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All Aboard: Amtrak

Sophia: Are you sure this is alright, Xeriar?
Xeriar: I'm sure Majestic can take it, he's a fan of sd.net after all.
Sophia: No, I mean, Amtrak. They might consider this to be libel.
Xeriar: Err, well, I hope not.

The room darkens and the curtains pull away. The show begins.

  • (73) Majestic (DM): Okay, let's start this
  • (73) Majestic (DM): **The lights go out and the curtains rise on the beginning of the game**
  • (68) Walks: ((Puts on Nightwish))

Sophia: While he is pretentious, don't you think you might have been expecting a little much? Was it Nymphomaniac Fantasia again?
Xeriar: Quiet you.

  • (73) Majestic (DM): All six of you arrive at Nexus in your respective methods. You have paid the 2 silver bit head tax at the entry of your choice. You have all congregated at the Raven's Talon Inn, a modest inn & brothel in the Cinnabar district.
  • (73) Majestic (DM): The day is 10 Resplendent Air, 768 RY.

Sophia: Six solars arrive in the same inn, at the same time. That -always- happens! ... someone needs to kill the Sidereals who do this.
Xeriar: As you will see, it's not a sidereal who arranged this.
Sophia: Oooh, it's a brothel too! I'm surprised you didn't notice!
Xeriar: Maybe my subconscious made me glance over the word in order to protect myself from the horrors that he would consider prostitutes.
Sophia: You're welcome, dear.

  • * (73) Majestic (DM): As can be expected, the weather is cold, the rivers clogged with ice. It would be frozen over if it weren't for the blokes in charge of breaking up the ice for the ferries and ships
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale is sitting in the corner nursing a drink watching the room as others come and go **
  • (80) Malachite: ((Any context for being tossed together or are we all just there?))
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Inside, the fire is warm and the company of good cheer. The ale and wne flow amply and the air is charged with the smell of marijuana and tobacco.
  • (73) Majestic (DM): ((You're all just there. Pardon the railroading. You may socialize and get to know one another))

Sophia: *snicker* I called it! Tavern, woo! You'll be slaying dragon tonight, Walks!
Xeriar: Cheater, you read ahead.
Sophia: There's not much that needs to be said, here, except that multi-mile-wide rivers tend not to freeze over. Especially when they are magically warmed and hugified as they are in Exalted.

  • (80) Malachite: ((NP, it's expedient. I just wanted to see how much I had to go on.))
  • (68) Walks: ((hmmm))
  • (80) Malachite: ((Like if we're supposed to know each other))
  • (79) Kalindi: ((she wouldn't be socializing, that's the funny part))
  • (73) Majestic (DM): ((I assume you do not))
  • (80) Malachite: ((Gotcha))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((sitting at the bar minding my own business))

Sophia: I should note that this is Kalindi's log, because she did some whispering. You'll see later.
Xeriar: As you can see, we really hit the ground running here.

  • ** (74) Leondis Kale gets up from his seat and meanders to the bar not moving away for others, just clearing a path. He grunts as each patron gets moved from his way **

Sophia: We have a master of social graces right here folks. I don't think Walks can compete with this one.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), seasoned criminal method to detect a contact so I can find the slaving caravan I'm looking for
  • (68) Walks: ((I need to think a bit to come up with something that is not either horribly cliche, hmm))
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale smiles slightly at the room full of possible contenders in the pits **
  • ** (80) Malachite will just be at the bar then, sans weapons or armor which'll be back at whatever room he's renting. **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I'm assuming I find one at the Raven's Talon inn, then?
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Nope, sorry. Since slavery is a legal business, it's hard to find someone

Sophia: Since when was slavery legal in Nexus?
Xeriar: Since when Majestic figured the Dungeon Master title applies outside of D&D.

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Barkeep, your swill is watered down and the glasses are dirty... Gimme another!! HAHAHAHA"

Sophia: "Okay, roll to try to be an ass." *BOTCH* "Well, you come off as a little..."

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), you have the charm description? I find someone who saw the caravan come in
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): No one has seen the caravan, though there a couple slavers here. Low-level Guild types

Sophia: Poor Kalindi, thinking she might be able to grab a few hooks or move an actual story along. There are mental instututions for such deluded individuals.

  • ** (80) Malachite thus just appears to be a tall man in a heavy overcoat with full beard and mustache, dark green hair pulled back into a ponytail and an odd jade and metal headband **
  • ** (82) Jack William will stride into the bar with a satchel that looks a bit heavy, glancing around as though it were valuable, and make his way to give it to the bartender. **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), So one of them is in the inn, then?
  • ** Barkeep slides another ale to Leondis with a look of disgust. "4 bits." **

(* 80) Malachite: "I hate winter," he says to no one in particular as he takes another sip from his drink

  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Yes

Sophia: Wow, I didn't see that coming. Perhaps it'll be relevant!

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), gotcha
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale smiles and tosses the change to the barkeep **
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale looks over at the winter hater "Winter is good for the soul.It rips away weakness and builds character" **
  • ** (82) Jack William sits at the bar, leaning back against it with a smirk as he looks over his shoulder at the bartender, "So, I think those warrant me an ale on the house." **
  • (80) Malachite: "Oh is that what it does now?"
  • Barkeep: "No silver, no drink."

Sophia: Oooh, conflict already! Unfortunately, Jack purchased most of a Martial Art rather than Irresistable Salesman Spirit
Xeriar: Though I doubt Majestic would allow that Charm to work.

  • ** (80) Malachite asks giving Leondis a sidelong glance **
  • ** (82) Jack William chuckles, turning to lean close to the man, "Come now, we make deals like this all the time. You're going to pay me for them anyhow." **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Yes it does... I prefer this weather to the parching death of the deserts"
  • ** (79) Kalindi passes through the doors of the tavern, a beautiful young woman inconspicuously dressed. She saunters over to a man seated at the bar and, after giving him an appreciative once-over, smiles coquettishly **
  • (80) Malachite: "Yeah, deserts don't do much for me either."
  • ** (68) Walks enters the bar, letting his eyes wander for any occupants that may interest him. Spotting a rather obstinate patron who might have inner emotional issues, he decides to avoid him and instead waves down a waitress and asks for some plain water, finding his own seat and observing. **

Sophia: Riviting and timely entrance, Xer.
Xeriar: I was busy mocking them on #WoD.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), should I roll appearance plus larceny to blend in? it's a disguise thing
  • Barkeep: "I said money only. No pawning, merely coin."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "the way I see it, we are all here and we must enjoy these moments that we have left in our short lives..."
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Doesn't really matter. There really isn't any 'blending in" in Nexus.

Sophia: What the fuck? So an appearance 5 woman -doesn't- normally stand out then? Or everyone does?
Xeriar: Just smile, nod, and move on.

  • ** (82) Jack William sighs, fustrated as he gives up with a shrug and leans on the bar again, defeated. "Alright. I'll pick up the money next week." **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), It's standard operating procedures and would have told if they even noticed me to begin with
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Fine, go for it
  • (80) Malachite: "Hrm... Well that doesn't change the fact that I don't care for wandering around in the ice and snow contending with the wolves for prey."
  • (79) Kalindi: [9d10] -> [5,8,1,2,6,1,9,10,5] = (47) to fade into the background

Xeriar: As you'll see, Kalindi is the only one that ever gets to roll dice.

  • ** Barkeep sends Walks a flagon of water for a bit **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "those ice dogs are fun to play with"
  • (79) Kalindi: ((except to the man at the bar, of course))
  • ** (68) Walks hands a bit over. **
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom Looking around this seedy watering hole and missing the lack of intelligent coversastoin, Fields gets up and heads on out to find a more refined establishment **

Sophia: Uh oh. Looka like Ten Fields is threatening the storyteller's plot!
Xeriar: Majestic is a DM, not a storyteller! It says so in his name.

  • (80) Malachite: "You have an odd idea of fun then," he says casting the man an odd look
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Okay, you're hidden. The slaver is in small talk with a firend
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "I live through my strength. It is my blessing and I make the most of it"
  • (80) Malachite: "Well, I can't argue with that."
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale takes another gulp of his drink **
  • (80) Malachite: ((I don't see any write-up for Leondis' appearance))
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale noticing a lull in the conversation takes his drink back to his table pushing yet again through the crowd **
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale is a well built man of six foot with Black hair and green and yellow specked eyes **

Sophia: Xer, why don't you get me green and yellow-specked eyes?
Xeriar: You have odd enough meal requests already.

  • (80) Malachite: ((That works, thanks))
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Are you doing anything or not?
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), thinking. may I make an appearance plus presence roll to catch his eye? I'd like to draw him away from his friend, there
  • (74) Leondis Kale: ((musclebound oaf is the look i am going for lol)
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): If the whole idea was to be hidden in the first place, why try to catch his eye

Sophia: I cannot bring myself to accuse Majestic of being too quick.

  • ** (80) Malachite watches Leondis leave, then turns his attention to the rest of the bar **
  • ** (82) Jack William stands, rubbing his head, before turning to look at the bartender again, "Well, I guess that's it if there's no free drink... See you in a week, Robert." With that, he heads out the door towards his shop. **
  • ** (68) Walks drinks his water down with little complaint, listening to the patrons but not otherwise engaging, only here because he's parched at the moment. **
  • Barkeep: ** As you talk and go about your business, you all feel a hand on your shoulders. "Boss wants to see you."

Sophia: Oooh, I felt a tingle. They all arrive at the same inn, and before they can escape, all of them feel a mysterious hand on their shoulder.
Xeriar: After what happenned, I'm just glad it wasn't elsewhere.

  • ** (80) Malachite takes up his drink and moves closer to the fireplace **
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom I take that hand off and look at the barkeep **
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale stands and goes along for now **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "He wnats to talk he can come out here."
  • ** (82) Jack William sighs, "I have twenty orders of horshoes, and three armor orders to fill!" Before turning to see who had placed a hand upon his shoulder. **
  • (80) Malachite: ((Oh wait, that's everyone?))

Sophia: Yes, my poor Malachite. Wonderfully inventive, isn't it?
Xeriar: It's like visiting Waterdeep and getting mysteriously called together by Kelben Blackstaff's goons.

  • (73) Majestic (DM): Ten, it is not the barkeep, but someone in black leather.
  • (79) Kalindi: ((yeah, no kidding. Wouldn't we notice like 5 different people being tapped?))
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Same goes for everyone else
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Goood for him, I tell him that too
  • (79) Kalindi: ((or six))

Sophia: Kalindi, your logic and Walks's Surprise Anticipation Method will not save any of you.

  • (80) Malachite: "I think you have me confused with someone else," he replies as he settles himself
  • ** (68) Walks blinks. "Boss who?" He looks back. **
  • (73) Majestic (DM): "It's a lot more comfortable inside. Besides, the boss doesn't take orders. He gives them."

Sophia: There's that tingle again.

