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Here is the list of Dragon-Blooded Strategies. Please add or comment! -Clebo

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Dragon-Blooded Strategies

1. Fire Master in our Mist. A Fire Style Immaculate uses Safety among Enemies in combination of Fire Dragon Form, and Fire Aspect Anima ability.

2. Ever-Present Wind-Master (Air): Put up anima ability, Five-Dragon Blocking Technique, Five-Dragon Form, and Whirlwind Shield Method. Attack from range always, when attacked, use Windhands Gemstone and Vengeful Gust counterattack. Author: TheMyriadOfShades

3. (Advanced) Breezy Trees (Air (Immaculate)+Wood: Both protected by Whirlwind Shield Method, Air boosted with Air Dragon Form, Anima Power, Shrouding the Body and Mind, attack from range always, when attacked, use Windhands Vengeful Gust Counterattack aided by Dragonfly Finds Mate blocking archer hidden in the trees. Author: Similarian

4. Four with Mind: Three armored mortals boosted with One with Mind always block to protect the DB. DB attacks with long spear aided by Stoking Bonfire Style.

5. Shattered Minds Acts Together: Three armored mortals boosted with Deadly Wildfire Legion always block to protect the DB. DB attacks with a long weapon aided by Stoking Bonfire Style.

6. Avalanche Assualt: Activate Shattering Fist Strike. Then use Mountain Toppling Method to drop a portion of the scenery onto the enemy. This has been used to great effect in battles over moutain passes, when enemies of the realm had the entire mountainside crush their armies due to the work of a few heroes. Author: Similarian (abbreviated version).

7. Goremaul Storm: Toss a Goremaul and use Loyal Weapon to have it spin back. Spice with Seeking Throw or Persistant Hornet. Author: Similarian (abbreviated version).

8. Fire and Ice (Two DBs). One a master Fire Immaculate, the other an elusive ranged type (either mid-high level Air Immaculate or Ever-Present Wind Master work great). Fire Immaculate powers up Form and ultimate Charm, and dodges among the opponents, not attacking, just getting out of the way of everything and using Safety Among Enemies to supplement his full dodge on any serious attacks that come his way. The other Immaculate skirts around the periphery, using ranged attacks to herd the opponents closer to the Fire Immaculate. If the opponents attack the Fire Immaculate, they hit each other. If they concentrate their efforts on the Air Aspect, the Fire Immaculate attacks them, doing both weapon and anima damage. Author: MyriadOfShades

9. Water Dragon Suffers: Water IO uses form to soak as defense, replies with Theft-of-Essence Method.

10. Blades of Fire: Fire IO uses Flash-Fire Technique to gain initiative, acts multiple times with Flame-Flicker Stance as defense along with parries.

11. Howling Wolves: Use multiple Thunder Wolf's Howl by a group of sorcerers on one target. Level 3 Sorcery Capturing Cords could help if only a single caster were available. Author: Dell Faine, name by Clebo

11extra. Device Conquers Talent: Use a big, honkin, first age device. Who cares if another Mourning Field in the Scavenger Lands is created if it means taking out an Anathama. Author: Dell Faine, name by Clebo

12. Flurry of Swords (Air): Multiple melee fighters use Five-Dragon Blocking Technique, aided by One With Mind. Use high initiative and multiple actions to wear the opponents down. Author: Sabis

12b. Flurry of Spears (Air/any): Similar to Sabis's suggestion, but throw in some Crimson Pentacle Blade Style as well. Use Eastern Root Protocol and Graceful Tortoise Technique. To save on Essence, one character invokes Five-Dragon Blocking Technique, another uses a Form Charm (Five-Dragon Form and Crimson Pentacle Blade Form can both be good, but the latter offers higher attack and defense pools), another invokes Blessing of Jeweled Vambraces and Mantle, then use a Protocol to share those scenelongs (along with others you might want to share). Five Dragon-Blooded could each commit around 6 motes and spend a Willpower, then use a Protocol to have a rather impressive stackup. Other long-duration Charms to consider including in this would be any of the scenelong soak-boosters, Strength of Stone Technique, and for a small pack of DBs holding down a position, sharing Retribution of Honorable Guardianship Attitude on top of the other effects could prove quite formidable. - David.

