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This is the ExaltedWiki page of HammerOne[[1]]; a sort of repository of various exalted ideas, character concepts, story seeds, charms etc. It's near impossible for me to run an Exalted campaign these days, since most of my time is spend taking care of my wife and daughter and working as a level designer. But there are all these ideas floating around, so instead of getting frustrated about them, I thought I'd post them here. Maybe someone out there can use one or two of them. This also means that woefully few of the things posted here have seen actual playtesting, so bear with me if the mechanics are less than perfectly aligned.

Anyway this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Characters (Antagonists, Allies, Mentors and so on)

Charms and Spells

Artifacts and Gear

Campaigns and stories




It doesn't matter quite so much for your userpages, but may I direct your attention towards BestPractices, specifically the part which suggests against using underscores/spaces in pagenames, instead just using WordsJammedTogeather like so. It makes it easier for people to find content by having a standard format, so if you ever make a page elsewhere, please keep that in mind.
-- Darloth

Ah right, I see your point and I'll fix it as soon as I have the time. -- HammerOne

Hey just so you know, you should sign in before you start doing a bunch of editing. When you don't your IP address is getting put up over in recent changes. - BlackFlame

Ups. Thanks for the heads-up. -- HammerOne