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Exalted Beach Volleyball -- Live!

Log of the IRC game played on 04/28/04.

Session Start (linuxguy.magicstar.net:#exaltedbeachvolleyball): Wed Apr 28 21:56:38 2004

<Bog_Mod> So, Ikselam you have a female character you could use for stats?

<Ikselam> lemme dig one up

* Bog_Mod has changed the topic on channel #exaltedbeachvolleyball to (Link: http://www.lensmen.net/wiki/exalted.pl?BogMod/exaltedbeachvolleyball)http://www.lensmen.net/wiki/exalted.pl?BogMod/exaltedbeachvolleyball for my rules on it.

* Telgar (~archanons@user-0ce2b3e.cable.mindspring.com) has joined channel #exaltedbeachvolleyball

<Bog_Mod> Right then, got enough now if I play one.

<Kyumi> Kyumi is rather flat chested. Will she work?

<Bog_Mod> Everyone just grab a female character of yours, and pick a swimsuit to use.

<Bog_Mod> Thats fine.

* [Carol] (~amarande@67-42-89-161.tukw.qwest.net) has joined channel #exaltedbeachvolleyball

<Kyumi> 'kay.

<Bog_Mod> Everyone take a quick readthrough the rules, they are I hope fairly simple. Pick a swimsuit for your character.

<Ikselam> http://www.lensmen.net/wiki/exalted.pl?Ikselam/Yieng

<Bog_Mod> ah good, 4 players now I can just help to run.

<Ikselam> I think she will wear...

<Kyumi> Skirt Bikini! ^_^

<[Carol]> No...I am a spectator tonight...  :)

<Telgar> hmm

<Bog_Mod> Ok then.

<Ikselam> ... a modest one-piece. With shorts.

<Bog_Mod> check

<Ikselam> ok

<Telgar> hmm

<Ikselam> Dex 4 App 3 Wits 4
<Ikselam> Athletics 3 Thrown 0

<Bog_Mod> I got your stats worked out Iks
<Bog_Mod> and thrown is no longer needed.

<Ikselam> Just using Ath?

* Ikselam refreshes wiki page.

* Ikselam sees answer is "yes."

<Bog_Mod> Telgar, your characters suit, app, ath, wits and dex?

<Telgar> DBT Volleyball!!
<Telgar> I am playing Shego the Badger Woman, app 3, athletics 3, wits and dex 5.

<Ikselam> A badger has dex 5!?

<Bog_Mod> and what suit?

<Telgar> yes.
<Telgar> Shorts over Suit.

<Ikselam> Bikini or one-piece?

<Telgar> bikini.
<Telgar> can Shego play in DBT?

<Ikselam> So bonus to defense.

<Bog_Mod> No

<Telgar> darn..

<Bog_Mod> Allright then.
<Bog_Mod> Here are the teams.
<Bog_Mod> Anja, dawn caste solar in a onepiece with Min Shan Yieng in a one piece and shorts, another dawn caste.

* Ikselam is now known as Yieng

<Bog_Mod> Playing against Kyumi and Shego, in skirt bikini and shorts over suit respectively.

<Kyumi> Kyumi is a Twilight Solar.

<Kyumi> And a Sorceress. So don't piss her off.

<Shego> Shego's a Lunar buttwhupper.

<Anja> I will take the starting serve.

<Kyumi> Bah! Flying Guilotine in a Sorcery Capturing Cord!

<Anja> We use !roll 1d10+# for init and !ex # for roles useing our lovely dicebot.
<Anja> No charms or spells allowed for this exhibition match.

<Anja> !ex 9
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja (9) Successes: 1
<Kyumi> Anja (9), 4, 7, 9, 8, 2, 8, 4, 9, 2, Successes : 5
<Shego> dang...
<Kyumi> Dice Script Deactivated

<Anja> Initiative now

<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 7 , Total: 14
<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 6 , Total: 14

<Kyumi> Can I DoOB the other side? ^_^

<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 9 , Total: 16

<Yieng> DoOb would destroy the net.

<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+7, 3 , Total: 10

<Shego> Yieng, Shego, Anja, Kyumi. Woo!

