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Martials Arts

This page lists my revisions to existing Martial Arts Styles as well as several new Martial Arts Styles.

Table of Contents

Celestial Styles

Bloody Reaver Style - A brutal unarmed style that focuses on tearing through opponents in an efficient, but bloody manner. No one who faces a practitioner of this style ever escapes a battle completely whole if they escape it at all. Primarily an Abyssal Style.

Drunken Warrior Style - Also known as the Cerulean Rhythm of Joy Style, this somewhat unorthodox martial art uses seemingly erratic and unpredictable movements to throw opponent's off guard. Primarily a Sidereal Style, though also practiced by some returning Solars.

Ebon Shadow Style - A complete revision of the Style found in Scroll of the Monk (pgs. 91 - 94) making the Style focus more on unexpected attacks rather then being a random tool kit collection of espionage charms.

Obsidian Monolith Style - This style seeks to emulate the grave in all of its inevitable darkness, laying opponents low using both their own fear of death and the unstoppable nature of the Monolith Stylist's attacks. Primarily an Abyssal Style.

Pestilential Viper Style - A style whose practitioners focus on inflicting crippling and debillitating wounds upon their opponents. Primarily an Abyssal Style.

Resplendent Carp Style - An esoteric style whose practitioners exert both subtle and overt mental influence upon their opponent's perceptions to achieve victory in battle. Primarily a Solar Style.

Tiger Style - A partial revision of the Style found in Scroll of the Monk (pgs. 107 - 108) removing the Stealth aspect of the Style and focusing it more on inflicting rapid damage upon opponents.

Lunar Hero Style - A revision of the Style presented in Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars. Updates several charms and makes many of them Fury-Ok in order to reflect its nature as an inherent fighting style of the Lunar Exalted.

Terrestrial Styles

White Crane Style - Also known as Northern Crane Style this Air Aspected Style is one of the three Terrestrial Blade Styles and focuses upon the use of a single blade as well as precise strokes.

Black Crane Style - Also known as Western Crane Style, this Water Aspected Style is the least well known of the three Terrestrial Blade Styles and also the least respected. Focusing upon the philosophy that the sword is simply an extension of the body, its practitioners learn to make use of all of their limbs, not simply the one armed with a blade.

Scarlet Crane Style - Also known as Southern Crane Style and Searing Blade Style, this Fire Aspected Style is the most popular of the three Terrestrial Blade Styles. This style focuses on speed and power over finesse to fell opponent's quickly.


Just cleaned up the links a little, I figured that was the effect you were aiming for. If not, sorry about the change. Orphen

No, that definitely works. Thank you -- Prax

I was wondering something. Did you ever plan on creating a Martial Arts style based on the Thousand Cuts style of the game. Cause if you did that would be totally cool. And if you did I think it should be Celestial. Awesome job on this, its great. -Heru