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Siane, the Weeping City

Sobriquets: Mistress of Sacrifice, the Crying Lady, Silver Tears' Dominion, The Lament Configuration, The World's Widow

Siane is sister and wife to GregorDyne/Leviathan, and the embodiment of Loss, Sorrow, and Noble Sacrifices. Where GregorDyne/Leviathan came to hate what he once loved, Siane eternally mourns its loss. As she mourns, she celebrates.

If anything in the Underworld could be said to be relatively pleasant for visitors, it is Siane.

The city is practically a work of art, towers and buildings in every known architectural style, lavishly decorated, tastefully arranged amidst lush parks and wide, well kept walks, with the whole done in shades of lavender, pale blue, silver, and white, with materials that seem to glow softly from within. Siane often seems to lack a full measure of reality, as if she were a mirage or viewed through tearful eyes. Seen on the horizon of the Underworld, the city is a shimmering jewel.

Those who manage to hold the city's location firmly in mind will be able to approach the gates. These penitents she welcomes into herself gladly, to ease her infinite loneliness. Visitors are invariably led to excellent lodgings and their basic necessities are readily and generously provided for by unseen hands.

Unfortunately, few can bear to remain in Siane's embrace for more than a few days. The city has a profound effect on visitors. Perhaps it is an effect of the play of lights, or the keening winds, called Kimone, that lurk just below the threshold of audibility. Possibly it is the occasional half-glimpse of Siane, a veiled woman that wanders the streets on an eternal funeral march. Or perhaps it is merely that living next to an eternally mourning being will tend to get anyone down, even the dead.

Regardless of the cause, Siane is harmful in large doses, even to other Primordials. Those who have regrets, she urges toward quiet introspection on all they have lost, be it opportunities, loves, or simply time. For those who have nothing to regret, she inspires them towards noble self-sacrifice, paying the ultimate price to pre-emptively protect the things that they love from harm, lest they lose them.

Siane does not release her lovers as quickly as she admits them, because she does not want to return to the unremitting loneliness of her existence. But she can be convinced to let go temporarily, and she will refuse to believe that her visitor will never return to her bower. Siane mourns, and she waits and hopes.

Phantasms of Siane

  • Lucinti, That Which Dreams the City, Phantasm of the Third Circle, Fetich soul of the Weeping City
    • Florios, the Beauteous Tower, Phantasm of the Second Circle, Expressive soul of That Which Dreams the City
    • The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears, Deathlord, Defining Soul of That Which Dreams the City
  • Kimone, the Grieving Voices, Phantasm of the Third Circle
    • The Son of All Sorrows, Deathlord, Expressive Soul of the Grieving Voices