creature smiles, then darts quickly away from Ayame.

Ayame zooms after it, moving blindingly fast with her landscape movement and natural grace combined

(1) Yeled: The woman swims with amazing speed as well, and Ayame isn't sure she's the faster of the two of them. Furthermore, she darts this way and that if Ayame gets close, changing directions in an attempt to stay just out of Ayame's reach.

(1) Yeled: ((I'm going to have us do a contested roll, Ayame...she can seemingly match you for speed, so we'll roll your Dex + Athletics against hers and you need to accumlate five successes over hers to catch up...then you can do what you want once you catch up)) (1) Yeled: [7d10.vs(7)] -> [10,5,9,7,3,10,3] = (4) Ayame: [9d10] => [4,6,6,2,7,8,3,2,1] = (39)

(1) Yeled: The woman outpaces Ayame fairly easily, and then slows when its apparent she is losing ground. She smiles. "Want another try?"

Ayame: "You're cheating!" Ayame keeps putting up chase

(1) Yeled: The woman smiles again and darts away as Ayame pursues.

(1) Yeled: [7d10.vs(7)] -> [10,10,6,9,6,9,6] = (4) Ayame: [9d10] => [5,2,1,10,9,7,3,10,9] = (56)

(1) Yeled: Ayame gains a bit on her.

Ayame: [9d10] => [4,6,4,8,5,6,10,10,2] = (55) (1) Yeled: [7d10.vs(7)] -> [8,9,1,10,1,5,3] = (3)

(1) Yeled: The female creature weaves in and out of the statues, and Ayame stays close behind. Ayame gets a little closer as the two of them swim and dart around the river covering the bottom of the room.

(1) Yeled: [7d10.vs(7)] -> [9,6,6,3,10,8,10] = (4) Ayame: [9d10] => [5,8,10,10,8,5,8,10,2] = (66)

(1) Yeled: The woman twirls through the coils of the dragon, but Ayame avoids them altogether and catches up to her as she emerges under the barque.

Ayame lunges after her.

Ayame: [10d10] => [3,1,9,10,10,4,1,1,8,7] = (54)

(1) Yeled: The woman attempts to pull away, but Ayame is too quick. (success...describe your clinch))

Ayame wraps her arms and legs around the figure, holding it tight "Gotcha"

(1) Yeled: The woman writhes against Ayame's tight hold, trying to break free.

(1) Yeled: [8d10.vs(7)] -> [6,4,7,2,2,2,8,9] = (3) Ayame: [10d10] => [5,1,2,8,10,4,9,4,7,1] = (51)

Ayame squeezes her tightly "Better admit it, I win"

(1) Yeled: The woman makes one more attempt to free herself from Ayame's hold.

(1) Yeled: [8d10.vs(7)] -> [10,5,7,3,4,5,2,7] = (3) Ayame: [10d10] => [4,9,5,5,5,5,8,7,6,4] = (58)

(1) Yeled: The woman twists until she faces Ayame and wraps her own arms around the elemental. She squeezes and tries to force her down to the bottom. (1) Yeled: "You haven't won anything yet," she says.

Ayame struggles, but doesn't resist the descent

(1) Yeled: The woman drags her down to the floor, forcing Ayame's shoulders and back to the ground.

Ayame tries to wedge her feet in between the two to push her off

(1) Yeled: [8d10.vs(7)] -> [5,7,6,9,5,9,5,7] = (4) Ayame: [10d10] => [3,7,3,7,5,6,3,2,9,5] = (50)

(1) Yeled: The woman manages to keep Ayame from dislodging her, and straddles the water elemental as she pins her to the ground. "Now I think you better admit I win."

Ayame: "No way, I'm better!"

(1) Watery Woman: "Then why am I on top?"

Ayame: "Cause you cheated!"

The Watery Woman puts her index finger to Ayame's lips. "Shhhh. What will you give me now that I have won?"

Ayame: "I'm not givin' you nothin'!" She struggles still.

Ayame: [10d10] => [1,5,6,10,6,8,8,3,1,3] = (51) (1) The Watery Woman: [8d10.vs(7)] -> [2,7,1,7,4,8,3,8] = (4)

The Watery Woman and Ayame roll over and over and over along the floor of the river as they attempt to pin the other. Finally the watery woman settles on top once again. "What will you give me?"

Ayame: "You can't make me give you nothin!"

The Watery Woman shakes her head. "I had fun playing with you, but in the end you are not as fun as I expected you would be.

Ayame: "Am so!"

(1) The Watery Woman: "Oh? How so?"