<Anja> Shego goes for the save, roll app+ath +2 Shego

<Shego> !ex 8

<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (8) Successes: 3

<Kyumi> Oh, Bog?
<Kyumi> I'm sorry!
<Kyumi> It's 13.

<Anja> And gets set up to Kyumi, who can roll dex+ath to return it.

<Kyumi> !ex 5
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi (5) Successes: 3

<Anja> Yieng goes for the save.

<Yieng> !ex 6
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng (6) Successes: 2

* Yieng dives.
<Yieng> +3 succs.

<Anja> And makes the save! Anja leaps and hits back!

<Anja> !ex 9
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja (9) Successes: 3

<Anja> init again

<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 5 , Total: 12
<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 6 , Total: 13
<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 8 , Total: 16

<Anja> Kyumi init?

<Kyumi> Pardon.

<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+10
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+10, 8 , Total: 18

<Anja> Kyumi-save, Shego return. Anja save, Yieng return.

<Yieng> Good.

<Anja> Roll your save Kyumi

<Kyumi> What is save?

<Anja> app+ath

<Kyumi> !ex 6
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi (6) Successes: 5

<Shego> !ex 8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (8) Successes: 7

<Yieng> Eek!

<Anja> Shego goes for the return! And a powerful spike to Anja!

<Anja> !ex 6
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja (6) Successes: 5

<Shego> Shego SCORES!

<Anja> Who dives to save it!
<Anja> add 3 suxx.

<Anja> Yieng now must split pools to get up and return.

* Yieng scrambles back to her feet. -3 dice to return. But +2 from suit.

<Yieng> !ex 6
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng (6) Successes: 2

<Anja> Init

<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 1 , Total: 9
<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 9 , Total: 16
<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 10 , Total: 17
<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+10
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+10, 1 , Total: 11

<Anja> Kyumi-Save, Shego return. Anja save, Yieng return.

<Kyumi> !ex 6
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi (6) Successes: 0, Botch

<Shego> dive!

<Anja> oh no!

<Kyumi> Eee!

<Yieng> Well, looks like Kyumi is now wearing less than she once was.

<Shego> dive!

<Anja> You can still Dive

<Kyumi> I shall dive!

<Anja> though your terribly embarressed.

<Kyumi> Indeed.

<Yieng> And it'll be good enough to beat my crappy return.

<Anja> return goes to Shego

<Shego> !ex 8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (8) Successes: 6

<Shego> Shego spikes..!

<Anja> Anja must split to get up...

<Yieng> What was Kyumi wearing? And does it no longer give her a bonus?

<Anja> !ex 3
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja (3) Successes: 0, Botch

<Anja> oh no!

<Kyumi> She was wearing skirt bikini.

<Shego> Shego SCORESS!!!

<Anja> Shego scores and Anja falls partly out of her suit...oh what a shameful day for the two dawn caste girls.

<Yieng> The dice were really with Shego.

<Shego> our ball.

<Anja> lets try going to 3 dice.

<Anja> 3 points I mean

<Yieng> instead of 3 succs?

<Shego> ok.

<Shego> our ball.

<Anja> Feel free to stunt if you can do so quickly.

* Yieng defers the serve to Anja.

<Shego> no no. WE serve.

<Shego> its OUR ball.

<Yieng> Whoops!

* Shego just did score.

* Yieng blushes prettily.

<Anja> Both sides rearrange their suits back into place.

* Shego shall serve then

<Kyumi> Good idea. My bikini botom is all wrong....

* Shego tosses her thick, grey-streaked hair and gently tosses the ball into the air. With a high-flying leap, Shego snap-kicks the ball at the other team's side of the net!

<Anja> +1

<Yieng> init

<Shego> not for serve.

<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 1 , Total: 8
<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+10
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+10, 6 , Total: 16

<Anja> serves get rolled before init.

<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 4 , Total: 12

<Shego> yes.

<Yieng> Ah, okay.

<Shego> !ex 8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (8) Successes: 5
<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 6 , Total: 13

<Shego> go Shego, go Shego go!