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Who wants to talk with me, Leondis Kale?"
  • ** (82) Jack William I blink as I take a look at the fellow, "Interesting choice of clothing, but I have work to do, so if you'll pardon me..." As I try to step away. **
  • ** (79) Kalindi turns around slowly and eyes the person in black leather behind her **
  • (79) Kalindi: No thank you, you can leave me alone
  • (82) Jack William: ((Sorry, used to first person >_>))

Sophia: Well you named your character Jack William, we never had very high hopes for you.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Good for him. He can come give them to me at my place if he wants hand some more out." Gets up and leaves
  • (79) Kalindi: [6d10] -> [8,9,4,8,2,7] = (38) cha+presence to convince him to go away

Sophia: Four successes. Not quite legendary! But the difficulty is obviously her appearance score, so she fails.

  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): "I don't think you understand."
  • ** (82) Jack William nods, "I suppose work can wait, then. Lead the way." **
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale follows intrigued **
  • (73) Majestic (DM): **Everyone who agreeably go with their guides are led upstairs to a most posh room.**

Sophia: Why it was most posh dahling, most posh. There were little frills -everywhere-.

  • ** (68) Walks waits for an answer before repeating. "Who is this boss of yours?" He stresses the last word **

Sophia: Silly Xeriar, thinking he could get away with at least being reasonably suspicious.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), "no thank you, I'm rather busy. Convey my condolence to your boss"
  • (73) Majestic (DM): **Everyone trying for the door or staying where they are get a black arrow in their near position and a loud booming voice "You four. Upstairs. Now."

Sophia: Again, Surprise Anticipation fails him, and Malachite. They get black arrows in their near positions! I bet your near was really soar after this session, Xer.
Xeriar: I was tempted to quit with that, but then someone on #WoD suggested I do something like this.

  • ** (82) Jack William nods, "Nice place you have here..." As he leans against a wall, hand resting on his blade. **
  • ** (80) Malachite glances down at the black arrow and frowns, "Now I know you've got me confused with someone else." **
  • ** (80) Malachite rips the arrow from wherever it's lodged and heads upstairs **
  • (79) Kalindi: "I want no trouble. Perhaps another time"
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Kalindi, you get another arrow, MUCH closer to where you are. "No excuses. Now."

Sophia: Herding Solars through violence. Too bad the three actual combatants already went upstairs.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "You. No. Leave." ducks between the buildings and leaves mubling about rude and arognant trap that wants to sell him out to the wyld hunt
  • ** (68) Walks sighs softly, standing up, looking at the others who have been 'chosen'. He looks at Kalindi, leans over and whispers something into her ear. **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), is the man in black firing arrows at me, or are they coming from God or something?
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): They're coming from a rafter. It's too dark to see the shooter

Sophia: If she had sense-enhancing Charms, would they have worked?
Xeriar: Doubt it.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), rolling twice, dex+stealth and dex+athletics, first to get out, then to hide. I activate graceful crane stance and get out of there over anyone who tries to stop me
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Ten, you get about ten steps away before you are bum-rushed and dragged back and into the room with everyone else who went willingly

Sophia: Obviously, no rolls for our intreped Solar Circle!

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), dex + athletics [6d10] -> [5,3,2,1,7,2] = (20)
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), dex + stealth [7d10] -> [2,1,9,5,7,5,9] = (38)
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), need I say, damn?
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Nice effort, sadly it isn't enough to avoid being pinned by an arrow to the floor and dragged upstairs by the men in black

Sophia: Does Majestic bother to notice what Graceful Crane Stance does? No. Instead, he assumes she gets hit.

  • (79) Kalindi: ((and the patrons of the bar do what, now?))
  • (73) Majestic (DM): ((They stay where they are, but are otherwise relaxed))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Pulling out a knife and stab him

Sophia: Woo! Finally some action from the Circle! Hubba hubba!

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), this is not appreciated, Majestic. I don't like being railroaded
  • (80) Malachite: ((Them, I got the impression there's a lot more then one))
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): You had a choice.

Sophia: What the *FUCK* does choice mean in his morbid little world? "You can sleep with me, or I can rape you." !?

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), no choice, I had something to do. I was railroaded
  • ** (79) Kalindi readies a poison needle **
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): I asked what you were doing and you stopped responding
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), That's not true, I was seducing the slaver, just never rolled for it because you never told me I could
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): I asked why you wanted his attention when you were originally trying to hide. You didn't answer me
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I never got that message

Sophia: I should note that in OpenRPG it's easy to lose a whisper if tabbed whispers are off. They really oughta make them default to on.

  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): If the whole idea was to be hidden in the first place, why try to catch his eye
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), The idea was to fade into the background for the rest of the bar, but was specifically trying to get his eye and get him out of there

Sophia: Silly Kalindi, trying to explain logic to the Dungeon Master! You'll be slaying dragons soon!

  • ** (68) Walks stands after whispering to the Varangian woman and walks upstairs **
  • (73) Majestic (DM): For everyone now in the room
  • (68) Walks: ((Or to wherever he's supposed to go))
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Okay, you did not specify that part
  • ** (79) Kalindi shows no sign of hearing or understanding the whispered remark and is dragged bodily up the stairs, cursing in Flametongue **

Sophia: This has to be a popular establishment, where all the hot chicks end up getting mysteriously dragged up the stairs.

  • (73) Majestic (DM): You are greeted by a much older man. Dark hair and piercing green eyes, dressed in black fabrics. He is holding a bow accented with gold and a blue jay perched on his shoulder.
  • (73) Majestic (DM): "I don't appreciate those who don't listen to me. Especially when it's a bunch of lackwits who would get themselves killed in a blink of an eye."

Sophia: Note: he did not call you idiots, merely lackwits. There's a difference.
Xeriar: This is where I had a hankerin' for some vaseline.

  • (80) Malachite: "And I don't appreciate strongarm tactics."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Lackwits?"
  • ** (82) Jack William shrugs, "As I stated to your lackey, I'm just a humble blacksmith trying to make a living." **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "I prefer to be the strongarm, so get to your point"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Looks to me likey ou are trying to slave us out. I can go to the Council, report your ass, forge some documents and being waving at your piked head in two days"
  • (73) Majestic (DM): "I know what you all are."

Sophia: Go DMPC go, go DMPC Go go! Oh all-knowing one, what wisdom will you bestow upon the nascent circle.

  • ** (79) Kalindi feigns not to understand **
  • ** (79) Kalindi will speak only in flametongue from here on **
  • (73) Majestic (DM): "You are like me. A bunch of would-be lords in a world that has abandoned you."
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale slightly taken aback, "What do you mean?" **
  • ** (68) Walks notes the others at that. **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Good, even more reason to expedite the process."
  • ** Waits in Darkness flashes the gold ring of the Night Caste on his forehead **

Sophia: Another, older Solar. Go figure!

  • ** (82) Jack William shakes his head, "Flagrant displays of essence are foolhardy, and lead to death. That was the last lesson of my Mentor." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "Your mentor has only the faintest inkling of me and what I have, child."

Sophia: Aww, he called him child!

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "never had a need for mentors, they die like everyone else"
  • ** (79) Kalindi still feigns not to understand **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "well so, now that you know what we are, and have six of us, and one of you. It is in our best interest to keep our secert kept secert, and that would invovling silencing you."

Sophia: Keeping secerts secert invovles silencing people. Remember that.

  • (80) Malachite: "Get to your point so I can get out of here."
  • Waits in Darkness: "I offer you a choice: work with me and I will see to it you live just long enough to make a difference in this world."
  • (82) Jack William: My mentor was incomperably wise.
  • (80) Malachite: "No."
  • (80) Malachite: "Are we done now?"

Sophia: I can see already that this will not end well.

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "why should we work with you?"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "And why wouldn't a upstanding man such as your self, not sell us out for the massive rewared?"
  • ** (82) Jack William raises his brow, "And how is it that living out my days in Nexus won't keep me alive? I don't see much danger working as a blacksmith." **
  • ** Waits in Darkness has Malachite pinned to the wall like an obscene butterfly with a sword before he finishes speaking. Did he even leave his seat? **

Xeriar: We had assumed that this meant via some weird arrangement of his clothes. Oh no, not at all. "Obscene butterfly" is all too literal. Not that we'd guess that.
Sophia: Ow... did you give him any of the vaseline?
Xeriar: I really wasn't expecting Rectal Daiklave Impalement. Most storytellers tend to hold back from that.
Sophia: But as you said, this guy is not a storyteller, but a dungeon master! He's probably got dildos, handcuffs and other toys in the back.

  • ** (74) Leondis Kale nudges ten fields and quietly says "Dont give him ideas" **
  • ** (80) Malachite glares at the man, "I. Don't. Like. Strongarm. Tactics. What part of this aren't you getting?" **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), lol, still waiting for you to give her a reason to play along

Xeriar: We assume Malachite is only impaled by his clothes, so we continue talking.

  • Waits in Darkness: "I am probably the oldest Solar living now. I didn't get that way being as foolish and naive as some of you."

Sophia: 'Probably'? You rectally impale a guy in the blink of an eye without even letting the defender roll and you have -more- DMPCs that you may plan to pull out of your butt in the future?

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "So why shouldn't we report you to the Wyld Hunt for the money then?
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): That show of force wasn't enough?

Sophia: Since his daiklave is already occupying Malachite's rectal cavity, what is he going to rectally impale Kalinda with?
Xeriar: I honestly would not have been too surprised if the Waiter whipped out a four-foot dick for the job.
Sophia: I can already smell the compensation from here.

  • (80) Malachite: "So, you want me to be impressed you can kill me?"
  • (82) Jack William: Because they'd kill you too.
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), lol, that show of force is why I'm pretending not to speak the language
  • Waits in Darkness: "Given the Wyld Hunt is a little preoccupied and wouldn't last two minutes against me?"

Sophia: This has to be like a "Misses the point of Exalted" Flaw.

  • (80) Malachite: "Is that it? Cause I don't care if you can kill me. I don't like you very much and you're not endearing yourself."

Sophia: Poor Malachite, still under the delusion that he is not impaled through an orifice.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "I am sure, they have taken down some of the most powerful threats in creation. You would last a few minutes, thats all."
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale fiddles with his daiklave **
  • Waits in Darkness: "They have tried before. They failed."

Sophia: Uh huh. Sure dear.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Prove it. I haven't heard one thing, and we they fail, word gets out, and nso far no word."
  • ** (80) Malachite rips the sword off the wall to free himself and tosses the blade to the ground **

Sophia: Oh Malachite, you poor, niave fool.

  • (82) Jack William: You're an arrogant little bastard... I'm pretty certain that unless the Wyld Hunt itself came to invade Nexus - the most unlikely thing in Creation - my smithy is the safest place for me.
  • Waits in Darkness: "I've led them into their own traps, had them chase air . . . I even led their puppeteers to the executioner's block."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "And don't try to pull that big strong brooding bad ass thing. You just a two cents chump trying to act tough."
  • (87) Kraken (enter): 15:04

Sophia: And here Xer has begun inviting #WoD to watch this... travesty.

