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Labyrinth, the Folded City

Sobriquets: The Endless Stair, the Web-Between-Worlds, the Manifold

Labyrinth is an Escherian maze the size of an entire world. It is also the major path from Creation to the Underworld, being drawn taut between them like a god-sized spiderweb. Since Labyrinth underlies all of reality as well, it can be used as a shortcut from place to place in the lands of the dead. This is also theoretically possible in Creation as well, but far more difficult; none making the attempt have emerged to tell what perils befelled them, not even as ghosts.

Phantasms of Labyrinth

  • Isine, the Heteroclite, Phantasm of the Third Circle, Fetich Soul of the Folded City. Sobriquets: The Anomalous
    • Calat, the Proteophage, Phantasm of the Second Circle, Indulgent Soul of the Heteroclite
  • Jorona, the Edifice under the Name, Phantasm of the Third Circle
    • Sesian, the Blue Tower, Phantasm of the Second Circle, Warden Soul of the Edifice Under the Name
  • Berros, The Dweller on the Threshold, Phantasm of the Third Circle