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Updates and Retcons

This page is intended as a directory for all the old information that's been updated, revised, clarified or superseded by information in newer books. It's currently organized in lists of retcons by type of being (e.g. Abyssal, Alchemical).

When listing an update or a retcon, state the sources of both the new and old information, preferably including the page number. Please keep your synopsis brief and neutral! If you want to discuss a given retcon, start a Discussion for it and link to the discussion from here.

You may be looking for WriterQuotes (this page is fan-maintained and none of it is directly quoted) or Errata, which logs official changes to canon through official White Wolf-released errata.



  • Exalted: The Autochthonians states that Alchemicals cannot use sorcery (although they can use both levels of weaving, which is similar to sorcery). This contradicts Time of Tumult, which previously stated that Alchemicals can use sorcery of up to Celestial Circle.


  • The Exalted core rulebook states on page 68 that the Skullstone Archipelago is ruled by The Bodhisattva Annointed by Dark Water. Scavenger Sons states on page 56 says that the Skullstone Archipelago is ruled by The Silver Prince. Exalted: the Abyssals states on page 93 that The Bodhisattva Annointed by Dark Water and The Silver Prince are one and the same.


If this page ever gets massive traffic, we may want to split off subpages for each type, although I'm not sure whether it would be best to do this by book (e.g. "Games Of Divinity"), creature type (e.g. "Abyssals"), or general topic (e.g. "Sorcery"). It seems to me that either the second or the third would be better than the first, since retcons by book can always be mentioned on the relevant book's page off of Books; of course, we could also structure type-retcons on their type pages, or subject-retcons on the subject pages.
~ Shataina

So, while adding this page to WikiContent, I realized that we already have a page for this -- Errata. I guess there's barely enough of a difference for these to be separate, but this reminds me that before you make a top-level central page, you should check to see if it already exists!
~ Shataina