  • ** (74) Leondis Kale smiles and walks over to waits in darkness, putting a hand on his shoulder, "If you are so old and powerful, you could destroy us, so why dont we all just calm down and listen instead of bpinning breathren to the wall." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "Maybe. Or maybe I just don't flaunt all of my power in some infantile show."

Sophia: I do not believe that phrase means what you think it means.
Xeriar: Because rectal impalement is not infantile, but a common Solar sport.
Sophia: Oh, that explains it then.

  • ** (82) Jack William looks to Fields, "Oh, he's not a chump. He's just arrogant. He could kill any of us, I'm pretty sure." **
  • (80) Malachite: "Says the guy who's firing arrows at people and flinging his sword around."
  • ** (68) Walks looks at Malachite "Then what was that?" **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "No, this is just some strong arm wanna be chump, he doesn't have anything. You want our help or our cooperation, then treat us withsome repsect, if not I am leaving. You want to try and stop me a second time, go head, we can see what happens."
  • Waits in Darkness: "You want respect, Twilight? Try giving some."

Sophia: Clearly, it's all your fault because you didn't all line up to suck him off right away.

  • ** (82) Jack William steps in front of Fields. Right in front of him, his eye shining slightly, "Listen. He could kill you, but he hasn't. So give up your 'Me am big tough guy' speech, okay?" **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Why you never gave us any, or any reason to give you any. Proper etiquette involes you showing some first, which you didn't."
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom looking at Jack. "Can he? **
  • ** (80) Malachite heads for the door **

Sophia: Or so you think, my little Zenith! Or so you think!

  • ** (74) Leondis Kale nods **
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom Does the same **
  • Waits in Darkness: ((Malachite, you are still pinned to a wall.

Sophia: The truth is exposed! The plot thickens! The santorum-
Xeriar: That's quite enough.

  • (80) Malachite: I pulled the sword out
  • ** (82) Jack William shrugs, "If you want to try it, brute, go ahead." **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((didn't he pullecd the sword out, if he didn't I did))

Sophia: Your poor, sad, deluded FOOLS!

  • Waits in Darkness: ((Can't it's pinned to a wall real well.))
  • (80) Malachite: ((Well I've been focusing on working it loose then))
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I don't think anyone appreciates your strong arm tactics as a DM, not the character

Sophia: Kalindi makes the mistake of trying to communicate the party's frustration with the Dungeon Master. Clearly, she was in the wrong before she even begun typing.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((pull the sword out, and help the pinned man out))
  • Waits in Darkness: ((No leverage))
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I'm trying to find an in character reason to cooperate, I swear
  • (80) Malachite: ((What am I pinned by?))
  • (80) Malachite: ((If it's my coat I can ditch that))

Sophia: You're gonna find out real soon boy! Ur ur ur!

  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Give me time to deal with the others
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), easily overlooked presence method

Sophia: I see you! Your secrets are mine! Don't try to use Charms to gain an edge, that's not what they're -for-!

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "STOP ACTING LIKE CHIIDREN" and his anima glows bright as a golden tiger appears behind him

Sophia: Oh, it's far, far too late for that.

  • (82) Jack William: Wasteful...
  • Waits in Darkness: ((You are pinned by your entire body on a six foot long blade this is deeply driven into thick wood

Xeriar: To be fair, he did not specifically mention rectal.
Sophia: Stop trying to be the voice of reason.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "reffering to us our brooding,school yard bully?"
  • (80) Malachite: ((You're saying he impaled me?))

Sophia: I don't think anyone can fault our dear Malachite for having to make doubly sure.

  • * Waits in Darkness: ((Yep))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((damn he is in need of some serious medical attention.))
  • (79) Kalindi: ((yeah, that's going to make us want to help him))
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale grows tall and fearful, "just hear him out then if you dnt like it, leave" **

Sophia: Leondis here has been paying attention! Someone else tried to leave, and got six feet of daiklave up his butt!

  • (80) Malachite: ((Then yeah... I'm in a lot of pain and really pissed off right now))
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale then settles back to normal **
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks straight at Kalindi. "Trying to sneak away?" **


  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "How he has the poor man pinned and gravely wounded! We need to get him to a doctor!"
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), what language did he speak in?
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Flame
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale sits down shaking head **
  • ** (80) Malachite will just hang there choking on blood until he finally bleeds out dies **

Xeriar: Now even Leondis realizes what kind of game this is.
Sophia: Clearly, he's just covering his ass.

  • ** (82) Jack William cricks his neck, "As interesting as this all is... Your men promised me it would only take a few minutes. I do have orders to tend to this evening." **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), [5d10] -> [1,1,9,1,10] = (22) attack with poison needle

Sophia: Fortunately, 1's no longer cancel successes, else that would have been so not good.

  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom tries to insite a panic about the pinned man and how we need to help him right this second. **

Sophia: Stop trying to think of ideas! You might derail the train!

  • Waits in Darkness: "You can go back to your smithy, Solar. But you will eventually be found. Exposed. Likely even killed."
  • (82) Jack William: Intriguing. And who is going to do that, exactly?
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): He makes an almost impossible move, the needle doesn't even hit him

Sophia: Naturally, the Dungeon Master never needs to roll!

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), 73as he dodges I head for the door
  • Waits in Darkness: "The frightened mobs of Nexus, the Wyld Hunt, the legions of the undead, take your pick."

Sophia: The frightened mobs of Nexus versus SOLARS! The Wyld Hunt which has no authority in the region. The mobs of the dead, because YOUR ZENITH HAS BEEN ANALLY PENETRATED WITH SIX FEET OF ORICHALCUM!

  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom trying with all his might to pull the man free "Come on people we need to free this man!" **
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): The door is shut and barred. From the outside.

Xeriar: Never saw that coming, now did you?

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "threatening him gets us nowehre"
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Give us the bottom line, what do you want?"
  • ** Waits in Darkness indicated Malachite "The Zenith will be fine for the time being. So how about we all calm down and hear me out." **

Sophia: Listen to the voice of Reason! Reason being the name of the six-foot daiklave now lodged up Zenith butt.

  • ** (74) Leondis Kale listens **
  • ** (82) Jack William turns to Fields, "Listen, I'm trying to talk here..." He then turns back to Waits in Darkness, "Last I knew, the people of Nexus had a horrible apathy toward our kind. As for the Wyld Hunt, they couldn't get into Nexus." He doesn't address the undead. **

Xeriar: There is no doubt about Jack's priorities. Impaled man versus wagging your tongue to a DMPC?
Sophia: Ten Fields is not of Wisdom!

  • Waits in Darkness: "I have an information network unrivalled by anyone. But that doesn't mean I don't need people with greater abilities."

Sophia: Compensation, I say.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "You pin him to a wall like that, and he is suppose to be fine?! Comenow poeple lend a hand!"
  • Waits in Darkness: "I can offer you pay, protection, and training."
  • (80) Malachite: "Yeah... but who protects us from you?" he coughs.

Sophia: That's a damn good question.
Xeriar: Unfortunately, only the 'Disconnect from server' button applies.

  • Waits in Darkness: "To me, you all are amateurs. I can cut through your rudimentary Charms like wheat. I can show you real power."

Sophia: I wonder if he was whacking his little Waiter while typing that.

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Just let him off the wall and fix him and this group will listen better without the distraction of a dying man"
  • Waits in Darkness: "The proper power of a Solar."

Sophia: Which is better known as RECTAL IMPALEMENT METHOD!

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Looking back at the man "After you kidnap us you offer that? Shit man we need to work on your social grace."
  • ** (82) Jack William rubs his head, looking over at Fields, "You're giving me a headache..." He then looks back to Darkness, "Pay, hmm? I suppose I can take a break from my shop." **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((Fuck you andno he can't))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((Don't play the holy then thou ST shit man, that gets old 2 seconds beforeyou pull itt))

Sophia: Oooh, he said the f word!
Xeriar: Must have been a whisper we missed.

  • (79) Kalindi: ((you're a bad bad man and you need a mommy!))
  • (92) GoldenCat (enter): 15:19

Sophia: More of Xeriar's #WoD friends. Well, I shouldn't call them friends, it's not like Xeriar has any real ones.
Xeriar: Enough, woman!
Sophia: It's why he made me ^_^

  • Waits in Darkness: ((Ten, my story, my ST character who can give you a bit of convenience))

Sophia: The hallmark of the stunning dungeon master, is to always consider the game to be YOUR story. Your characters are just acting out their part in it. Do not think to give them free will and see what happens, for that is the path to fun and damnation. No, you must be firm, and rectally impale those who deviate from your Perfect Work.

  • Waits in Darkness: "Who else is willing to work with me?"
  • (82) Jack William: ((Well... Even though the group would stand a chance (depending on the Solar's age), he would think of them as ants, because of the hubris that comes with Exaltation.))
  • ** (79) Kalindi levels a look at Waits in Darkness as though he could be the biggest fool she's ever seen **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "if you will release him from the wall, i will listen"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((dude you want to roll well, then show the players some repsect and we will play ball. You want to jack us around, it will be very slow going, not a trheat, but if we want to work this welll, lets just work together on equal footing))

Xeriar: Here, Ten Fields makes the mistake of thinking to offer the Dungeon Master some advice.
Sophia: Remember the Golden Rule, Dungeon Masters. The players are there for your enjoyment. It is not their place to be giving you, the high holy Game Master, advice. If they try to give advice, threaten oral impalement instead of rectal. It solves the speaking problem.

  • (82) Jack William: ((So it does make sense. Even if he can't cut through their charms, he'd say it.))
  • (80) Malachite: ((Yeah I honestly don't have a problem with his attitude. I have a problem with being pinned without so much as a roll to avoid it.))
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks back at Kalindi "Even now, your 'Family' seeks your head." **


  • (82) Jack William: ((That.. I do see as a problem.))
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), are you screwing with my character story to get me to cooperate? I have spoken to anyone but my mentor since the story I posted ended
  • (80) Malachite: ((I also have a problem with a seeming lack of a plan B or finesse))

Sophia: Rule of Good Dungeon Mastering #3: Ham Fists are better then a gentle touch!

  • (77) Ao: ((he was trying to compensate for an obvious Zig in the parties actions but that pales in comparison to disrespect shown, there's no need to 'fuck' anyone))

Xeriar: Ao here is the server admin of this particular OpenRPG server. Do not hold this single statement against him, or this single OpenRPG server against OpenRPG.
Sophia: 'zig' in the party's actions. Well, he's definitely trying to compensate for -something-

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I do not appreciate this
  • (74) Leondis Kale: (Not everyone has either compulsion for either)
  • (77) Ao: ((end of my butt in and soorry DM))
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): I'm not screwing. I am using what I have to hook characters

Sophia: Hook. As in with fish. As in barbed. I wonder if his daiklave is barbed.
Xeriar: Why must you mention such things?
Sophia: Because I'm a figment of your imagination, dear.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), There's a better way than railroading, you haven't even seemed to consider her background in this
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I'm losing respect for you as a ST, honestly
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), If you don't mind, I'm a bit frustrated and I will be taking a break shortly
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Please, give me a little time and a little patience.

