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I think about Exalted a lot. Sometimes, useable (maybe even useful!) stuff is developed. Now, on with the show.

Comments of any sort solicited and appreciated. Please.

= Content

== Thaumaturgy

ThirtyFirst/TheArtOfCurses: Because the legendary Occult success entry says you can.

== Characters

ThirtyFirst/CharacterSheets: A text-based sheet for use with a monospace font, because Exalted stat blocks are always ugly.

== Et cetera

ThirtyFirst/IdeaCorral: Where the infant Bad Ideas roam.

= Future Plans

  • Characters, so you can take my little imaginary avatars, use them as NPCs, and beat the shit out of them in your games.
  • Charms, because I can. All the cool kids are doing it.

= Comments

Yar, yap away! -- ThirtyFirst