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For my friend Luke, who lives in Japan, Summer is hell. It's hot, sticky, and nasty there. So I got him a personal cooling system. It's an odd looking little collar you put around your neck and it is like a tiny little air conditioner that cools your neck (which is one of the chokepoints for some of your body's major arteries, and near major heat dissipation points) and blows cool air up and down your back.

I think it's the funniest gift I've ever given, because it's going to make him look like the ultimate 6ft tall White Man In Japan. Awesomeness.

-- DaveFayram

My wife has decided that my descriptions of manses were getting bland, and since I am always wanting to go explore ruins somewhere, so she arragned for a cruise to the caribbean to check out some of the mayan ruins.

She Rocks!

-- Alderaad

Wow, that's an awesome gift! Lucky man! -- DaveFayram

*dumbstruck* -- Voidstate

I got a sushi plate, a rice bowl, and a lucky kitty. =) ~sabis