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Fallstavia's Exalted Story Archive

The Epic Stories - Xilanada

A novel-length story revolving around a Twilight and a mixed cast of Exalts set in Nexus. Expect demon invasions and a love-triangle. Each link inside leads to a section of the story.

The Pivot Child Arch

These stories are set in the Pivot Child campaign. Each are functionally prequels to the actual Epic Story - Pivot Child, still in progress. Each center around a secondary character from that forthcoming story. Not often you see the prequels first, eh?

A set of three tales about a Chosen of Secrets, a Prophecy, and the lengths a woman will go to see her vision of the future happen.

A story about a Casteless 1e Lunar on the Blessed Isle and his efforts to survive and prosper. Warning: Profanity.

A dark tale of exile, Black Exaltation, and the rise of the Fervent Dissent of the Grave's Embrace. Warning: Torture, non-graphic rape and general evilness.

The story of a Lunar Exaltation in Heaven during the Calibration festival. My attempt to write a bedtime story for adults.

Another Lunar Exaltation. My personal tribute to Path of the Fury by David Weber.

A very rough story written with Kestrel from Heaven Sent Hawk and the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. Warning: Sexually explicit.

A very old story written about a Dawn I played in 2001. My brother's the author.

An old story about a Night Caste I played in 2003, written to get into character. Possession, Solar Exaltation and Sidereals galore.


Minor edits are your friend, seriously. Only the main page for each group of changes needs to be a visible edit (or even just a "hay guyz look at my updates" edit to your user page) to tell people that you've got something new, not each individual change. Helps keep RecentChanges eye-friendly. Also, underscores in page names are mildly frowned upon, and most pages of this type should be sub-pages of your user page, here.

tl;dr: BestPractices will save your hide from irate wikizens. - LeumasWhite

Appreciate the tips. I did read the Best Practices at some point but forgot that adding a link to a page was a minor edit. Sorry about that. The vast majority of the edits I made were additions though, not edits, and that document says that's what I should use...right?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean about subpages, though. These aren't subpages of mine? (Yes, I really did read the guidelines and the like...for hours...not that they made a great deal of sense). So my apologies if I've stepped on someone's toes. Feel free to let me know if I can/should do something different. - Fallstavia.

Not subpages, no. A subpage would be, like, LeumasWhite/Charms. A lot of your edits have been top-level pages, which are reserved for things like userpages and for central areas of work, like Charms and CrunchRelay, which need to have subdivisions to be useful. I'm not sure why underscores are disliked, but I think they mess up organization.

There's two methods for setting up what you want; I prefer the second one, but as far as organization goes, most people really don't care so long as it's tidy and reasonably logical. Option A is to make a top-level page for each of your story sections (like FulcrumHammer and ElatedFury) and then create subpages for each of those (like FulcrumHammer/Part1), making all of the individual sections a minor edit whenever you add text to them, and having a major edit for updates; similar to what you've done. Option B is to make both the story sections and the section chapters subpages of your userpage (Fallstavia/FulcrumHammer, and Fallstavia/FulcrumHammerPart1).

For both methods, you make everything minor edits except when you want to signify that you've added stuff, and you do that by leaving a comment on the section pages and not minor-editing it. So instead of forty million chapters in RecentChanges, you get maybe a half-dozen changes saying "okay, there is new stuff here for people who are interested". You can make the links looks pretty by putting what you want the link to look like after a | inside the brackets; thus [[LeumasWhite/Charms|A Totally Awesome Link]] appears as A Totally Awesome Link. I'm not exactly the most learned of wiki-scholars, so if I'm wrong here at all, someone who knows better can feel free to correct me. - LeumasWhite

I just BEG YOU to use Minor Edits. BEG YOU A LOT. - Telgar

Seconded. Please don't fill the page like that... please?
-- Darloth uses the Wibbling Puppy-Dog Eyes Approach

Right! Given that's most of what I've written, and given the feedback here, I'll be certain to use minor edits pretty well exclusively from this point. Very sorry for the trouble. Seriously, it won't happen again.

So...I think I see what you mean about organization. Honestly, I work 70 hours a week so it'll be at least a week before I have the hours necessary to learn how to move the pages and/or delete and copy and paste everything. Since it took me like 4 hours to do it today. :P

Anyway, rest assured, everything will be minor edit from this point on. - Fallstaff