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Weapon-Destroying Blossom</b>

 <b>Cost: 4 motes
 Type: Simple
 Duration: Instant
 Min Archery: 4
 Min Essence: 2
 Pre-Requisite Charms: Harvest of the Hunter

With this Charm, the Dragon Blood may draw upon the life inherent in wood to render the wooden weapons of her enemies useless. With a simple gesture and an expenditure of Essence, her enemies' weapons begin to bud and flower, the growth spreading over them rapidly until they can no longer be used in combat due to the flowers, branches, vines, and other plants that now grow on and from their surface. The opponent may make a Strength + Athletics roll (difficulty of the Dragon Blood's Essence) as a dice action to clear off the plants before they can fully take root, but it must be done in the same turn that this Charm is invoked. Otherwise, the growth is too well rooted to destroy. The Charm affects a number of targets equal to the invoker's Archery score.

As stated above, this Charm only works on wooden weapons such as bows, though many axe handles, staves, and so on are also composed of wood and will be destroyed by it.

This Charm was, obviously, inspired by Princess Mononoke

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Comments, Suggestions, or Flames

nice charm, my one critique is that a charm like this would really be more useful in mass, but I do not create charms so perhaps I am off base with that one. ~ Maylin

True...but as it's a DB Charm, I figured a one target base was a good starting point. Maybe as a follow-up Charm... -Dorchadas
And I edited to affect more targets anyway, so there we go -Dorchadas

Good one. Being inspired by Princess Mononoke is never wrong. :) I have my own Mononoke Archery Charm, actually. Resplendence