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I got a JOB! took long enough, but I finally did.

I can be reached via email


One side project I've been working on at home is the creation of other cards - like the ever popular charm-cards. But for spells & hearthstones.

DB Game

  • The Game I was running has ended. I'm working on getting at least chapter summaries online.
  • Unfortunately, some of my players weren't too pleased with my idea of sharing some of their histories. I guess there is a potential issue if someone is a writer, or wants to be, and has stuff published - which includes web postings. Then there are different legal issues to deal with when they do get published.
  • But if you're interested in the game my character V'neef Seren is keeping a journal of the game's events through his eyes. journal

Hats Off

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the following people in a public location for the help and information they've given me since Exalted came out.
  • Alabrax - I heavily used some of his web info on Chiaroscuro for my game.
  • GoldenH - His weblog was definately useful in giving me inspiration.
  • Voidstate - His name generator and character sheets are recent appearances in my game.