Ayame sticks her tongue out at her

(1) The Watery Woman: "That's it?” She looks disappointed.

Ayame: "You're weird" Ayame jerks and struggles beneath her again

Ayame: [10d10] => [3,8,8,3,6,7,1,7,7,10] = (60) (1) The Watery Woman: [8d10.vs(7)] -> [9,8,8,6,5,3,7,3] = (4)

Ayame rolls backwards, taking the woman with her and slamming her back down into the floor of the river, pinning her firmly "Hah!"

The Watery Woman does not resist after Ayame pins her. She settles on the floor and waits to see what Ayame will do.

Ayame sits atop her "Well?"

(1) The Watery Woman: "Well what?"

Ayame: "What do I get for catching you?"

(1) The Watery Woman: "What do you want?"

Ayame: "Well I figured there was a reason you were running away. So why is it, huh?"

The Watery Woman sighs, and looks over Ayame. "You looked like fun. I wanted to play."

Ayame: "I am fun!"

(1) The Watery Woman: "How so?"

Ayame: "Well how are you fun then, huh?" Ayame pokes the woman in the nose.

(1) The Watery Woman: "Oh, I'm fun in all kinds of ways."

Ayame: "Prove it! I don't see how you are any more fun than me"

The Watery Woman reaches out to with her arms and takes hold of Ayame's waist. She caresses Ayame's side with her fingers, then digs them into her sides and begins to tickle Ayame.

Ayame: "Gack, hey that's not fun, that's evil!" Ayame leaps backwards, pushing off the floor of the river and floating up and back slightly

The Watery Woman immediately flows after her, wrapping her arms around the water elemental in an embrace. "I wish I had time to show you how fun I can be. I've not seen anyone like me in years. But I must finish my task, and then you must be off."

Ayame: "What task?"

(1) The Watery Woman: "I have something for you."

Ayame: "Reaaaaaally?"

The Watery Woman smiles. "Yes. You are so small, though. I am not certain if you remain worthy of it."

Ayame: "Hey I'm just as worthy as anyone!"

(1) The Watery Woman: "You are diminished from what you once were. But there is no choice. Your master will draw away otherwise dangerous eyes, and give you the time you will surely need. But his motives remain unclear. It is dangerous that this pass to you, but it must."

Ayame: "Ok yeah that sounds good. Gimmie gimmie!"

(1) The Watery Woman: "I must warn you, it is as much curse as it is blessing. But time grows short for me and you both. I cannot explain as I would like. My strength to remain is waning." The Watery Woman opens her mouth and presents her own tongue. Resting on it is a large white pearl that reflects the light in a rainbow of colors.

Ayame reaches out and snatches it.

The Watery Woman looks disappointed as Ayame takes it off her tongue with her hand. "See. You're not as much fun as I am." And with that the woman releases Ayame and slowly fades backward into the water.

Ayame: "hey!" Ayame chases after her.

The Watery Woman is fading quickly, looking at her with sad eyes, and disappears the same way she appeared.

Ayame just floats there for a while, then raises to the surface

(1) Yeled: As soon as Ayame break's the surface there is a tremendous CRACK from above, and the whole rooms turns red. A moment later something large hits the water. Whatever it was hit on the far side of the barque from where Ayame is now.

Ayame swims around quickly to investigate.

(1) Yeled: is floating face down along the surface and getting pulled by the current toward the far side of the room.

Ayame prods him

(1) Yeled: It is not a him...but a her. A rather familiar her.

Ayame grabs her and pulls her towards the pier

(1) Yeled: It is as Ayame swims the unconscious woman to the pier that she becomes aware of a tremendous amount of essence being drawn out of the air.

Ayame yells up "Hey what's going on here?"

The Red Sun

Kaimi reaches the deck outside with the true intention of really getting answers. Once there though she stops and looks around at the magnificent display. Her eyes brighten and she breathes a sigh of relief. She looks up at the crows nest high up and heads over to climb up to the crows nest for the best view she can get. Kaimi practically flies up the rigging to the crows nest. Once there she surveys the scene again. Looking out in every direction, trying to take in everything at once.

(1) Yeled: Kaimi climbs the silken ladder all the way up the mast to reach to crow's nest far above. As she gets closer the light from the sun above her gets more and more blinding and warm, until she is bathed in an intensity not unlike the light of the door when she first entered the cave. However, at the exact center of the sun there is a secondary, inner sun of a much dimmer red, allowing her to see it well if not the rest of the room. Around the outside of this are black letters written in the ancient tongue of the Old Realm.

Kaimi reads the writing.

