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Self-Shaping Charms

Crusade Of Passion's Fervency</b>

<b>Cost: 2 gossamer, Mins: Heart 3, Essence 5, Type: Simple 
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Emotion
Duration: One Story
Prerequisite Charms: Unwanted Obsession Provocation Technique

The character is a bastion of emotive understanding and power. As long as she stands firm in her nature, those around her cannot bring themselves to strike her. This Charm grants the following capability:

Protection Of Emotion (10 motes): The character wraps herself in emotion, willing others to avoid her. Until her next action, anyone attempting to strike her suffers a die-pool penalty equal to her Essence score. This is an Emotion effect, which uses whichever Emotion is part of the character's Assumption of Dreams and Passions.

Self-Remaking Charms

Assumption Of The Soul's Divinity

Cost: 4 Gossamer, Mins: Essence 5, Type: Reflexive 
Keywords: None
Duration: One Story
Prerequisite Charms: Assumption of the Person's Heart, Unshaped Ring Transformation

The character achieves perfection in the gateway Nirakara, passing through into Creation and reshaping her very self into a new construct. The character must have a mortal target present when she activates this Charm. Activating the Charm transforms the character into a permanent taint upon the target.

The character becomes quiscient, slumbering within her target's soul. The target develops Graces; she has the same Major Graces as the raksha, and has Major Graces rated at their corresponding Virtues' levels, and Minor Graces rated at 1. She also immediately develops Essence 2, and gains six Charms (which the raksha does not need to know).

Characters affected by the new raksha develop many of their gifts. They heal, soak, and resist poison and disease as though they were Exalts. They may purchase raksha Charms at 8 XP each, and may raise their Essence at a cost of Current Rating x10 experience, to a maximum of Essence 5. They may attune to any artifact as though they were a raksha. They develop an Essence pool: Personal Essence of (Permanent Essence x3) and Peripheral Essence of (Permanent Essence x7). Finally, they age more slowly than humans, although more quickly than typical Exalts; the character ages at half her normal rate, regardless of her age.

In addition, characters gain an 'anima banner'. Anima banners grow more quickly than those of true Exalts; at 1-2 motes of peripheral, the character appears alien, applying a +1 difficulty on rolls to conceal hers. At 3-5 motes, she glows with the faint radiance of the Wyld, and takes on a faint appearance of her patron. This glow is as the 4-7 mote glow for Exalts. At 4-7 motes, she shines brightly (as the 8-10 range for Exalts) and appears to be a human-looking Fair Folk. At 8 or more, she is completely dominated by her Fair Folk nature, and shines as brightly as an Exalt in the 11-15 range.

All Wyld Exalts are immune to natural Wyld mutation and Wyld addiction. In addition, whenever they spend 8 or more motes of peripheral Essence, they gain incredible capability, gaining one extra automatic dot in all attributes, a shadow of that that Fair Folk nobles take for granted.

The raksha within a mortal is effectively a part of that mortal's soul. She becomes immune to any effect that targets or detects Fair Folk, although the target's Essence can be sensed as though she was a new type of Exalt. She cannot be targeted or harmed by effects as long as her host survives.

If the raksha leaves the target at the end of a story, all experience spent by the target remains spent, but she loses access to her Permanent Essence, Charms, and Exaltation effects. She retains her Graces. If the target mortal is later re-empowered by the same raksha, she regains all powers she had previously lost access to; if empowered by a different raksha, she does not develop further Graces, but otherwise re-acquires her older powers.

Exaltation Of The Chaos-Fueled Soul

Cost: 1 mutation point, 3 experience points, Mins: Essence 6, Heart 4, Type: Reflexive 
Keywords: Mutation
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Assumption Of The Soul's Divinity, Harmonious Primordial Spirit

The raksha becomes the patron of her own brand of "Exalt", as the Fair Folk understand the term. She transforms one of her Graces into a fragment of her glory, a source of power that mortals can grasp.

The Fair Folk may embed the transformed Virtue into a consenting mortal, transforming them into an avatar of her glory. The target gains all the advantages of Assumption of the Soul's Divinity, with two exceptions. First, she cannot raise her Essence to greater than (the raksha's Essence -1), or 5, whichever is lower. Secondly, she develops an 'anima power' that she may activate for five motes, or which activates automatically at the 8+ range, depending on which Grace was implanted in her, as follows:

  • Cup-Grace Exalted develop the graceful longing of the Cup, affecting the wills of others. The character may alter any one Virtue of anyone interacting with her upwards or downwards a single point for one scene. This change applies only to interactions with the character; for all other purposes, the target has her normal Virtues. This effect targets a given person once per scene, and is considered a reflexive non-Charm Shaping effect.
  • Staff-Grace Exalted can create weaker forms of an Eclipse oath. This power functions as the Eclipse anima ability to seal oaths, except that it applies only one botch.
  • Ring-Grace Exalted can adapt themselves easily to their environment. They reduce the Trauma rating of environmental effects and any environmental penalties they are suffering from by 1.
  • Sword-Grace Exalted can fill the world with the love of conflict. Everyone interacting with them has their Valor increased by 1. The Sword-Grace Exalted may surpress this effect even while their anima is active; however, it must affect everyone or no one. This increase does not apply for the purpose of Virtue channeling.

Once implanted, the Grace cannot be removed. If the 'Exalt' dies, the Fair Folk recovers the Grace, which remains tranformed. If the Fair Folk patron dies, the Grace remains within the target, but when the 'Exalt' dies, it will be lost forever.

Peanut Gallery

I like this idea... it seems so... so feyish. Hmmm, does the 'wyld exalt' use the Raksha's dice adding limit for their excellencies if they get ahold of it? Also, life-span, do they get the plain-joe human life-span or a godblooded life-span? And more pertinent, does the Raksha influence his host, producing limit break-like effects? ~ haku

Both good points, and I have modified the information to list it. :) - FrivYeti

Also, when the owner dies does the raksha have to stay immaterial and look for a new host? Or could it pop back into its regular form. It would be a good way to smuggle raksha deeper into creation if it worked that way too, or a good "Transformation" sequence for a "boss" fight. Trueform Change! Anyway..just a thought. - BlackFlame

As written, the raksha, once transformed, remains an Essence Shard forever. They could use the Charm whose name I can't recall that lets you unlearn Charms and mutations in order to stop being an Essence shard at a moment's notice, though. - FrivYeti

Fey exalted. This is totally for the win. XD - haku who thinks it might be best to make the cost of the previous charm Assumption Of The Soul's Divinity be glossamer, but can be converted to mutation, or have some rule to allow a fey to learn it and not need to use it ASAP.

Yeah, you're probably right. I've got back and revised the Charm - don't know how I missed this comment originally.

Ooh...shiny. I like it. ^^ - Caelene