Xeriar: It's been nearly two hours at this point.
Sophia: A little patience! Xeriar, you impatient lackwit!

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), and I have to get 10 fields's player in check, he's being an ass
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): I am trying to get us on track
  • (80) Malachite: ((It's hard not to zig, when you don't know you're supposed to zag. There are ways to handle this kind of situation and set it up naturally rather then using a large mallet and beating people into submission until they comply.))
  • (74) Leondis Kale: ((the pinning thing was a power display intended on showing that he was more powerful, big deal. Arrogant yes, but arent most exalted, but acting like tenyear olds isnt worth playing with)
  • ** Waits in Darkness waks over to Malachite, removes the sword with ease while mending the wound close. Not a scratch remains **

Sophia: Guess it wasn't barbed!

  • (80) Malachite: ((We're being bullied, man. And that's not cool.))
  • (79) Kalindi: ((I would have suggested pulling us aside one on one, less aggression to feed off of and the show of strength works better when you aren't 6 on 1))

Sophia: Silly girl, this Majestic is already familiar with my second rule of Good Dungeon Mastering! Prepare for oral impalement!

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Thank you for removing the sword, I don't deal wiell when threaten by stranger."
  • (80) Malachite: ((We're also being shown that we're not cool, which is kindof the opposite of Exalted's themes.))
  • Waits in Darkness: "You all are young yet. I can help you, but you need to work with me. If it takes force to make you do so, then so be it."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: ((even the coolest need a smackdown eery now and then)
  • (80) Malachite: ((In the very beginning?))
  • (82) Jack William: ((I got my first smackdown in my first scene. My char went incap.))
  • (79) Kalindi: ((that doesn't make it cool, jack william))
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "So say what you want us for"
  • Waits in Darkness: "I have four thousand years behind me and I expect to see what is left."

Xeriar: Here, we had a pause. We try to think the DM is just playing someone delusional, which would have actually been cool. But that, sadly, is not the case.
Xeriar: You spelled 'a lot' correctly.
Sophia: Damnit.

  • (82) Jack William: ((Didn't say it was cool.))
  • Waits in Darkness: "I need people of greater ability than normal humans. I can only give so much to those mortals I work with."

Sophia: Good Dungeon Mastering Rule #4. Your DMPC, though God Incarnate, needs the help of little pawns, because he likes children. Really, really, really likes children.

  • * (79) Kalindi: ((I is frustrated and am wanting to break for a few minutes for a soda))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((ALright lets take a breather real quick and roll with a freash start, and brush this behind us))
  • (94) bjbear (enter): 15:29

Xeriar: That name could not have been chosen on accident.
Sophia: I blame you, dear.

  • Waits in Darkness: "I am not a general nor am I the sort that can work openly."
  • Waits in Darkness: "I'm old, but even I have enemies that can take me. And they are far beyond you."
  • (82) Jack William: And you want us to be fodder for their blades?
  • Waits in Darkness: "They skulk in the same shadows I do and remain hidden to all but those who know of them and how to find them."
  • Waits in Darkness: "Not fodder, no. We are few enough as it is."
  • Waits in Darkness: "I want those I can show them to and maybe, just maybe, find a way to move this world forward."

Sophia: Again, dungeon masters, it is YOUR STORY, don't let the players make their own! That way leads to less masturbatory fantasies!

  • Waits in Darkness: "The Sun has Chosen us to make things right. Let me be the one who shows you how to take the first steps towards thatt."
  • ** (68) Walks sighs softly. "And those being?" **
  • Waits in Darkness: "Be my eyes and ears with teeth; here in Nexus and elsewhere."

Xeriar: As GG said. "Eyes and ears with TEETH!?"
Sophia: He obviously was getting tired of his normal human form so wanted to add some fangs to his earlobes and eyeballs.

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Not too bad of a request"
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), something you should know, dude. It doesn't matter how old or how powerful he is, if he's not a righteous person in Kalindi's eyes she will never follow him
  • Waits in Darkness: "So, are you willing to work with me?"
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale is the levelheaded dawn lol **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), And he's already skewered someone to make a point which is decidedly a step in the wrong direction
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): That's going to have to change. And how about participating rather than whispering to me?

Sophia: Good dungeon mastering rule #5! You are not here to accomodate your players, but your players are here to accomodate you!

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "You wouldn't be in any relation to the Walker in Darkness?"
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "I am thinking about it, but it looks favorable so far"
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Excuse me? That's my character. You approved her. She's not a talker, she's a night. Her MO is silence
  • (68) Walks: "With you, but you want us to be -your- eyes and ears?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "No, but I do have a reputation of my own."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Ok poor attempt at a joke, but it is a tempting offer, but Iam still uneasy about this."
  • ** (82) Jack William smirks, "You know my answer, already." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "I am Waits in Darkness."
  • Waits in Darkness (whispering): Waits in Darkness. The supposed demon who stalks the Dragons. A boogeyman used to make unruly children behave.

Sophia: *sniffle* I'm scared. Hold my illusory body, Xeriar!
Xeriar: Shut up.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "If you can to try to make me feel better, tell me what exactly would we be doing?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "First, you need to learn how to be subtle. From there, I will have some projects for you."

Sophia: Good DMing rule #6! You are subtle, your players are not! Even after publically abducting them in a bar and impaling one of them through the butt with six feet of wanked out gold.

  • Waits in Darkness: "As I learn more, I can show you where to find proper items of power for you."
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks at Kalindi "Perhaps even where to find your friends." **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "What type of risks will be required to undertake here?"
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "How about revenge against those who illed my parents?"
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), And I would have heard those stories? I was probably told them only to use them to cause fear. They wouldn't have the same effect on me. If anything, that just validates the story is partly true. It does not make him a righteous man. In fact, depending on the stories, it might sway him further against him
  • ** (82) Jack William smirks, "The only item I need is this sword. My power comes from my hands." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "I can help you there too."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "I'm in"
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), and if you are going to say he has sense motive charms, then there is no way I can deceive him into thinking I will play along, which is her game play at the moment
  • ** (68) Walks leans on a leg, listening patiently. **
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Yes, your Family would have told you of this. I'm trying to get you to participate here. So far, you are intent on being an ass.

Sophia: Rule of good Dungeon Mastering #7! You are flawless! If your players don't drop and give you constant oral stimulation, there is something wrong with them, and they must be punished!

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I've given you hint after hint about what you could be doing to help get me in. I can't create cooperation out of thin air. This is unrealistic
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks at Jack "You have merely tapped the vast potential you have." **
  • ** (79) Kalindi looks straight back at Waits in darkness **
  • (79) Kalindi: I can find my Sister on my own
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): You haven't given me anything other than you just sitting there griping

Sophia: Another marvelous demonstration of Rule #7.

  • ** (82) Jack William chuckles as his eye flashes, "You have no idea how true that is." **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Lol, I'm being much less of an ass than 10 fields was :P
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Yes I have
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Find a way to make him righteous in her eyes. This is your job as an ST, no?
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Never said what potential risks we would be facing."
  • Waits in Darkness: "You may find her, but can you handle the Fair Folk who may have her? Or the cult who may use her for their own goals?"
  • (79) Kalindi: If she is in danger, she can handle herself
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Righteousness is merely a construct to her. He isn't looking to fit her false belief system.

Sophia: ...rule #8. Your player's ideas about morality, right and wrong, and so on, are false. It is your duty, as a Good Dungeon Master, to ensure that they understand that the only thing worth believing is what makes -YOU-, the Good Dungeon Master, feel good.

  • ** (82) Jack William moves quickly to Kalindi's side with a grin, "Arrogance isn't an attractive quality." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "You ae truly ignorant if you think it is that easy."
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Righteousness is not a construct to her, it is her way of life and the only thing she will follow. This is her engrained belief since childhood
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Considering you never elaborated on it, I have no way of working with it

Sophia: Rule #9. Never think on the fly. Never make alternate plans. Never consider a player's point of view. Those things are for Lesser Dungeon Masters and other Game Masters. You are better. You are a Good Dungeon Master.

  • ** (79) Kalindi raises an eyebrow at jack william **
  • (79) Kalindi: It is not arrogant to suggest one can take care of herself
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), You never asked me for anything. You also never got a messenger so we could have talked about it, which would have been appreciated
  • Waits in Darkness: "Right now, the risks you face are of the mundane sort. That won't always be the case, but such is our lot in life."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "so who is in and who is non decide yet?"
  • (68) Walks: "Especially when she isn't speaking for herself? That's a pride sort of thing. Still, smells like bitter almonds."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "in"
  • (82) Jack William: I'm in. It seems the most... Prudent... option open to me. Especially after seeing what he does to those who don't follow his will.
  • (79) Kalindi: I will pass on your . . . generous offer. I have other things to attend to. If there is anything you can count on, it is this: my silence. If that is not enough for you then I suggest you use the great power you have so demonstrated to rid yourself of me. You have not shown me you are worthy of my service.
  • Waits in Darkness: "I will tell you this -- I am looking to unwrest the grip the Realm has on Creation. I also want to make sure what happened to Thorns does not happen to us all."

Sophia: See, deep down inside, he just wants to crush the Realm like everyone else within two thousand miles of the nearest Wyld zone.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Can the rest of us have a chance to talk amongst oursevles in private?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "Thorns was a portent of what is to come if none stop the forces of death. The Realm can do nothing and will sink into entropy before too long."
  • Waits in Darkness: "As soon as I know everyone knows just what is at stake."

Xeriar: You think we're kidding when we say Dungeon Master instead of Game Master or Storyteller.

  • (79) Kalindi: Death is . . . a tool, not a force
  • (79) Kalindi: It matters only whose hand weilds the blade
  • (68) Walks: "Might we discuss this matter amongst ourselves and come to our own conclusion, as a sign of your willingness to at least allow us to be independant?"
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks to Kalindi "You are not listening. And it is clear you know nothing of the wolves that lurk at our doorstep." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "You may."
  • (79) Kalindi: ((I'm trying here))
  • (79) Kalindi: ((maybe next time take my character into account))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "And second, calling us stupid, isn't making us more inclined to take your offer, so first offer if you want us to consider anything, we need to see some modicum of respect
  • Waits in Darkness: "As I said, give me the same in kind."
  • ** (82) Jack William raises his hand with a chuckle, "I was the one who called you stupid. **
  • (68) Walks: "Then can we have a minute amongst ourselves, or at least the illusion of it? I'd rather not ponder graphic displays while considering it."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "there is a big difference between stupidity and igorance
  • Waits in Darkness: "And I never said stupid. Merely young. Youth brings an inexperience that needs to be considered and countered."

Sophia: Rule of Good Dungeon Masters #10. Words like lackwit and stupid are completely different words with completely different meanings, which you can alter at a moment's notice to suit YOUR (see rule #2 again!) story.

  • (74) Leondis Kale: ignorance
  • (79) Kalindi: Yes, the latter can be cured. Please, tell us what is at stake
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Yeah, that was directed at everybody. If I am working with you, or next to you, I am not going to take shit from some that wants my help."
  • (79) Kalindi: Plain words, this time, for those of us who are ignorant, perhaps?
  • Waits in Darkness: "What is at stake is the future of this city and all of Creation."