<Anja> !ex 6
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja (6) Successes: 0, Botch

<Shego> Shego SCOOORES

<Anja> oh...the embarresment of it all. Anja is redfaced about this one and the catcalls from the audiance do nothing to help.

* Yieng slaps a hand to her face as her teammate dives into the sand, completely missing the ball... and also, now, missing her top.

<Anja> Serve now returns to our side though.

<Shego> it does not.

* Kyumi high-fives Shego, wind picking up her skirt and blushing.

<Shego> we keep serving until you get the ball back.

<Anja> This is my game, it goes back and forth regardless of points scored.

<Shego> ...thats silly.

<Anja> Its just a test run, go with it.

<Yieng> I think it should work like real volleyball.

* Shego doth agree.

<Yieng> Only service can score.

<Anja> Allright allright.

* Anja makes note of this.

<Shego> ok. one to Shego-Kyumi.

<Kyumi> It's just a test run, don't worry about the real rules.

<Shego> 0 to Anja Yieng

<Anja> That means your team has one point so far.

<Shego> yeah.

<Anja> Serve is again Shego's.

* Shego nod.

<Shego> !ex 8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (8) Successes: 3

<Shego> ...hmph.

<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 4 , Total: 11
<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 3 , Total: 10
<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 1 , Total: 9

* Yieng squints into the sun, then elegantly bops the ball up into the air.

<Yieng> !ex 6
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng (6) Successes: 3
<Anja> +1
<Yieng> !ex 1
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng (1) Successes: 1

* Signoff: [Carol] (Quit: )

<Shego> where's my teammate?!

* Anja leaps up high into the sky, flipping once before spiking it back down right at the opposition!

<Kyumi> Hi. How are you.

<Shego> save the ball!

<Anja> roll init Jydan

<Anja> !ex 10
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja (10) Successes: 3
<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+10
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+10, 5 , Total: 15

<Anja> Kyumi goes for the save

* Kyumi runs to the net, diving down, sand spraying up around her as her hands fly out from her lithe frame, sliding right underneath the ball and slamming it back up!

<Anja> +2

<Kyumi> Dex+Ath, right?

<Yieng> App

<Anja> app+ath

<Kyumi> !ex 8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi (8) Successes: 2

<Shego> dive for it

<Kyumi> I was. So 5.

<Anja> A dive, barely getting it to return to Shego!

* willows (~laopooh@pool-151-196-41-117.balt.east.verizon.net) has joined channel #exaltedbeachvolleyball

* Shego leaps into the air, soaring above her prone teammate to catch the ball on the tips of her fingers. With the patented double-aireal sumersault of doom, Shego flips in the air three times, batting the ball down on the second while distracting her opponents with her highly reflective bikini!

* willows raises an eyebrow.

<Shego> :sparkle sparkly:

<Anja> +2

<Yieng> init?

<Shego> !ex 10
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (10) Successes: 8

<Anja> roll for return, then init

<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 1 , Total: 8

<Shego> we now have control, yes?

<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 8 , Total: 16

<Anja> your still in control, round is still going on.

<Yieng> Am I returning? I lost track.

<Anja> its new init

<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 2 , Total: 9

* kAFKaesque (stryck@c-67-167-23-127.client.comcast.net) has joined channel #exaltedbeachvolleyball

<Anja> Yieng save, Anja return. Jydan init is 1d10+11

<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+11
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+11, 9 , Total: 20

<Kyumi> 11? <Anja> app4, wits 4, +3 from suit.

<Kyumi> App+Wits? Not Dex+Wits?

<Anja> App wits

<Kyumi> Huh.

<Anja> Yieng save, Anja return. Kyumi save, Shego return.

<Shego> ..but I hit it and won?

* Yieng 's bare feet scuff in the sand as she positions herself beneath the ball. With the sound of thunder, a cloud of dust puffs up around her as she is driven downward by the force of Shego's powerful return!

<Anja> Shego-you hit it and now we see if you won.

<Anja> +2

<Yieng> And I channel Conviction, +3.
<Yieng> ^_^

<Anja> allright

<Yieng> !ex 11
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng (11) Successes: 3

<Yieng> Shit!

