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Recent History of the Isle

In RY 799, the Scourge of the West, Amberlyn Snapjaw, Ikth-ya of the Silver Pack and Grandmother of the Lintha, took over the rulership of the Black Heart Isle with the help of her pack and set up the island as a center for actions against the Realm and the Guild -- opening up the port to all who opposed either entity, and establishing her own law over those who dwelled there.

Since then, the already impressive pirate hole has grown, becoming a community in it's own right -- albiet one dedicated to the continued opposition of the two greatest civilizing factions in Creation.

the Leaders of the Island

  • Amberlyn Snapjaw, No Moon Sorceress and 'leader' of the Pack. Grandmother in the Lintha, but formerly from Coral. (my Character)
  • Akuma, Full Moon Lunar and dashing pilot of the Silver Lotus -- Balthasar's character.
  • CrownedSun/Hecate, Full Moon Lunar and resident slave-breaker -- my friend Char's character.
  • Dashar Fearwalker, Changing Moon Lunar and smooth-tongued thrillseeker -- Telgar's character.
  • Walter Deschain, Changing Moon Lunar and master of disguise and deceit -- Ashande's character.