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The Gray River flows from the forests of the Southeast into the Yanaze in the Scavenger Lands.


It's spelled Grey, I think. Regardless, shouldn't all these go under something like OfficialLocations so they can be categorized? -Xeriar

IMO, it would be better to make an OfficialLocations page and then link Canon locations to it, than to have every official location be a subpage of one page.
You're probably right about the grey / gray spelling. I'll fix it after I get home to check my books. -- JesseLowe
There are several hundred Canon locations. Break them down by type or direction but - honestly, a lot of these will refer to each other and putting them all as root nodes isn't making good use of the Wiki's organization ability. -Xeriar
Locations already breaks them up by direction. My reasoning for making discrete locations as top-level pages is twofold:
First, according to BestPractices, we're supposed to avoid subpages whenever possible, confining their use to either user pages or if the article is at the very lowest level of organization.
Second, I'd eventually like to see more than just cross-references in the locations, and what I'd like to see might be best done as subpages of the location article.GrayRiver/Fiction,GrayRiver/LocalColor,GrayRiver/AdventureSeeds,GrayRiver/Rumors,GrayRiver/Secrets,GrayRiver/Characters, etc. Doing the article itself as a subpage prevents this.
-- JesseLowe