<Anja> Driven into the dirt you are but the ball fires off to the side and hits the ground. Another point for the lunar and solar team.

<Shego> ha ha!

<Yieng> The dust clears... to reveal Yieng on her knees, knocked down by the incredible attack.

* Shego fetches the ball, looking smug.

<Anja> The two dawn castes agree to kill them after the battle and get ready for the next round.

<Yieng> "One say, Shego... one day, Plentimon will not favor you!"

<Anja> Serve Shego!

* Yieng looks longingly at her sword as she gets up, dusting herself off.

* Kyumi smiles at them and waves. "You two are really good!"

<Shego> It's time to rotate.

<Shego> Kyumi's serve.

* Shego hands over ball.

* Kyumi blinks at the ball. "You want ME to serve?"

<Shego> well no. but it's the rules.

* Yieng tosses her head, shaking sand out of her flowing black topknot.

<Kyumi> "Oh... Okay... I'll try..." She frowns at the ball as she moves into position, turning on her heel, and tossing the ball into the air and slamming at it!

<Anja> +1

* Shego cheers!

<Kyumi> Dex+Ath?

<Anja> yes

<Shego> yargh.

<Kyumi> !ex 5
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi (5) Successes: 1

<Anja> one more for stunt.

<Kyumi> !ex 1
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi (1) Successes: 1

<Shego> yaay!

<Anja> init now

* Yieng smiles as she sees Kyumi's inexpert serve arc lazily through the air.

<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 4 , Total: 11
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 6 , Total: 13
<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 3 , Total: 11
<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+11
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+11, 6 , Total: 17

* Kyumi frowns at her serve, but then drops into a stance to return the ball.

<Anja> Yieng save, Anja return. Kyumi save, Shego return.

* Yieng moves calmly but not lazily into position. As her master taught her, she does not let overconfidence weaken her focus.

<Anja> +1

<Yieng> !ex 7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng (7) Successes: 3

* Yieng easily bats the ball up into the air.

* Anja leaps to Yieng who catches her foot to help her leap up into a flip into the air letting her do an underhanded spike to the ball down right between Shego and Kyumi.

<Anja> !ex 11
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja (11) Successes: 7

<Shego> dang.

<Shego> dive, channel, stunt maddly!

<Yieng> Kyumi?

* Kyumi watches the ball head towards the sand, and then notices she's closest. "Oh no!" She dives instantly, her skirt flapping, giving the audience a great view. Kyumi blushes furiously as she dives, finally feeling the ball make contact with her wrists and opening her eyes to watch the ball move up and up and up.

<Anja> +2

<Kyumi> !ex 8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi (8) Successes: 4

<Shego> the dive makes it, just barely!

<Yieng> Barely made it.

* Shego hurls herself at the ball, hair flying like a stormcloud. "SOARING EAGLE DEFEATS THE SUN!" Shego catches the ball on the insides of her arms, flips backwards, lands heavily and strikes a stunning pose in the sun, flipping her hair carelessly. Oh, and the ball smacks into the sand across the net.

<Anja> +3

<Shego> woowoo!

<Shego> and I channel Valor

<Shego> !ex 16
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (16) Successes: 7

<Shego> nark :)

<Anja> Init!

<Shego> oh wait!

<Shego> !ex 2
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego (2) Successes: 0

<Shego> nevermind

* Shego Valor is 5, not 3.

<Anja> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Anja : 1d10+7, 2 , Total: 9
<Kyumi> !roll 1d10+11
<Kraken|Sleeps> Kyumi : 1d10+11, 3 , Total: 14
<Shego> !roll 1d10+8
<Kraken|Sleeps> Shego : 1d10+8, 6 , Total: 14
<Yieng> !roll 1d10+7
<Kraken|Sleeps> Yieng : 1d10+7, 1 , Total: 8

<Anja> all dice now rolled in #dice

* Anja sees the shot flying to her side and leaps, cartwheeling and teeth gritted before bopping the ball up while resting on a single knee!

* Yieng pivots smoothly, hair whipping about her as she leaps into the air. Her fist smacks firmly into the ball, sending it rocketing over the net as she lands gracefully.