(1) Yeled: The words are readable individually, but it makes little sense to Kaimi. It’s probably some kind of spell or magic. As Kaimi inspects the writing, she becomes aware that the red sun has a ruby like appearance. Its almost like a massive gemstone some six feet in diameter. Within the gem, beneath its crystaline surface, some kind of light can be seen dancing about.

Kaimi: "Hmmm. Interesting.... HEY MOU!"

Mou-Shendu opens his eyes at Kaimi's shout. He turns to look out the doorway, and then makes his way out onto the deck. When he arrives on the deck, he looks around for Kaimi. He looks right, then left, and then settles on the ladder to the crows nest, where Kaimi had been so interested in exploring. As his gaze rises up the ladder to find Kaimi, he remembers the writing, which had slipped his mind entirely until now.

Sook follows along behind mou

Mou-Shendu begins to climb up to the crow's nest after Kaimi.

Kaimi is leaning against the railing waiting with a slight smile for Mou to finish his climb.

Mou-Shendu , upon his arrival, attempts to make sense of the writing.

(1) Yeled: The crow's nest is not large enough for more than one person. It is also barely five feet from the ceiling, meaning that even Kaimi has to bow her head to stand in it.

Kaimi: "Check all this out. And look at this light." Kaimi gestures and takes a moment to really examine the light herself

(1) Yeled: The light is vibrant and alive. For some reason it reminds Kaimi of the dawn. It flickers and dances within the gem, lighting its smooth surface in different positions and at varying intensities.

Mou-Shendu: ((Can the writing be read from the ladder?)) (1) Yeled: ((if you make a Int + Occult roll)) Mou-Shendu: [7d10.vs(7)] => [7,6,1,2,9,9,4] = (3)

Mou-Shendu: "Hmmm," says Mou as he studies the writing. "This is some sort of spell, and quite complicated. It involves three distinct elements. There is a process of seperation, as well as an element of isolation, and finally the spell involves some kind of binding." He pauses a moment in thought. "I'm really not sure what it is working on, though."

Kaimi reaches to touch it, provided it isn't too hot

(1) Yeled: The gem is very warm but not too hot to touch. Kaimi's hand reaches up to touch it, and as her palm and finger tips rest upon it she immediately registers the large gem-like stone But as soon as she has that thought there is a loud "CRACK" and a fissure ruptures across the surface of the stone from one end to the other. Red light pours about, as well as tremendous heat. Kaimi is enveloped in it before she can pull away. It swallows her up. Then there is an explosion.

(1) Yeled: ((if you like, those of you on the silk ladder can make a dex + athletics roll to keep from falling...Kaimi doesn't have to roll)) Mou-Shendu: [7d10.vs(7)] => [1,4,7,5,3,3,1] = (1)

(1) Yeled: Sook tries to see through the light to where Kaimi and Mou are. He hears the crack, and feels the massive red explosion a moment later. The crow's nest is swallowed up in the blast. Mou loses his hold on the ladder and plummets to the deck below.

Sook screams at the explosion, "KAIMI!".then, when he sees mou fall, he lunges to catch the falling man

(1) Yeled: ((Sook, roll wits + awareness to make the attempt)) Sook: [6d10] => [1,9,9,8,9,7] = (43) (1) Yeled: ((ok, now Dex + ath)) Sook: [5d10] => [9,2,1,8,1] = (21)

(1) Yeled: Sook somehow manages to catch Mou as he falls. He doesn't get enough of a hold to keep him from hitting the deck, but he cushions the blow enough to avoid any serious damage from occurring.

Sook is speaking almost before mou is on the ground, "what happened?"

Mou-Shendu lands with a thump. He shakes his head to orient himself, and then stands, looking up to where Kaimi once was.

(1) Yeled: Before Mou can answer there is a loud splash in the water off the starboard of the barque.

Sook doesnt wait long for a reply...ignoring the splash, he begins quickly as possible, climbing up to the crows nest.

(1) Yeled: Even as Sook begins his climb the red light of the inner sun fades to nothing. It is now a dim center in the sun that dominates the ceiling. There is no sign of Kaimi.

Mou-Shendu is torn for a split second. He looks up after Sook, then toward the water. He hesitates, but as Sook is up the ladder, he hurries to the starboard side of the ship, to determine what made the splash.

(1) Yeled: There are a series of large ripples in the water, but Mou's eyes are drawn to something else occurring off the starboard bow of the barque...

Sook kinda slows as he gets near the top and sees no kaimi....after a moment he focuses on the stone

(1) Yeled: The stone is completely dim. It looks more like opaque red glass than a vibrant glowing gem now.

