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Heroes of Chaos

The Heroes of Chaos is a campaign run by Sigilistic. To see a play by play of what is happening, check out Sigilistic's page. I am writing a novelization of the story, with my character, Mako, as the main protagonist. To start things off, check out the character descriptions. After we all met, and before the novel starts, Mako recieved a letter, informing him that a VERY large jade deposit had been found in the small town of Eyre, second only to the imperial mountain itself. He was also told that besides the realm, one of the houses had a vested interest, and that "something big" was going to happen there. Knowing that people would need his help, and that a large deposit of jade always brought opportunity, he decided along with the rest of his crew that they would investigate the town of Eyre. And so, the story begins.