<Anja> +2

* Kyumi spins, hair whipping around her body as she does, scrambling up onto her hands and knees as she moves towards the ball, desperately clawing at the sand and finally managing to stand up, and then instantly diving for the ball, one string to her top snapping.

<Anja> +2

<Kyumi> App roll?

<Anja> yes

<Anja> [since the init makes it easy to get your stunt planned before hand and you only get one action try to type out stunt ahead of time]

* Yieng extends a hand, drawing her teammate back to her feet as Shego grudgingly tosses the ball to them.

* Kyumi frowns at the broken string to her bikini, working on tying it back up as she waits for the ball to come.

<Anja> [hmm...with stunts and time for the like 3 points I think is good enough for needed scores.]

* Yieng closes her eyes, drawing a deep breath and holding it for a moment. As the breath leaves her lungs, her feet leave the ground, and the ball leaves her hand, streaking toward Shego and Kyumi.

<Anja> +2

* Shego "ANGRY SPIDER MONKEY SHELTERS STILL POND FROM THROWN ROCK!" backflipping across the field, Shego leaps into the air, uses the ball itself as a springboard, pushing it down toward her side of the net before falling upsidedown, balancing it on her fingertips and flinging it up as she rights herself "Goooo Kyumi!"

<Anja> +3

* Kyumi frowns, looking up at the blinding sun and wishing she brought sunglasses. Her hair whips in the breeze, along with her skirt, but she doesn't notice as the ball falls down to earth towards her, spiking the ball and spining it doomingly towards Anja and Yieng.

<Anja> +2

* Anja sees the incoming spinning ball and licks her finger to cover wind speeds. She measurves an angle quickly with her sextant and compares the geometry of the arena to the local essence flows then takes a step to her left and lightly flicks the ball up to set up her friend.

* Yieng watches the ball arc up and up into the sky... as it approaches its apogee, she leaps. For a moment, the ball is a black disc against the burning sun. There is the sound of hand striking volleyball, and the fleeting solar eclipse is no more. Yieng's strike sends the ball careening toward her opponents, rays of sunlights bursting out from behind it to blind their eyes.

<Kyumi> .... funny.

<Anja> +3

<Anja> [I think I will allow 'blocking' moves. They are done by higher init person and use app+ath for the roll. It counts as a return and a save. If you fail the roll though you can't dive to make a save.]

<Anja> [must be declared before the roll is made]

<Shego> "RAVEN BRINGS ILL FORTUNE TO THE FALLING STAR!" With a massive leap, Shego lands lightly on Kyumi's head, standing there for a moment before doing a spinkick to catch the ball on her toes, turning all the way aroud oh-so-slowly and then flinging it straight down, right at the edge of the net.
* Shego hops lightly off Kyumi's head

<Anja> +2

* Kyumi turns and blinks at her. "You're paying for my next haircut!"

* Yieng only reacts to Shego's showboating with a slight narrowing of her eyes. Refusing to let the Lunar's display impress her, she moves smoothly and efficiently to set the ball up for Anja.

<Anja> +2

* Anja quickly runs back from the side of the field where she was getting one of the male players number and sees Yieng set her up brilliantly. She leaps, the screen pausing to go into a bullet time rotation thingy like in the matrix before she smacks the ball back down at her foes.

* Kyumi sees the ball heading straight for her head and covers herself with her arms, squeeling as the ball slams into her elbows, setting Shego up perfectly.

<Anja> +1

* Kyumi is knocked down into the sand. "Oooow...." She stands up and rubs her butt.

<Yieng> ::The ball sails off to the side, ricochets off a palm tree, and lands in the hands of Anja.::

* Shego is on the wrong side of Kyumi! "DESPERATE SERPENT USES MONGOOSE AS BRIDGE OVER ROARING WATER!" Grabbing Kyumi's shoulder, Shego slides across the other woman, gets a foot on her elbow and reaches high into the air to tap the ball lovingly with her fingers. It hesistates, but a blown kiss from the showy Lunar and the dazzle of her shineily covered chest knocks it over.

* Kyumi has left #exaltedbeachvolleyball