Sophia: We're DOOOOOOOMED!

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "we're going to save the world?"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Couldn't you have 4000 years of experience, fix it all?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "Age gives me a rather broad perspective of time and events, but let me say that our very existence is at stake. Now."
  • Waits in Darkness: "Even those of us with great power know that we cannot fix all. I wish to see more than 4000 years and I cannot risk my life lightly."

Sophia: But he can risk -your- lives lightly!

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "But you so clearly showed us how powerful you where, couldn't flex those muscles and skills on the problems that threaten everything?"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "If you are unwilling to risk your life in fear of it, what chance do we have?"
  • (79) Kalindi: I will acceed to your quest, but not to your direction
  • (79) Kalindi: The loud one has a point
  • Waits in Darkness: "I am not sending you into Malfeas to attempt another slaying of the Unborn."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "If one tries to tackle the problems plaguing the world, then he will become the target, but if a group does, the targets are spread"
  • (79) Kalindi: And that means what exactly?
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "An undefeatable foe"
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "or suicide"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "They are dead already, but I do have a point, if you can't do this with all your age and power, then we clearly don't stand a chance."

Sophia: Silly player forgetting Rule #4.

  • (79) Kalindi: ((leondis, who were you talking to?))
  • Waits in Darkness: "I never said I couldn't do it. I said I know better than trying to tackle everything by myself."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: (Kali)
  • (79) Kalindi: ((what's your lore score, dude?))
  • (74) Leondis Kale: (simple syntax of the sentence... and lore 0 hehehe I got the meaning of the sentence is all)

Sophia: Rule #11. Players like Leondis and Jack here are your bread and butter. Keep them, ditch the rest!

  • (68) Walks: "Then what are we to do then? Who can we bring down that you would even notice?"
  • (79) Kalindi: ((lol, was asking what he was talking about, the sentence meaning was clear. We're getting vague answers and I'm used to just taking orders))
  • Waits in Darkness: "Just as this structure needs its foundation to remain erect, so does any conspiracy. Remove enough of the small blocks and the whole will collapse."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "yeah just like taking a huge guys kneecaps out if ya want him to fall)
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "What consriacy?"
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "
  • Waits in Darkness: "Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. But any delay is better than letting any conspiracy run on its own schedule."
  • Waits in Darkness: "I have inklings of someone planning to destroy Nexus and make it a place of death. I know not all the details. That is why I need you."

Xeriar: The plot thickens.
Sophia: More like 'congeals'.

  • (79) Kalindi: So why not alert the council?
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Man you could have just sent us a request to come meet, and that would be a thingto do considering the emissary and everything."
  • ** (68) Walks nods to Kalindi "I'm sure there's nothing we can handle that the famed Emmisary cannot." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "The Council cannot move without alerting any number of spies and informants."
  • Waits in Darkness: "They tend to make too much of a spectacle of tihngs."

Sophia: Right! Because every last enforcement of the Emissary has been a public one!

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Not at the moment but my interest is the getting stronger promise"
  • (74) Leondis Kale: (to walks)
  • Waits in Darkness: "No, this is comething that must be dealt with in the shadows."
  • ** (68) Walks looks at the Dawn and Zenith. **
  • (79) Kalindi: Things that hide in shadows scurry away when the light comes on
  • (82) Jack William: We do, do we?
  • (68) Walks: "I have few abilities in that regard, I fear."
  • Waits in Darkness: "And the light never seems to catch them, can it?"
  • (79) Kalindi: Is it not enough for the time being that they scurry?
  • (79) Kalindi: it leaves more time to route them out
  • Waits in Darkness: "Not if they would merely scurry back when the light goes out."


  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "The women does have a point. And just from the looks, we are not the shadows type of people, more of hte light bringers."
  • (79) Kalindi: Then we need only search in the corners while the flame is lit
  • Waits in Darkness: "The light cannot be everywhere at all times. Shadows would still abound where the light cannot see."
  • (80) Malachite: ((I think the metaphor is dead))
  • ** (82) Jack William chuckles, "An observant bunch, aren't we.. Shadows are my home." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "From what I have learned of this plot, it is something the Council cannot handle. It is beyond its grasp and its interest."

Sophia: Rule #12! Canon information is your worst enemy! It is not to be used for inspiration and considered, but toilet paper whose literary content is never to reach your brain's frontal lobes! Killing everyone in Nexus does not concern the council in the slightest!

  • (79) Kalindi: Surely the council has more resources within the city than we do
  • (79) Kalindi: And the companies of mercenaries would have more experience
  • Waits in Darkness: "I have more resources than the Council can dream of. But I cannot move without letting those I would rather not know of my existence find me."

Sophia: #4 people! #4!

  • (79) Kalindi: Why recruit us, when we are, as you say, so young?
  • Waits in Darkness: "Mercenaries are a maul. A dagger is what is needed here."
  • Waits in Darkness: "Because you are young. The young are often underestimated."

Sophia: And again...

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "hey I resemble that remark"
  • (79) Kalindi: Your sword seemed rather sharp but minutes ago
  • (80) Malachite: ((Again, going nowhere))
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks at Kalindi "You really need to work on your interpretation skills." **
  • (79) Kalindi: Perhaps we should speak amongst ourselves, as was said
  • (79) Kalindi: You really need to dodge questions less
  • ** (82) Jack William chuckles in the corner, "Hey, I understood the answer perfectly." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "I have told you what I know and have attempted to have you understand what is at stake here. I don't know if I can reach some of you."
  • Waits in Darkness: "With that said, go ahead and deliberate."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "OK for those of us that have yet to decide, lets go find a nice place to talk privately."
  • ** Waits in Darkness points you to another private room in the upper part of the inn **

Xeriar: This next part can be mostly skipped, the DM wasn't there, and even with Jack and Leondis they don't do much.

  • ** (82) Jack William strolls through the door, shaking his head and chuckling slightly. **
  • ** (68) Walks nods at Ten Fields, walking towards the door. "Excuse us." He says politely, before continuing on his way. **
  • ** (79) Kalindi follows the herd quietly **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Holding the door open for everyone and watching themfile in. Then when the last are in, just close the door and look at them "Ok, that was fun."
  • ** (82) Jack William glaces at a comfortable looking piece of furniture in the corner, and plops down upon it. "Quite." **
  • (68) Walks: "I'm sure the 'Zenith' thinks differently."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "But I am in favor of oepning that window and leaving, this guys seems like he is off his '4000 ultra year uber' ass, anyone else sharing that same opinion?"
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale follows **
  • (80) Malachite: "I was impaled on the wall. What do you think?"
  • ** (68) Walks stands a few feet aside the door. "Now then, it seems we all know what we are, so if anything that's at least a plus. It is nice to have peers again." **
  • (82) Jack William: Well. On the one hand, I'd like to live in peace. On the other, getting myself impaled on the man's daiklave isn't too peaceful. I think I'll stay here.
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "what about them destroying nexus and theworld?"
  • ** (68) Walks shakes his head. "Whatever he is or thinks he is, I think it's important enough that we consider what he needs to get done. If not, there are places in this world to which we can continue on our way and enact different plans." **
  • (79) Kalindi: His quest is not the issue for me, it is his unwillingness to be clear on what we are up agains
  • (80) Malachite: "Nexus can rot as far as I'm concerned. This play is a cesspool."
  • (79) Kalindi: against*
  • (79) Kalindi: And his methods of persuasion
  • (80) Malachite: ((place not play))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Lived here all my life, and its not the most rightouses place around. But as for the world, and Nexus, what has he told us, nothing."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "He is old and used to getting his way, it seems, but dont let the man block the oppertunities you can all get"
  • (68) Walks: "Relics from the first age and demons from beyond the world?" He shrugs. "I'd rather set up my own plans and learn on my own terms, and if we learn together we can decide to do what is right."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "He toldu s of some plot, that he knows nothing of, expect there goals and otherthings. Either he knows and not telling or just makingit up as he goes."
  • (82) Jack William: Well, I don't quite care about the world. But I want to live. So I think I'm going to go along with him.
  • ** (80) Malachite glances at Leondis "Ok, are you already on his payroll or are you just dense?" **
  • (79) Kalindi: Would you be beholden to that man as his tool?
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "dense"
  • (79) Kalindi: The man who skewered your "peer" to the wall?
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "but very good to have around"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "The man stated that he is not willing to risk his life since he wants to live. If he is as powerful as he claims, we don't stand a chance."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Either that or he needs a second set of prints on a murder weapon and patsy to blame."
  • (82) Jack William: He also said that he'd be sending us after the weaker foundations of a cult or something, seeing as the power had their eyes on his every move.
  • ** (79) Kalindi looks quietly disturbed at the proceedings, and leans her back against a wall. Nothing has gone right today, and it seems it will continue down this path for many days to come **
  • (68) Walks: "He found us long before he met us, dear. I think it's safe to say he can find us again, and there are other options."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "So he is powerful, but a weak cult has him pinned up in htere? There are to many holes in his story."
  • (82) Jack William: Who said it was a weak cult?
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "hmm didnt think about that"
  • (82) Jack William: Even the most powerful cult can have a crack in its foundations.
  • (80) Malachite: "I don't even care about his story. He's proven he can only lead through violence and intimidation and that's not someone I'm going to follow. Ever."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "You did, and if we do go after the 'weak foundation' then the powerufl ones will take notice."
  • (79) Kalindi: We shall be as lambs before the slaughter
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Yeah you do have a point."
  • (82) Jack William: I said it had a weak foundation, not that it was a weak cult.
  • (82) Jack William: There is a difference.
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "What if we fail or go against his wishes?
  • (79) Kalindi: I assume he kills us
  • (82) Jack William: Then we have him outnumbered.
  • (79) Kalindi: Not if he is to be believed
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale sits back and listens to the others **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Staring at Jack "We had that chance, and few where takers."
  • (68) Walks: "I wouldn't speak of outnumbering, he's probably still listening."
  • ** (80) Malachite walks up to the door **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Wouldn't shock me if he was."
  • (80) Malachite: "You're a complete fucking bastard, go to hell!"
  • (82) Jack William: He'definately still listening.
  • ** (80) Malachite turns back to the room **
  • ** (79) Kalindi places her hand on malachite's shoulder **
  • (79) Kalindi: Calm yourself, it does no good to thrash in a trap
  • (79) Kalindi: often the noose only tightens
  • (82) Jack William: Hey, he kdidn't kill you.
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Settle down there man, no need to jumping the point."
  • (80) Malachite: "I gave him my answer already nothing he or anyone else says is going to change that."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Looking back at Jack. "Is that suppose to reassuring?"
  • (79) Kalindi: ((to malachite)) And what of his plan? To save the world. Where do you stand on that, if not with him?
  • (68) Walks: "Kalindi is wise. But I think we should take care to agree to his 'quests' only on our own terms. And I'd be loath to trust only him for information, we should schedule a trip to Sijan sometime."
  • (82) Jack William: Is it?
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "as have I... I want the oppertunity"
  • (80) Malachite: "Honestly I stopped listening to anything he said after I got pinned to the wall."
  • ** (79) Kalindi smiles **
  • (79) Kalindi: I blame you not
  • (79) Kalindi: but there was some wisdom in his words, though it was well hidden by threats
  • (68) Walks: "I don't think anyone could blame you for that, good... " He balks. "Might we exchange names? It seems our proceedings were rather rushed."