Mou-Shendu looks at the something else that drew his eyes.

(1) Yeled: Mou feels the strange change in the essence flow almost immediately, and a bright green glow encircles around one of the statues along the wall of the room. Mou isn't sure what is happening, but whatever it is is potent.

Mou-Shendu: "Sook", Mou calls. He looks around in an attempt to see if any other statues are beginning to glow. He then turns back to the first one to see which knight it is.

(1) Yeled: At least four others are also glowing...although the essence flowing around them are red, black, white, and blue.

Sook reaches up to grab the gem, and if successful, will try to remove it

Mou-Shendu: "Sook!" Mou calls again, this time louder.

(1) Yeled: As Sook tries to pry the gem loose it literally shatters from his effort. Sook, Mou, and the deck of the barque are showered in small fragments of red glass.

Sook looks at where the gem was. At this point, he barely remembers mou is even down there

Mou-Shendu looks to the pedestal to see if it has changed.

(1) Yeled: The ceiling now contains an empty space, six feet in diameter, where the gem was once set. It is no more than a foot deep.

Sook: "KAIMI!!!"

Sook climbs down, literally dropping the rest of the way once he is halfway down

Sook has that look again....his eyes appear to be verdant green pools throbbing with lifeforce, and his look is stony and grim. He moves with much determination to the 'hut' where the sarcophagus is

Mou-Shendu sees Sook do this, and rushes after him, not sure how to stop him. "Sook, wait! Stop! Think! Kaimi's best chance is if we keep our wits about us!"

(1) Yeled: Mou watches the green essence sink into the statue along the side wall. As his attention turns to Sook, he catches a glimpse of the statue. It rises from its seated position.

Sook doesnt seem to hear mou,and disappears inside

Mou-Shendu: "There are enemies out there!" Mou shouts following and moving into his path. "They may have answers, but we may have to fight them! If you open that now we could be overwhelmed, and we would have NO chance to help Kaimi!"

Sook bodily shoves mou out of the way and moves to the sarcophagus

Mou-Shendu: "You MUST keep your wits about you. YOU ARE KILLING KAIMI!!!"

Sook hears him finally, and looks at him....the eyes that he sees are no longer even close to resembling human. Sook reaches down and grips the lid of the inner sarcophagus.

Mou-Shendu: "STOP!" He commands. Something unheard of from Mou. "You are her protection, and she needs you to think!"

Sook says something, you think...if it was words, you dont know what words, and doubt it was even a real sounds sort of like a growled, "grauck craaaah bargg!", or something like that....the voice is screwed up so much in anger, though, it has no meaning to you

Mou-Shendu: "She is in trouble because she did not stop to think. Don't make the same mistake! She needs you!"

Sook then bodily rips the lid off and flings it hard at the wall

Mou-Shendu: "Inner calm," he says softly.

(1) Yeled: If Mou was expecting something magical to happen when the lid was ripped off, he was disappointed. The lid came off relatively easily, and it slammed hard against the wall. But what it revealed was every bit as surprising as Mou might have predicted.

Sook begins to lunge into the coffin, apparently to rend whatever is inside to bits...but he does look to see what he is about to rend

(1) Yeled: Inside the sarcophagus is a body...a beautiful bronze skinned man with golden hair. He is not a corpse and there is no sign of decay. He is perfectly preserved, as if he had fallen asleep or died only minutes ago. There is even color to his skin. He shows every sign of being alive save one...breath.

Mou-Shendu: When Mou see this, and Sooks intentions, he attempts to intervene.

Sook grabs the man by his clothing and yanks the man up. "What did you do to kaimi???!!!???" he demands between clenched teeth, voice a growl of rage

(1) Yeled: The man does not move or respond in any way.

Mou-Shendu: "Can you heal him?" Mou says, as soothingly as he can. "Perhaps then he could answer."

Sook shakes the man. "Ansssssswerrrrr meeeeee!" he growls, again with teeth clenched

(1) Yeled: He responds as a dead man would...he shakes.

Mou-Shendu turns to glance out the doorway, not wanting to be caught, unawares, trapped in a room with one exit. Mou-Shendu takes a deep breath.

Sook pushes the body down, none too softly, and simply....sits down. IN a clear voice he answers Mou, “I cannot heal him...he has been dead for 1000 years."

Mou-Shendu: "He looks very well, for that", Mou replies, looking outside, now in his usual, calm voice. He attempts to locate the 5 statues.

Both of them hear Ayame yell up. "Hey what's going on here?"