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Kymat, the Shifting City

Sobriquets: Welter, Pandemonium, The Cacaphony, The Shrieking, Jumblemere, Tempest

There is a place in the Underworld that may remind the casual visitor of Malfeas. That place is called Kymat. Kymat personifies tumultuous, directionless rage and confusion. It is a place that literally defies description, as it has no coherence or permanence.

It isn't so much a city as a loose collection of buildings that occasionally resembles a fixed settlement. Kymat regularly gets the urge to wander randomly about the Underworld, both above and below ground, like a giant amoeba of mishmashed architecture with a short attention span. Gravity inside his borders frequently has multiple inconsistent pulls, with buildings pointing in whatever direction is most convenient for them at the time, frequently without the benefit of being attached to anything else in the city. Sometimes, Kymat extends psuedopods intoGregorDyne/Labyrinth,GregorDyne/Siane, or the citadels of the Deathlords. Sometimes he melds right into these places, filling their interstices, and completely confusing such normal inhabitants as they have. Sometimes, Deathlord citadels do not survive the encounter.

The Shifting City is not a quiet or relaxing place by any stretch of the imagination. Aside from the fact that the layout of the city and everything in it is forever shifting about and transforming (sometimes violently), it is also extremely loud ... but not so loud as to completely deafen. The acoustics of the place are such that it often seems as if a thousand thousand voices are shouting, moaning, sobbing, or exulting from windows, around corners, down corridors and caverns, out of bedpans, and so forth. This is not a constant background noise, however ... it always seems as though the noises stop abruptly just as the visitor is becoming adjusted to them. Then, as soon as the visitor begins to unkink his tense nerves, they resume. Those who can tolerate Kymat without going mad for any length of time become extremely twitchy.

On the few occasions when things grow eerily silent and the cacaphony does not resume, people grow even more nervous. That is because silence heralds the arrival of the Demon Whispers.

Phantasms of Kymat

  • Machin Shin, the Demon Whispers, Phantasm of the Third Circle, Fetich soul of the Shifting City
    • Angiere, The Whispers upon Her Flute, Phantasm of the Second Circle, Expressive soul of the Demon Whispers
    • Marinil, She Who Calls to His Whispers, Phantasm of the Second Circle, Wisdom Soul of the Demon Whispers