Sophia: And, finally, three hours into the game, the party gets to know eachother.

  • ** (82) Jack William walks over to the shadows in the corner, taking good care to hide himself. [7d10.ascending()] -> [2,3,6,6,8,9,9] = (43) **
  • (80) Malachite: "Summarize it for me if you wish then... And you can call me Malachite."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "I wish we had an eclipse and use that eternal damnation oath that they do. Then maybe we can have a little more leverage here."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Leondis Kale... pitfighter by trade mercenary by hobby"
  • ** (79) Kalindi raises an eyebrow at "the loud one", not comprehending **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Simply introducing meself
  • ** (68) Walks bows. "I was born to a different name, but I go by Walks in Day's Shadow at this time in my life." **
  • (79) Kalindi: ((to Malachite)) Very well, and I am Kalindi. He means to keep the world from growing darker than it already is
  • (68) Walks: ((She was looking at Tenfields))
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "The Deceivers have the ability to use some ability to make a binding oath orsomething, your soul maybe sent to Mafleas if you break it, but could come in handy right now."
  • (80) Malachite: "Through what means?"
  • (79) Kalindi: ((to Malachite)) Through destroying this cult. If he is to be believed, as some of us are wishing to do, then that would be a good thing, correct?
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "The immaculate text was unclear, just that they can do things like that. According to the text they buy souls for the Neverborn and teh Fallen ones, but they are often wrong about those parts."
  • (68) Walks: "Nothing so severe. But yes, it would be proper to swear him to an oath, I just wonder how much it would really matter to him. I am not that powerful, really.
  • (79) Kalindi: ((blah blah blah blah, ten fields :P))
  • (80) Malachite: "It might be a good thing, it might not. I don't see it as my fight right now though."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ((I am a genius, I talk, its what Ido))
  • (79) Kalindi: It may not be now, but it may be later
  • (79) Kalindi: If you intend to stay here, later may come soon
  • (80) Malachite: "Then when it comes to that I'll fight. For now I just see the four walls of this room," he says glancing around. "And I don't. I only came to this forsaken place to do some trading."
  • (79) Kalindi: I have no doubt my business here will be soon finished, however, I do agree to the righteousness of wanting to keep a city from toppling
  • (79) Kalindi: Your help may be needed
  • (79) Kalindi: Would you deny it, if that were so?
  • (68) Walks: "I think we need to be looking beyond trading shortly, Malachite."
  • (80) Malachite: "If you are what he says you are there are people elsewhere who need me more."
  • ** (79) Kalindi looks curious **
  • (79) Kalindi: What people are they that need you so?
  • (80) Malachite: "The people I've been helping since I headed east. Those of the villages and towns on the edges of the Riverlands who have no regular defenders."
  • ** (79) Kalindi nods **
  • (79) Kalindi: And you others? What of you? Do you stand with Waits in Darkness in his quest?
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "I am a man of great learning, and so far, I have seen little knowledge in what has told us. If we consider this, we need some more information."
  • (68) Walks: "I stand to right Creation from the harm that has befallen it. If that is Waits in Wait's Longer's 'quest', then so be it, but I will know my reasons when I act."
  • ** (82) Jack William leaps from the shadows into the middle of the room, onto a convieniently placed table. "Well, I was going to wait and see if I was needed for an ambush on the guy... I guess not... Anyway, I stand beside him for the sake of my own life." **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "I agree with Walks"
  • ** (80) Malachite glances at Kalindi, "And you?" **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "You two have been down this sword over the head situtation before haven't you?
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: ""
  • (82) Jack William: What do you mean by sword-over-the-head?
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Life threaten if you don't do something."
  • (82) Jack William: Ah. That. No, of course not. I'm just a blacksmith.
  • (68) Walks: "Waits and Waits Longer no doubt plans to skewer those of us who disagree. Again."
  • (79) Kalindi: ((to Malachite)) My road passed through here for a reason, I believe. If his quest is to be mine, then so be it. This man will not be my master, however
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "hehehe Arent we all in that situation from birth anyway?"
  • (68) Walks: "I suppose, if you count those blades not of metal."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "No."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "so basically just being who you are isnt a threat that you bow to daily?
  • ** (80) Malachite shrugs "If he plans to skewer me again when I say no, so be it. I won't let him master me with fear though." **
  • ** (82) Jack William walks over to Fields, swinging an arm around him, "Look, buddy, I just don't like the idea of dying." **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Because we join his crusade, it makes him nobodys master"
  • ** (79) Kalindi looks at jack william **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: (first to ten second to mal)
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Yeah I do not work under duress."
  • (79) Kalindi: Coward, you fear not death. You fear the darkness that comes with it
  • (68) Walks: "There is little point to an ended life without a memory to leave."
  • (80) Malachite: "I'm content with my works to date and know my life has already meant something."
  • ** (82) Jack William looks to Kalindi, his eye shines again, "I fear nothing," as his voice grows cold. He then shakes his head, "I just enjoy life too much to leave it yet!" A smile returning to his face. **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "but this is getting us nowhere. We need to find this out."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "For those of us that are less inclined to take up his offer, what is holding us back?"
  • (82) Jack William: Y' don't wanna die.

Sophia: I fear nothing! I don't wanna die!

  • ** (68) Walks looks at Malachite. "Let's take a step, at least, and see where it leads us." **
  • (82) Jack William: Don't worry, a big pointy sword through the gut would disincline my idea of leaving an offer too.
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Yes, that is one, but also a lack of infomration about this whole deal. Ineed to know more."
  • ** (79) Kalindi crosses her arms, and mutters **
  • (79) Kalindi: I would like to speak with him alone
  • (79) Kalindi: Perhaps we all should
  • (80) Malachite: "I don't think that'd be a good idea, but that is your decision."
  • ** (79) Kalindi , seeing no resistance, turns and leaves the room alone **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "I say we list our requets, and see if he fullfils them."
  • (68) Walks: "At this point I am not sure how much good it will do. Best to ask him to be clear about what he wants and what he knows about it to all of us."
  • (68) Walks: "Hmmm." He says as she leaves. "It seems the discussion is ended."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "A women of action, she would make a great leader"
  • ** (79) Kalindi walks into the ajoining room and stands, waiting for their captor to appear **
  • ** (82) Jack William plops back down in the comfortable chair he had been in earlier, "I don't have anything to say. I just want to know what's up next." **
  • ** Waits in Darkness is still there **

Sophia: And we now return you to our regular idiocy.

  • (68) Walks: "Well, I am going to do as I said I would. You are free to do otherwise."
  • ** (68) Walks leaves and returns to the previous room, waiting for the otrhers. **
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale sits deep in thought **
  • (79) Kalindi: ((To Waits)) You have odd methods, old one
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale gets up and follows **
  • Waits in Darkness: "Age makes one almost unfathomable to most."

Sophia: Good Dungeon Mastering Rule #13: Explain your eccentricity and anal probing with old age. Child protection services will understand completely.

  • (79) Kalindi: Is this an excuse?
  • Waits in Darkness: "The gods are timeless yet we know not their thoughts."
  • (80) Malachite: "Wait. Kalindi wanted to talk to him alone."
  • Waits in Darkness: "No, merely an observation."
  • (79) Kalindi: You are to be a god to us, then?
  • (82) Jack William: Why do you think I sit here silently, hm?
  • Waits in Darkness: "You flatter me, but no. I am merely more powerful."

Sophia: Good DMing Rule #14! Don't let your players confuse your DMPC with being a god! Your DMPC is above that!

  • (80) Malachite: "And I wasn't trying to forestall you, was I?"
  • (79) Kalindi: I do not flatter you. I merely ask a question. I have more, if you will answer them?
  • Waits in Darkness: "Ask and I will answer."
  • ** (79) Kalindi stands, arms akimbo, face expressionless **
  • ** (68) Walks leans against the doorway, waiting for Kalindi to finish her questions first. **
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom Walks in and stands behind Kalindi and listens **
  • (79) Kalindi: Why all of us
  • (79) Kalindi: ?
  • Waits in Darkness: "Because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Sophia: Six Solars walk into a bar. If that bar is still standing by the end of the scene, something has gone horribly wrong.

  • (79) Kalindi: Surely, you would know some to be more likely to agree and follow you
  • (79) Kalindi: Does it please you to see us bend?
  • Waits in Darkness: "No, not if I know I can make you stand on your own."
  • (79) Kalindi: And if your hand is not needed?
  • (79) Kalindi: I can stand on my own, I think
  • ** (79) Kalindi has a glint of pride in her eye at this last **
  • Waits in Darkness: "You think so, yet you have not a clue as to what Creation holds."
  • Waits in Darkness: "Perhaps I am not needed, but perhaps I can be desired."

Sophia: Awww....

  • ** (79) Kalindi cocks an eyebrow **
  • (79) Kalindi: Lonely are we?

Sophia: See, women pick up on desperation. Xeriar should take that to heart.

  • Waits in Darkness: "No. Not desired in that way."

Sophia: Yeah, right. Rule #15! The PCs of your desired gender or genders are to be your sex toys! If they do not cooperate, rape is a perfectly acceptable tool to use in the context of gaming.

  • ** (68) Walks stifles a chuckle **
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom has a smirk on his face at that. **
  • Waits in Darkness: "I am a rare find. Gift horse. Mouth. All that."

Sophia: See, he claims not to be desires, but boasts of his rarity!

  • (79) Kalindi: Then perhaps it is in your best interest, if you are to be a guiding hand, to better prepare us for what we will face
  • (79) Kalindi: To send us out amongst the wolves without first letting us know the true danger is unforgivable
  • (79) Kalindi: Especially for one your age
  • Waits in Darkness: "This is all I know: Someone or something plans to make Nexus "a place of death" at Calibration. That is enough to make me nervous, not enough to tell me who, how, or why."

Sophia: Looks like someone read "A Day Dark as Night"
Xeriar: If this campaign lasts long enough, and the ST does not end up reading these, my bet: Walker in Darkness has a few deathknights attempt to summon Adorjan into Creation during Calibration. The Prince Upon the Tower will get stopped by magical green bile-making light.

  • (79) Kalindi: Then how do you know a cult is involved?
  • (68) Walks: "Then how did you come by this information?
  • (79) Kalindi: How do you know that they will see you coming?
  • Waits in Darkness: "Did I ever say a cult?"

Sophia: Rule #16! Be forever vague!

