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Crowned News - the NNN (Nexus for Nifty News)

What's What in the Life of the Crowned One

Tuesday, April 20th. 2004\\ I just realized that I was supposed to talk to Roger and DG about my CaK ideas today; whoops. I'll be sure to do that early tomorrow, so I don't get all distracted again. I've been working on another project -- non-Exalted related. It even distracted me from my Mail and Steel ideas, which I was hoping to work on this week. Hopefully I'll have it done by this Wednesday, and will be able to do both:D

For the curious, I'm working on a small rules system for a detailed fantasy-based Empire-Building Political game. A lot of the people on #WoD have been playing NationStates (from; join the Ullisian Region!), amd having a good bit of fun. Much political RP has been had, but I've been somewhat annoyed. I've run "empire-building games" since I was in high school -- one of my few fond memories of way back then, even if those were little more than pencil markings on a few sheets of paper. I've tried Birthright, and moved on to other game systems, even made a few systems of my own for "Civilization" type turn-based games. Now I'm doing it again:D

New World, is what I'm calling it. It's fantasy, set in a world where the players are the leaders of refugee empires that fled their magitek world for a new one following it's destruction by the inscrutable "Conquerers". Each player starts with a leader, and 1000pts to build his starting empire which takes place on a map (that I'm going to have to host somewhere...) Maybe even /maps/, plural, depending on how creative I get or how many players I end up deciding to take on. I've explained the "you all have access to a map, which I'm not going to blot out" aspect by giving each Player Character civilization a magical scrying device that will also allow unlimited communication between the players:D

From there, the players will develop their empires, move out into the world and explore it (the map will not be completely detailed, after all, and I'll probably have a hidden layer). Hopefully there will be politics, war, trade, and other goodies:D All supported within a rule-system, overseen by a games master (me). Hopefully I'll manage two turns a week. I've tried PBEM's before, and had trouble, but I've managed to keep a game like this going for quite some time in the past:D My record so far is a year.

So, today, I've been working on that. I had a few rules system I used; the one I used last time. However, I got writing and I'm more or less starting from scratch. I imagine a lot of it is going to be build as we go, but I want to have a solid foundation too. Anyway; that's what kept me busy today, but don't worry. I've still got CaK (and Mail and Steel, for the matter) on the mind:D

Past News

Sunday, April 4th. 2004\\ I suppose I won't get in any trouble if I admit that, lately, I've been feeling the draw to run a Solar's game again. The Exalted Player's Guide just has me cracking, I suppose. Which has me a bit worried, since my Lunar game is going on a three week break while one of my players moves. I'm going to be running a small Dragon King game set in Rathess in that time, for the players who aren't just gonna take the rest of the month off.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I had a pretty week game yesterday. I /thought/ I had to leave early:D But apparently, "That's fine" in responce to "Can I do this favor for you at 7pm, so I can run some of my game" means "I'll just do it myself without telling you!" Bah:P Today's Abyssal game was better, and we finally finished up the first storyline. Still no combat!:D We almost had some, but the group managed to outrun the Butcher Exultant in Cold Steel instead of having to face him. Doubtless, this was a good thing.

Anyway, now the Witch in White becomes a NPC for a while so she can train and the players do other things. I eventually have an epic adventure into the Labryinth planned, but I want to introduce the Solar Heroes first, maybe do a battle or too. Next game is Easter Sunday, so that might cause problems, but we'll see. No haren, but Kaine is pretty irreligious:P It could go either way with Joel -- he has a girlfriend, and one never knows with that.

In other news, I really love the Exalted Players Guide. It's just what the game needed in a lot of ways. Power Combat is great, I was really inspired by the merits and flaws, and the Mass Combat rules are growing on me. I'm even beginning to visualize them, and how they might work, though I still wish they'd been a bit more clear in some areas.

Tuesday, March 23rd. 2004\\ Life has been...odd, lately. I keep TRYING to be a good boy and go to bed before it's freaking 3am in the morning, but so far I've not been able to pull it off. I've got the oddest writing bug. I've written two stories in the past four days or so. The first was really hugely off-topic:D It's a bit of superhero fiction I've written based on a defunct campaign and some cool characters I had; it was well recieved by the players and the few other people I shared it with.

Night Over Gem is another thing. Once I finished the superhero thing, I dunno, I had a bit of an exalted fiction rush and I had to get started on that:D I had some nifty ideas, that I wanted to put in fiction. I haven't gotten to most of them -- though the little martial arts duel in the dark was cool:D They're going to have to wait until the character advances a bit more:D I figure it'd probably a 3-4 part story, from what I've got now, and the first part serves as a fairly good introduction.

I've pondered signing up for another WBM part, but eh. I don't know how long this writing bug is going to last, and besides, most of this stuff is coming out FAST and of it's own accord. I don't think it'd agree much with predefined structure and 'having to share'. So probably for the best that there really aren't any WBM slots open at the moment.

Though if nobody signs up for part 3 of GoD soon, I'm gonna do it, damnit;P