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Added by GreenLantern

Can I ask what's going on? I'm noticing a bunch of pages gone blank, and not even a UserPage for the person doing so. Is this accidental deletion by a new user? Intentional on the part of the creator? Any input from anyone on this? -- GreenLantern

It seems to be the accepted practice for when people get bullied off the wiki. Get used to it. - willows
The user who created those pages still has a UserPage up, at Shadow_Lynne. It appears the one who took them down was in fact the ST of the game they describe. As for the 'pattern of bullying,' the only such situations that I am aware of are the current one, and the one involving the astrology-as-shaping-combat guy, who apparently claimed to be willows before disappearing - both of which appear to be ambiguous and unresolved. Naturally, however, my experience is not quite so broad as that of the regular posters here. If there is such an ongoing problem, I think it deserves discussion and perhaps a revision of general policy and custom. ~WillCoon
As a bit of further information, I searched the logs of the pages, and found that under the "History" one, the following was posted:
Oh, don't worry. I intend to move off the Wiki as soon as I can, as I really hate the Wiki format. Its just a convenient place to store crap til I find a better place to put it all. -Hae
This leads me to believe that there wasn't 'bullying' as willows suspected, but instead the poster really was just using this as a dumping ground. Just trying to shed light on things. As a note, I really liked reading those stories, and if anyone knows where they went, I'd love to continue reading them. -- GreenLantern
I do. --Shadow_Lynne

Yes, for the most part, I did move on because I was just using the site as temporary storage. However, the tone of some of the comments I, and one of my players recieved, did help motivate me to switch to a different site sooner than I'd intended. -Haecceity

To be fair, you did state that you were just using it to "store crap" without using BestPractices, and had a fairly cavalier attitude when people pointed this out in what appear to be calm, reasonable comments. That sort of thing is generally frowned upon in most places, not just this wiki. Not that I was really paying attention most of this time, but in future you would probably be well served by learning the rules of any community you intend to use as "storage," so as not to rankle any of the inhabitants. ~WillCoon
And if such had been pointed out in a less derogatory tone, then I wouldn't have minded. Not to mention the rather rude reprimands directed to one of my players. -Hae
Since all of these comments have now been deleted, perhaps you can clarify which of them you considered "derogatory" or "rather rude reprimands"? And, if it isn't too much trouble, could you supply altered versions of these comments that you would not have considered derogatory or rude? In other words, what did people say and what should they have said? - Wordman
"TonyC, who doesn't think A Tale of Two Empresses belong in a top page anyway," is the one I'm going to take a guess at, and even that's reaching. But does it matter? He's gone, and barely wanted to be here before the supposed rudeness. - LeumasWhite
Indeed, it doesn't really matter. So yeah. I'm sure we could all chew this over for a long while but, please, could we drop the matter? Its old business and I'm not comfortable with this drifting to the top of the Recent Changes page time and again, getting people involved in old business that doesn't matter and that I, for one, am not particular interested in. -Hae

And, thus, the next Haecceity will be treated exactly the same way. Yippie. - Wordman