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NOTE: Until further notice, initial submissions are welcome; however, PCs will probably be chosen via review and follow-up PC-to-ST blabber. While this is mainly a feel-out-the-system game, I don't want it to be an outright disaster from Day 1. Potential Fair Folk PCs may be listed here, although you may also shoot me a character sheet email-style, at darkheart01 @ gmail.com. Quality is the name of the game, folks.

PC Submissions

Graceful Razor Concubine - a Xia (or Eshu, not yet decided which is most appropriate) who is known for his harem of Creation-forged weapons, each of whom is controlled by a Little God who are fervently and sincerely in love with him, and he, for now, with them. He longs to meet his long-spurned lover, Jade Blood Talon, whose wielder he once slew in a jealous rage, so that he might either find forgiveness from her or end his life on her blade. --Kukla

Bothersome Illumination of Harmony Insane Working name. Artisan retainer of a mighty noble who recently obtained full freedom and now follows Artaxis as a means towards status. Presented staff grace to Artaxis as an offering of utmost loyalty upon arriving at the court -WGC who is mostly stating interest as his character is still a story away from being done.

Twenty-six Temptations - He is the dancer in the wilds, the beautiful, dark and dangerous wanderer whose voice is damnation and sweet nectar. An Eshu, he holds himself somewhat apart from the politics of the raksha, prefering to caper along Creation's paths, taking love and fear in equal measure to sustain his existence. When he does return to court, however, his arrival precipitates great feasts and masquerades, plunging the social scene into frantic dissolution until he again departs for the world of shape. -- OhJames

Iron-Tounged Rioghai - Rioghai fancies herself to be a speaker of unchanging cold truth. Her words have no weight alone, but she devotes herself to ensuring the dooms she speaks come true. She drops prophecy into the ears of others for the same reason a shrike spits its prey on a thorn, or a child pins a bright beetle to the ground with a needle - to watch them squrim and kick and die. A veteran raider with a penchant for 'playing with her food', she longs to ride again into Creation, this time at the head of a kingdom-smashing army, to exult in the protracted death throes of an entire nation. -- ThirtyFirst

One Thousand Epic Forger - An ancient monster who chooses mortals to empower, so that he may champion their causes. Every tale a tale of doom and suffering, as he fights to tell an interesting tale. The Artisan of Creativity Without Inspiration, is feared by the courts not for his shaping skill, but for the terrible retribution he has reaped with the aid of the creation-born. Still provided he is not prevented from traveling he is a being willing to work for others, if only to make his own tale more interesting. -- Talion