13. Misty Metal Storm: As 12, but add Smoke obsucring effect, and strength of stone meditation. Supplement any attacks that are too accurate with buffed dodges, and attack with the rest. Author: Sabis

14. Swirling Prismatic Typhoon: As 12, but use Deadly Wildfire Legion, and Dragon Vortex attacks. Author: Sabis

15. Air Force Strike: Air Immaculates, in Most Terrifying Armor of the Air dragon, who end each turn by leaping straight up into the air, so that they are out of the range of msot attacks, then plummeting back down on their opponenets, using their 5 chakram trick supplemented by Wrathful Winds Maneuver. Author: Sabis

16. Wrath of the Five Dragons: 1 of each aspect: Water immaculate holds the opponent with Flow Past Defenses, Earth hits with a big jade weapon with force of the mountain, Air uses Air dragon form, invisible hidden chackram method, and attacks w/ several Loaly weapon daiklaves, Fire uses ringing anvil assult from her dragon graced weapon, and the wood fires a multiple arrows with Swallow Defends Nest. Author: Sabis

17. Air Dragon's Web(1 Air aspect): Air aspect rigs a battlefield with traps connected by tripwires to a high perch. Air aspect lures the opponent to the battlefield, uses aspect ability to jump up to the perch, and throws chakrams at the tripwires tied to the perch to set off traps whereever the opponent moves. Author: Qzujak49

17a. Dragons' Web(1 of each aspect): Earth aspect rigs a battlefield with traps connected by tripwires to a high perch. Water aspect kidnaps a hostage to lure the opponent to the battlefield. When opponent arrives, the Air, Wood, and Earth aspects are on the perch. The Earth aspect is hidden, while the Water and Fire aspects are easily visible with the bound or unconscious hostage. Opponents who try to rush for the hostage are met with a volley of arrows from the Wood aspect. Opponents who make it too close to the hostage or take cover from the arrows are met with traps from the Air aspect. Opponents who try to reach the perch are met by the Earth aspect, who attempts to knock them down from the perch. Water and Fire aspects engage those that reach the hostage, using Safety Among Enemies to threaten the hostage. Those who try to grab the hostage and run are met with a full barrage from the Water and Fire aspects. If no opponents approach the perch, the Earth aspect is sent to help the Water and Fire aspects. Author: Qzujak49

18. Fire Dragon's Shout(1 Fire aspect and a bunch of human archers): Fire aspect uses sorcery to make himself immune to wooden projectiles(similar effect to the spell Impenetrable Frost Barrier). The Fire then engages the enemy using melee and reflexive dodge charms. The Fire will also shout "Fire!" at least once per round, causing all the archers to shoot as a unit. The spell used at the start of the battle protects the Fire from the arrows. If the opponent tries to attack the archers, they will disperse in a half circle pattern and regroup while the Fire keeps the opponent busy. If increased difficulty is desired, the many archery attacks can be treated as one hard to block attack, likely forcing a Solar to use Heavenly Guardian Defense. Author: Qzujak49

19. Wood Fuels the Fire(2 Fire Immaculates & 1 Wood Immaculate per opponent): All Immaculates activate their forms. Fires use essence until their animas are going full blast. Then, Fires concentrate on dodging, letting the enemy wear himself out. When the Fires get hit, they move to the Woods, who use Wood Dragon Succor to heal the Fires and their form to shrug off the damage. Woods use defensive archery charms when not healing the Fires. If increased challenge is desired, give the Woods charms that cause themselves damage in order to supply essence. Author: Qzujak49

20. Unmoving Root Stratagem (Earth and Wood Immaculates, with support): Wood activates Endless Fascination Kata. Anyone not entranced is targeted by Hungry Earthen Maw. With their targets pinned, the support (can be anything from an Air Master hurling chakram to a dozen mortal archers) can easily shred the Anathema without taking any injury.

21. Towering Trees Endure(1 Wood Immaculate with support): Wood Immaculate monk uses Wood Dragon Form and uses a Warstrider. Others will use Safety Amongst Enemies to transfer attacks to the monk who concentrates on defense and lets his high soak and regeneration protect him. Uses of charms such as With One Mind, Deadly Wildfire Legion, Smoke Obscuring Effect, etc can all be used to further make the Blooded more likely to win. This is for use against a single anathema foe when the Blooded can not redirect attacks to a Anathema's allies. -BogMod


Oooh, Qzujak49. I like these strategies. Bringing in the environment. Very nice! -Clebo