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Please if you wish to flaunt your wisdom and vast knowledge over us, don't hold out on us now?"
  • (79) Kalindi: ((you didn't say cult? Who said cult?))
  • (74) Leondis Kale: (the cult was for the sister)
  • (82) Jack William: ((I said cult))
  • (82) Jack William: ((I said "cult or whatever"))
  • (79) Kalindi: ((ahh, so it's your fault, then :P))
  • (82) Jack William: ((Yes. =P))

Sophia: Always easy to confuse one idiot with another.

  • ** (79) Kalindi looks around at the surprisingly full empty room **
  • Waits in Darkness: "I am a powerful Exalt. I am a torch in the dark. Many can see my motions and yet I cannot see them."


  • ** (82) Jack William looks around at the suprisingly empty side room, "I thought that girl went to talk alone?" **
  • (79) Kalindi: What manner of people?
  • (79) Kalindi: Can they see us as well?
  • Waits in Darkness: "You are the faintest of flickers, the smallest ripples in the pond. You can be barely followed where I can be hounded."

Sophia: Rule #4 people! Live it, learn it, BE THE RULE

  • (79) Kalindi: Then your offer of power, would that not make us more vulnerable to their sight?
  • Waits in Darkness: "Those who I speak of have no names, having written themselves out of the history of the world long ago. I cannot give them names nor faces."
  • ** (68) Walks looks back at Jack "She went to talk first." He looks back at the Waiter "You still haven't answered our question." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "Not if I show you how to use power as I do."
  • Waits in Darkness: "One at a time, please?"
  • (68) Walks: "There's only been one other question. How did you come by this information?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "I have my network of spies and informants. That they came across these crumbs is remarkable. This is the sort of thing spoke only in hushed whispers in the darkest corners of Creation."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Go on"
  • (68) Walks: "Okay, but then what of the crumbs?"

Sophia: Silly Xeriar, trying to get specifics.

  • Waits in Darkness: "That is all I can come across with the delicate instruments I have, and I cannot cast my eye and ear to all corners."
  • (68) Walks: "You have nothing specific? Even Nexus is a big place, sir."
  • Waits in Darkness: "No specifics. That is what I want to know."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "How do you know it threatens nexus or creation then?"

Sophia: Silly Ten Fields, trying to be logical.

  • Waits in Darkness: "The fact that Calibration figures so deeply into the plans."
  • ** (82) Jack William strides in, rubbing his head as though he'd been napping, and looks around before leaning against a wall and listening in. **
  • Waits in Darkness: "From every voice I can glean of this creature, Calibration is what is said the loudest."
  • (68) Walks: "Do you have any specific thing that is said?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "I have given all I know."

Xeriar: Which, obviously, he hasn't, just the DM hasn't really thought past this point yet.

  • (79) Kalindi: Then you have no direction in which to send us
  • Waits in Darkness: "I have sources who may know more. But they require certain obligations."

Sophia: Touche!

  • (68) Walks: "Well, we could each stalk a district. I'm sure I could go hobnobbing in Bastion with little trouble."
  • ** (68) Walks looks at the Waiter "Oh? And what obligations are these?" **
  • Waits in Darkness: "I cannot leave the city. I have a cover that requires I be accounted for by certain people at particular times. Any deviance draws suspicions."

Sophia: The plot curdles further

  • Waits in Darkness: "Favors. Not every spy is bribed or tortured for information. Often it is merely an agreement to help each other out."
  • (68) Walks: "Yes, but what favors? In some circles that means babies, for others, a flower to the right person."
  • Waits in Darkness: "In mine it can mean anything. I prostrate myself to the whims of my sources."

Sophia: A four thousand year old Solar sucks dick in Nexus to get every last drop of information.

  • ** (82) Jack William chuckles, "We have something in common then, old man." **

Sophia: And the younger take after the elder!

  • (79) Kalindi: So your sources are 5000 years old, then?
  • Waits in Darkness: "My sources are ordinary people in many circumstances. But they are people in the proper place to hear things."
  • Waits in Darkness: "Bureaucrats, inspectors, even slaves."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Well at this point we don't have much to work on. And couldn't you do to them what you did to us?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "And blow my cover?"

Sophia: #4!
Xeriar: You are making that sound like a bathroom ritual.
Sophia: I have no intention of making it sound any better.

  • (82) Jack William: The bureaucrats will probably just want a shiny new payoff.
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "You did with us, I sure someone of your power could easily do it and reamin uneseen."
  • ** (68) Walks sighs. "In that case, can we get a list of who and what they might want?" **
  • Waits in Darkness: "I will give you what you need to know once I am assured you are willing to work with me."
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks at Ten "Do you see anyone here besides us?" **
  • (68) Walks: "I will seek out these 'whispers' and act on the information as I see best befits Creation."
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Just saying power, vast amout of resouces more then Nexus has,just saying."
  • (82) Jack William: I'll work with you.
  • (68) Walks: "If that happens to be your goals, so be it, but I will not follow blindly, and you are far too vague at this point to swear to."
  • Waits in Darkness: "Just because I have power does not mean I have the luxury to use it as I wish."

Sophia: Obviously, otherwise you would have performed another rectal impalement already.

  • (79) Kalindi: Isn't that what power means?
  • Waits in Darkness: "Not always."
  • (79) Kalindi: To do what you want, when you want
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "I don't want to have anything happen to Nexus, but as(points at Walks) has said, I am will not follow blindly."
  • (79) Kalindi: However you so choose
  • Waits in Darkness: "As I said, not always."

Sophia: Yeah, but sometimes...

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "power is the ability to use it when ever you want, if you can't, then thats is true what Kal has said, not power."
  • (79) Kalindi: Then you do not have the power you claim to have
  • ** (82) Jack William chuckles, shaking his head, "Foolish." **
  • ** (79) Kalindi speaks tersely, over her should to Ten Fields **
  • Waits in Darkness: "At one time, the most powerful of us could summon the greatest demons. Could they call up those demons whenever? No, only at certain times."
  • (79) Kalindi: Kalindi is my name
  • (79) Kalindi: Remember it
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "I will make a note."
  • (68) Walks: ((Afk a bit, sorry))

Sophia: And here Xeriar gets a phone call from a girl. A real one! That wasn't related to him!
Xeriar: Shut up.

  • (82) Jack William: Look, I'll be downstairs trying to argue that the bartender owes me an ale. Come get me when this is resolved.
  • Waits in Darkness: "The two of you have a shallow understanding of power."

Xeriar: I will now include a snippet of a concersation between GG and I:

    • GG: did the definition of power change that I wasn't aware of?
    • Xer: Yeah
    • Xer: It now means the guy with the smallest dick, instead of biggest.
    • GG: ahhhhh
    • GG: and I begin to see
    • Xer: Yeah, so I just got kicked to the bottom of the totem pole
    • Xer: Sucks, it really does
    • GG: Wait, wait, so I'm on top of you on that totem pole?
    • GG: I have no dick, so therefore I rule the world :D
    • Xer: No, you're not even on it. That's why Wanker in Darkness is on top
    • GG: ahhhh
    • GG: curse this cruel fate
    • GG: so that means Jack William has the second teeniest dick there?

Xeriar: The last was said after the following line:

  • ** (82) Jack William heads downstairs with that, shaking his head. **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: ((3 and a half hours plaig through joining together hahhaa)
  • (74) Leondis Kale: playing

Xeriar: I did this all for you, my readers.
Sophia: Hoping to ring in more girls?
Xeriar: If I could smack you, I would!

  • ** (79) Kalindi glances askance at the fool walking downstairs **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "As walks has said, I am not willing to follow blindly. BUt I wion't ingore the trheat to Nexus."
  • (79) Kalindi: ((To Waits)) You are neither my god, nor my master. I do not serve you. Those are my terms
  • (79) Kalindi: On any other ground, I will meet with you, but your chosen ground is as sinking sand
  • Waits in Darkness: "I am not asking for perpetual binding oaths of servitude; merely indulging an old man who wants to find out an obscure piece of information he is having trouble getting on his own."

Sophia: In Soviet Russia, old men indulge you!
Xeriar: ...eww

  • ** (68) Walks looks at Kalindi, then back at the Waiter. "Our terms are acceptable, then? That we will gather this information and act on it as we see fit?" **
  • Waits in Darkness: "Yes."
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), seriously, dude. Sooooo many other ways you could have hooked her in on this. For instance, what if the slavers were providing fodder for a demon summoning? Or maybe the Sister I'm looking for was rescued by Waits? This was just a bad move. Hopefully things will go smoother in your next first session


  • (79) Kalindi: That is acceptable
  • ** (82) Jack William walks back upstairs, yelling down, "Damnit, Robert, you owe me an ale!" He then looks around, "So kids, seems quiet. I guess that means you all stopped fighting and agreed with the old man." **
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "I will assist then."
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Or maybe you could have given me some patience and let me put my cards on the table and letting me work it in on my own time

Sophia: Because, clearly, a Good DM has the perfect story lined up already and there's no need for you to ruins it!

  • ** Waits in Darkness looks to Leondis **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), You had my sheet for over a week, dude

Sophia: Rule #17! Character backgrounds are not meant to be read, but ignored! A good GM only makes sure that his player's stats are in order so they have no chance of pwning his DMPC!

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "in"
  • (79) Kalindi: ((where's malachite?))
  • (68) Walks: "Malachite?"
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Yes, that does not mean I am beholden to have you in the spotlight every game
  • (80) Malachite: "What?"
  • ** (80) Malachite is in the other room **
  • ** Waits in Darkness looks to Malachite **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), As a storyteller, you are beholden to working every character into the story
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), I am beholden to playing my character as I made her, nothing more. I hold no obligation to the story
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Yes, but when I can, not when it makes you happy.

Sophia: Rule #18: Starting them all in the same tavern when they came from all over the world is far superior to anything your players could ever hope to come up with. LISTEN TO THEM NOT! ORAL IMPALEMENT!

  • (68) Walks: "We have agreed to seek out the information he requests and to act on it as we see fit. Is that acceptable?"
  • (80) Malachite: "No."
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), If you weren't ready for my character, then why did you throw her in?
  • ** (79) Kalindi watches Waits reaction **
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): I'm ready, why can't you just relax and let me set the scene a touch>

Xeriar: Nearly four hours, and still has to 'set the scene a touch'.
Sophia: Indulge the old man!

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "So whats good for you Mal?"
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Perhaps some form of restitution?"
  • Waits in Darkness: "The Zeniths I met were usually so proactive."

Sophia: Rectal impalement often changes one's outlook on things.

  • ** (68) Walks shrugs. "I am not going to force him, you two got off to a poor start." **
  • (82) Jack William: Well, you did impale him.
  • (80) Malachite: "I'm not working for him under any terms."
  • (82) Jack William: I mean, that kind of kills the deal right off.
  • (68) Walks: "How many of them were so after being impaled by the person asking them to do the job?"
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Lol, okay, then. Set the seen. Have Waits in Darkness emote a little. Make him a character that I can connect with, not just some uber badass who's hamstrung by everyone but us
  • Waits in Darkness: "I don't usually have to show a portion of what I can do. Many are at least willing to hear me out."
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): I would if you would stop bothering me. :P

Sophia: I roll my sense lie check.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), :P right back atcha
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: "Yeah well waits, the first iage is over. So how about you be a little nicer and work with him instead of insult him."
  • ** (68) Walks sighs. "Malachite has made up his mind. I can ask him to work with us, instead of you." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "You are one to speak."

