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Naruto Charms

My Charms

Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)

Prerequisite Charms: None
Minimum Performance: 1
Minimum Essence: 1
Type: Special
Duration: Inst
Cost: 3m

Description: A ninja finds misdirection his best weapon, and what better misdirection than not knowing who your opponent is? The ninja may tranform into any other person through a visual illusion. The illusion is both visual and aural, but it cannot disguise touch, smell or taste.

System: Roll (Appearance + Performance) against difficulty (Their Permenant Essence - Your Permenant Essence), Minimum 1. The successes are the difficulty to spot the flaws in the disguise (Not the net successes, but the actual successes. You roll (Perception + Occult) to defeat the illusion.

Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)

Prerequisite Charms: None
Minimum Performance: 1
Minimum Essence: 1
Type: Special
Duration: Scene
Cost: 2m/clone + 1m upkeep cost (up to essence in clones)

Description:Forming illusory copies of himself from chakra, a ninja can seem to attack from all sides at once, or conceal his retreat to a hidden position.

System:Bunshin are incorporeal and cannot affect the world. If hit, they are destroyed.

Raikiri / Chidori (Thunderbreak / The Cry Of A Thousand Birds)

Prerequisite Charms: One Whole MA tree, 
Minimum Martial Arts: 5
Minimum Essence: 4
Type: Supp
Duration: Inst
Cost: 20m

Description: Forcing a massive volume of chakra out of the palm of one hand, the hand crackles with energy, the power building over several long seconds, when at its peak - the sound of this attack is like the cry of a thousand birds, and the attack has been rumoured to have split a lightning bolt in two.

System: Double damage, unparryable, unsoakable lethal. This charm activates on your initiative, but you may not attack using the benefits of it until initiative tick 0 (After the rest of the turn is over).

Charms for Naruto by others

MartialArts/RockStyle - Rock Lee, a Taijutsu ( Hand to hand combat ) specialist, he can break the limits of the human body, resulting in great power at a great personal cost.

MartialArts/AllSeeingEyeStyle - The Hyuuga Byakugan, a bloodline style which allows the user to see the chakra flows inside their opponents body, and disrupt those flows, it also has a 360 degree supposedly perfect defense.

FezDragon/SonicCacophonyStyle - Kinato Dosu, a Sound Ninja whose attacks do damage not with impact, but as his singing bracers pass near the target, causing internal resonance of the body. The style focusses on offense against armoured opponents.

Naturally, almost all of the custom styles and the canon ones could be used given the variance in techniques on the show, and indeed I encourage my players to use unique styles (So long as I can edit the balance first)


I'd love to collaborate with you on working out Kabuto's style. Watching the recent episodes has got me excited about the idea of making a Medicine-based fighting style and an MA appropriate to it. -- DaveFayram

I'll just point out, the Chidori is hardly unparryable or unsoakable- it does deal lethal (or possibly Aggravated), and so requires a stunt to parry, but Itachi didn't have any problem on that front, and Garra's sand bubble did absorb most of the damage- thus why he survived at all.

Frankly, I'd make it a Simple (rather than Supplemental) Charm, costing 10m, 1 Willpower and 1 Health Level. You make a normal Martial Arts attack against someone, but all the attack dice are counted as successes. If the blow lands, it deals lethal damage, halves soak, and all damage dice are counted as automatic successes. Also probally bump it down to Essence 3 rather than 4- I don't give Sasuke that much credit :)

Oh, and I'd come up with an Byakugan MA Style... I'll see if it still exists, or if I totally dismantled it elsewhere... Neji is SO COOL. :)

AH! Just thought of something.

Supernatural Merit
Family Heritage
Cost: 2, 5 or 7 Points

Certain techniques and jutsus tend to get passed down family lines, trademark styles and schticks. For the 2 point version, you can learn your family's secret techniques as a Terrestrial Level Martial Art, with no one needing to teach you- for anyone else to master it, they must pay for a Celestial Level Martial Art, and require a teacher.

For the 5 and 7 point versions, the style comes from a Bloodline limit- some difference in your body or blood makes you uniquely able to learn this style. It provides exclusive access to a Celestial or Sidereal Style (respectively).

For one point less, the Style may be stealable- it relies on some obvious physical difference which can be taken- this typically results in the death of the original bearer of the heritage.


Itachi had no trouble parrying the Chidori because he's a godmoder. ^^;
Also, I'm fairly certain Shikamaru's shadow grab is a secret family jutsu rather than a bloodline thing. KitBox

So that's what full use of the Sharingan is, Godmode. Sweet!
But yeah, the Shadow Manip always struck more as a Jutsu that anyone could learn rather than a Bloodline Limit. Nothing really motioned towards it being anything but, then again, it could be either depending on preference, it's usefulness in battle would kinda make it a lower choice jutsu if it was available to everyone. Either way!  :) -MidKnight
Bah. Itachi didn't do anything special to parry the Chidori- he just knocked away the not dangerous part of Sasuke. Anyone could do that- although having Sharingan would help :)
As for Shikamaru's shadow manipulation, and most folk's schticks, I rather agree. That's why I was like 'These styles may be learnable by anyone as a Celestial Style, but to you, they're a Terrestrial one'. Most of the schticks on Naruto that are not explicitly bloodline limits fall into this category. *goes to tinker with description* Better?

Okay...many replies. DaveFayram - Sounds cool, what do you need me to do? DS, I probably did overdo it a little, and some of your replacement mechanics seem reasonable enough, but there is nothing about Chidori that enhances the chances to hit of the attack, Rock Lee commented on that in particular it was just a normal attack for massive damage. Diamond

Email me. We'll brainstorm about what kind of stuff we can safely remove from the setting and shove into Exalted. Also, let's wait 1 more episode (this week's, which JUST came out). Kabuto and Naruto are going to square off a bit more, and I am curious to see a bit more of his style. I'm at dfayram@lensmen.net or dfayram@gmail.com -- DaveFayram