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Kenji "Leaping Warrior of the Heavens" Akita

Pre-story~ Born in the first age, he was entered into a monastary at a young age never to know his parents. His order was highly focused on the Martial arts and Kenji became a mortal master of Kung fu. One day while meditating on the greater meaning of Creation the Unconquered Sun came down and spoke with Kenji telling him,"Son, you show great promise. I am going to bring you into my flock and a shepard you will then become, for you will become one of the King's among Kings. Your word will be law. But remember, as ruler you must listen to your people." Kenji by this point had bowed to the floor in reverance but upon being granted Exaltation he rose and gave a deep bow. The Unconquered son imprinted directions to King Anorak's kingdom and told him to go there to begin his training.

The Story So Far~ Kenji was given a small fiefdom to run under Anorak's rule. He and his circle mates had been ruling the area for a few years and in those few years Kenji became drunk with the power and authority that came with being one of the Unconquered Sons chosen. He killed subordinates when they questioned his leadership and pushed his mortal troops farther than they were ever meant to be pushed. But because of the time this was considered normal because of the deprivations the first age solars were indulging in.

His circle mates and he were given a mission by Anorak to investigate several disappearances in their provinces, all of them have been children. Moving on they have thwarted a massive plot to thwart all exalted, sort of. Through this quest a book was created that was meant to contain the Ebon dragon, Aeon (a 3rd circle demon), and Liger the green sun. Through the circle's interferance the three solars who were responsible for this plot were imprisoned in the book. Anorak used his spear to try and remove the book from creation but instead it fractured into three parts.

Our mission now is custodians of the only method of tracking down the three pieces of the book, an amulet that will guide you to the exact position of each of the pieces of the book. We were put into suspended hibernation with Aeon as our protection so we could awaken if the books were disturbed. We awaken in the second age to find the Dragon blooded to have taken over creation and murdered us their Kings. So begins our grand quest to reclaim the book and discover and defeat the power that wants to ressurect the book.


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