Sophia: Yes! A man who has rectally impaled a fellow Solar has every right to accuse others of hypocrisy about such matters!

  • (80) Malachite: "I'm not working with him. The only thing we have to discuss is when I can leave."
  • Waits in Darkness: "However he wants to do it is up to him."
  • (82) Jack William: I think you're free to go whenever you wish. He didn't stop me from going downstairs a minute ago.
  • (79) Kalindi: You agreed to be his dog, boy
  • Waits in Darkness: "If he wants to do it at all."
  • (68) Walks: "Malachite, sir, would you willing to work with us, instead?"
  • (80) Malachite: "I don't. I want to leave. I don't know how much clearer I can be."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "then go"
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "have a good life"
  • ** (82) Jack William looks to Kalindi, "Listen, girl. I am far older and probably far wiser than you can hope to be. Bite your tongue." **

Sophia: Jack William, almost-master of a Martial Art, ancient to behold and wanker extraordinaire. Good DMs know to retain these types, yes they do!

  • (74) Leondis Kale: "bye" and waves
  • (80) Malachite: "You're not the one who impaled me, Leondis. So pardon me if I don't take your word for it."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "i will see myself impaled before he does it again to you"
  • (79) Kalindi: Older perhaps, but you have yet to show me the wiser side of yourself
  • (79) Kalindi: I will wait for proof before I make a judgement
  • ** (80) Malachite glances at Leondis, "Noble sentiment, but if I could have stopped it from happening the first time myself I would have." **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Now Waits, can Malachite go?"
  • (82) Jack William: And you have yet to show the slightest amount of worth between your ears. I'd stop judging others.

Sophia: The man is right. Sticking six feet of sword in someone to keep them from leaving does not give others the right to judge you in any fashion whatsoever.

  • ** (80) Malachite glances back at Malachite **
  • (80) Malachite: Waits rather
  • (68) Walks: ((Introspection!))
  • (79) Kalindi: Worth does not lie between the ears, fool. Neither does it lie on your tongue
  • Waits in Darkness: "He can go whenever he wants."
  • (82) Jack William: Oh really? So the value of a person is not their mind? I see. Brute force is the only importance. Or are you so dense you didn't understand.

Sophia: The concept of the heart is beyond this one.

  • (79) Kalindi: Worth lies in action and intent, so far I have only seen you bow
  • ** (80) Malachite exits then **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "now that that is solved..." walks over to the others
  • (79) Kalindi: ((aww man))

Xeriar: And now the party lacks a Zenith :-(

  • (68) Walks: "Might you two calm down for a moment? There are more important matters at hand than ego."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "you would think being who you both are, that you could take a slight or two"
  • ** (79) Kalindi smiles prettily at Walks and quiets down **
  • (79) Kalindi: My apologies, I don't like him
  • ** (82) Jack William glaces at Walks, then back at Kalindi, "Very well, I'll leave your little toy alone." He then leans on a wall. **

Sophia: Congratulations on your new sex toy, Xeriar!
Xeriar: I'll figure out a way to shut you up someday.

  • ** (79) Kalindi mutters **
  • (79) Kalindi: like a dog worrying a bone
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Booting '(80) Malachite' from room...
  • (80) Malachite (exit): 17:46

Xeriar: Wonder if we missed a whisper there. Will have to investigate.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), dirty pool, old man
  • (74) Leondis Kale: (sad to see that happen)
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): ?
  • (124) [[[DiceGod]]] Captain Sinith: ( good game you got here , thanks for letttng me lurk )

Sophia: Captain Sinith is an amazing judge of gaming quality.

  • Waits in Darkness: ((he made his call))
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), You won't even let him stay and watch?
  • (124) [[[DiceGod]]] Captain Sinith (exit): 17:47
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): Why? He decided he didn't want to be part of this
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "now that we have said we are with you, give us more information
  • ** (68) Walks sighs, looking down. "This could have begun much better.." **
  • (79) Kalindi: The beginning is out of our hands. Let us see to the ending
  • ** (68) Walks nods at Leon. **
  • ** (82) Jack William grins at Kalindi's words, "Indeed... The Endings are very important, let us make sure they are in our favor." **
  • Waits in Darkness: "So, if all of you are willing to endure me for the time being, please rest up. I will have something for you in the morning. I need to see that you can be subtle.
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), He decided to play his character. You're the one who shafted him, literally and figuratively

Sophia: Silly female, trying to reason with the DUNGEON MASTER!

  • (82) Jack William: Very well. I assume we can find you here?
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom heads for hte door. "Alright I will be at my place, I will check in sometimes tomarrow." **
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "Same here"
  • Waits in Darkness: "You can stay here. I have plenty of rooms."
  • (74) Leondis Kale: "fine either way"
  • (79) Kalindi: Tomorrow then
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale retires **
  • ** (82) Jack William smirks, "I will stay at my home, thank you." He then makes his way downstairs, and outside. **
  • (68) Walks: "Very well, I will take you up on that offer."
  • ** (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom heading off to his home **
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): He did and that does not require me to keep him if all he will be is a burden to me


  • ** (79) Kalindi pushes off from the wall she leaned against, sighing abstractly. Heading for the door, she wonders how hard it will be to find Mikolaus. She needs to hear another trusted opinion **
  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Your burden is the story and the characters in it. You have just lost a character
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (whispering): No, I lost a piece of baggage who would do nothing but piss and moan. I have been there, done that, do not need it

Sophia: Bow, Kalindi! BOW TO YOUR DUNGEON MASTER'S SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE! And accept oral impalement graciously and vigorously.

  • whispering to Majestic (DM), Hey, at least he was emoting
  • ** (79) Kalindi seeks out Mikolaus **
  • ** (68) Walks looks to Kalindi, walking with her for a steps towards the door, walking in step beside her. "Is something troubling you, Lady?" **
  • ** (79) Kalindi looks askance at Walks **
  • (79) Kalindi: Nothing troubled you about that meeting?
  • (68) Walks: "I was trying to be polite, but you seem to have a goal."
  • (79) Kalindi: I have things to do
  • (79) Kalindi: Things that may, or may not, run alongside his plans. I will see to what I can of his, but I will not burden myself overly
  • (79) Kalindi: If you plan to aide him, I will see what I can do to help you
  • ** (68) Walks sighs, chuckling. "Have your secrets, but if you find anything else would you be gracious enough to let me know? I am rather lost in this city, myself, for now anyway." **

Sophia: And here, Walks takes his first steps to trying to get e-laid.
Xeriar: DestroyEverything

  • (79) Kalindi: ((yeah, what I just said :P))
  • (68) Walks: ((on my screen what I said came first :-p))
  • ** (68) Walks nods. "Thank you-" **
  • (79) Kalindi: ((either way :P)) The loud one . . . he spoke of himself as a native
  • (68) Walks: ((What time of day is it, Majestic?))
  • Waits in Darkness: ((It is 6 candlemarks past the midday, making it night outside))
  • ** (74) Leondis Kale waits in the room provided thinking of dead parents, a stronger future and the chance to save this world that might not be worth saving **
  • (73) Majestic (DM): **The Curtain comes down and the lights come up**

Sophia: And a wonderful end to yet another session of Dungeons and Dragons! I mean Exalted.

  • (74) Leondis Kale: okey dokey
  • (82) Jack William: Yay
  • (79) Kalindi: ((rar, we were still doing stuff))
  • (73) Majestic (DM): ((I think this is a good stopping point. We got what I needed done))

Sophia: Rule #19: I, not we. We is for pussies.

  • (82) Jack William: It's exactly 8 too.
  • (74) Leondis Kale: But what of their needs 8p
  • (74) Leondis Kale: j/k
  • (73) Majestic (DM): ((Further conversations can be done in the forum leading up to next week
  • (79) Kalindi: lol, s'ok, yall are pawns anyway :P
  • (82) Jack William: Pfft. Jack ain't no pawn. =P
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Besides, it is nearing dinner for me.
  • (79) Kalindi: s'right, he's a dawg
  • (74) Leondis Kale: arent we all pawns anyway?
  • (82) Jack William: Just look at that eyepatch. It screams "I am not a pawn!"
  • (79) Kalindi: nah-uh, I'm a rook
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Thank you for bearing with me (for the most part). I hope next week will go better.

Xeriar: My hopes are not very up.

  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Says he is the pawn that got taken down
  • (74) Leondis Kale: hahaha
  • (74) Leondis Kale: it will
  • (74) Leondis Kale: see you next week
  • (74) Leondis Kale (exit): 18:02
  • (82) Jack William: So, I'm gonna open a forum topic that's called "Jack's Shop" And it'll be where Jack runs his shop. =P
  • (79) Kalindi: saters
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: xp?
  • (79) Kalindi: laters*
  • (82) Jack William: Oh yea. I want XP.
  • (73) Majestic (DM): 4 XP for tonight

Sophia: 4 XP, for putting up with that. Xeriar, you got raped, hard.
Xeriar: Unfortunately I don't think I'm in a position to prosecute.
Sophia: Hehehe, you said 'position'.

  • (82) Jack William: Okay.
  • (79) Kalindi: kew
  • (79) Kalindi: I can buy . . . . stuff :D
  • (73) Majestic (DM): All right. Next week then
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom: Disconnecting from server...
  • (78) Ten Fields of Wisdom (exit): 18:04
  • (82) Jack William: I can't buy stuff =(
  • (79) Kalindi: I take it XP expenditures can be posted forumside?
  • (73) Majestic (DM): If you want to spend XP, send me a PM
  • (79) Kalindi: ahhh
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Any other questions?
  • (79) Kalindi: can't think of any
  • (82) Jack William: How cool is my character on a scale of 1 - Awesome?
  • (79) Kalindi: 0.5
  • (73) Majestic (DM): 5. :P
  • (79) Kalindi: move the decimal
  • (82) Jack William: Pfft. He is awesome. =P
  • (79) Kalindi: he'd be more awesome if you stopped making fart noises
  • (73) Majestic (DM): Back to the meat body
  • (73) Majestic (DM) (exit): 18:05
  • (79) Kalindi: ;)
  • (82) Jack William: And you're just mad because he hates your character, Kalindi. =P
  • (68) Walks: Psh, Kalindi, don't be so harsh. At least a .6
  • (82) Jack William: Pfft is not a fart noise
  • (82) Jack William: Pblblblt
  • (82) Jack William: That's a fart noise
  • (79) Kalindi: *sigh* okay, .6
  • (79) Kalindi: I'm glad to know you've thought about it that much
  • (82) Jack William: I have
  • (82) Jack William: Seriously

Sophia: When in doubt, ponder farting.


I'm just surprised Majestic didn't give out 300 XP each or something like that :-D -- RichardX1

I'm surprised he gave out xp at all O_o I guess he needed some way to lure his suc-- err, players back. ;) - KittenyKat