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Theme: Can we Borrow a Cup of Essence?

A troupe of friends, mercenaries and pub-crawlers, drawn together by the Loom of fate, simply Mortals who have stuck forth to lay their mark on creation, little do they know they are about to become Exalted, will their friendship sustain when one becomes anathema, and another an outcaste? Will they become Exalts of the same type? Will they find their First-Age partners in their most heated of friend-made rival?

All this to be seen from the contributors of this Relay. Since they are either on the verge of Exaltation, or very recently Exalted, the space for their Exalted Type and Caste can be what they will become when they eventually Exalt.

Lalas Laktor --JohnBiles

Solar Exalted

Lalas Laktor is a huge mountain of a man, a third-generation descendent of northern slaves whose master brought them to Nexus, only to have them escape him into the city and take refuge. He himself works as a dockworker. He has long pale hair and muscles on top of his muscles, next to other muscles, hidden behind muscles. He tends to wear overly tight clothing which tears a lot, when off-duty, or sturdy, rugged clothing when working.

Lalas is incredibly strong, to a superhuman degree normally only achievable by elder Exalts or Lunars in DBT form. He is mainly skilled at being a dockworker and drinking vast amounts of alcohol. However, once he exalts, he'll become a skilled swordsman and incredibly difficult to hurt. And be able to drink even MORE ALCOHOL. He'd be looking forward to that if he knew it was coming. He's also very handsome (especially those with a taste for muscles) and very brave and loyal to his friends.

Lalas is basically a cheerful big mouthed man with the subtlety of a bull. He can't lie his way out of a wet paper bag, and he's not very bright. He can be casually cruel to those he sees as weaklings, unless they're friends (which isn't easy for them to achieve if they're weak). He tends to take the straightforward approach to everything.

Lalas is on the verge of exalting as a Solar, unknown to him, for he is fated to be at the docks when a Deathknight opens a portal to allow the Arzecki Horde to invade the city (in hopes of creating a shadowland through mass death). Fortunately for him, he will likely be joined by...

Skal - SpicyMcHaggis

Dragon Blooded

Skal has been something of a wanderer his entire life. He was an army child in his youth, that he remembers, but somewhere along the way his legion was annihilated and as he fled he lost his family. By now he was 14 and hearty due to years of being in and out of campaigining, as well as well trained for being the son of an officer. But the Realm never came to reclaim this potential Dynast, his mother was something of an outcaste already anway and his mother was only mortal. So he took a new name when he reached one of the many coastal cities of the East and willingly joined on to a ship crew and began his life of sailing. His intelligence and noble breeding destined him for better things though and the more he sailed, the more authority and rank he achieved. He is destined to be the captain of a ship anchored in the docks, and employing Lalas when the portal of the Deathknight opens and he takes his late second breathe as a Dragon Blooded of Water.

Skal is viewed as a bit eccentric by some, the juxtaposition of wealth and privelage and being orphaned and working as a mere peon on a boat has shaped him. He is quite arrogant, he even thinks himself better than many more noble-born as he knows he has gotten his hands dirty and become as stronger man for it. He is disciplined and direct, and has quite a great sense of responsibility. There is rarely a time that Skal has tried to do anything else then accept all the consequences for his actions. But he swears like a sailor and likes his more plebian pleasures.

His ship is going to be involved in some very important events for another persona at the docks that fateful night is...

Fel - Heru

Solar Exalted

Fell is the only son of a blacksmith father and a librarian mother. It was because of his experiences aiding both parents that he has become an avid student of lore and a highly experienced crafter of goods.

He is mostly a loner and quiet guy, though if you get him to open up he is very friendly and talkative. One of the few people who can be called a friend to Fel is Lalas, a local dockworker. Fel meat Lalas one day when he was overseeing the delivery of a shipment of equipment to the many ships of the dock. It took a number of days worth of shipping practice before Fel got Lalas to talk. Something about Lalas got Fels attention which was why the friendship began.

Another person he is somewhat friendly to is Skal, a sailor who operates on a ship in the docks. Like Lalas he meant him bringing onboard some new equipment. Much to Fel's surpirse Skal began having an intelligent conversation with him, a conversation that was replayed over the following week. Skal has seen alot in his years, something that is very much of interest to Fel who wishes to know all that he can.

Despite his interest in libraries and lore of all types, he is not a weakling of a man. Because of the hard work he does assisting his father in operating and running the smithy, he is quite fit and buff. His muscles are not bulging, but neither are they skimpty. Because of his personality he has had to defend himself against bullies and theives. Because of that he has trained himself in swordsmanship and the use of the bow.

While he doesn't realize it, Fel is going to be Chosen by the Unconquered Sun to become one of his Exalted. On the same night that a Deathknigt opens up a portal into the city, he is at the docks helping to repair some damage to one of the ships.

Unbeknowest to him, that night he was lucky to meet...

Shimmering Riptide - StarHawk

Lunar Exalted
Changing Moon
Seagull Totem

Riptide in her mortal days was nothing more than a dock-rat. She wandered unnoticed by the workers, she made her living pilfering what she could from the incoming and outgoing shipments, and selling it back at twice the price. She enjoyed her life fully, as she had a knack for never getting caught.

Her poor story is one of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the barbarian Horde arrives, Luna deemed her worthy of standing in their way. As a human, she wasn't much to look at. She was dirty and dingy and her true beauty was mostly hidden. Her hair, black in color, was kept always in a pony tail and out of her face. Her clothes were comfortable but provided little more than something to cover her modesty. She wasn't exceptionally strong, nor exceptionally sturdy, but she was quick. That and her good sense of humor was enough for Luna to bless her in a time of need.

Standing along side her that fateful night was her good friend...

Lalas Jessala - FrivYeti

Sidereal Exalted
Chosen Of Journeys

A recently-Exalted Sidereal, Jessala was once a firm friend to many of those on the docks of the city, spending her time watching the ships and helping out as a courier and general broker. She was forced to leave her dockworker family very shortly after her Exaltation, at the urgings of Sidereal elders who didn't want her to get too attached to her merely-mortal friends. Undergoing extensive training by the Gold Faction, Jessala still smarts at having had to leave her family and friends behind, and managed to finagle her way back into the city for her first assignment - uncovering the plot of a certain Deathlord and thwarting it. All of her old friends had forgotten her, even her own brother Laktor. To her surprise, though, a young girl she had made friends with years earlier, Shimmering Riptide, remembered her. She was on the docks talking with her old friend when everything began...

Ol' Gremar - ArabianNinja

Lunar Exalted
Full Moon
Rhino Totem

Alistare Gremar, otherwise known as Ol' Gremar by many of his workers is the dockmaster who over-sees the day to day affairs of incoming ships, and keeps things running smoothly on his block. Grizzled and old, his worn and wrinkled face holds strong and sharp eyes, despite his age he is in posession of great strength from his younger years as a dock worker, that aside he has a tounge as rough as a file and few men slack off while under his gaze. His favoured worker Laktor is one of the few who he allows to take his ease while under his watch as he most definetly pulls his weight when the time comes.

The night of the descent of the Arzecki Horde onto the city is when Gremar will suffer a terrible stroke from the shock, but not allowing himself to keel what would have certainly killed a lesser man, indeed Gremar would lose sight in his left eye from it, he will still able to sound a warning gong which will alert others to the invasion. In this moment Luna herself will bless his perseverance, and allow him to fight on with the others...

and the Circle is complete...


I deem your character very much the awesome, and if I were building this character, I would take beacon of power for him. Nice stuff. - ArabianNinja, Subtlety? screw that, I'm a Mack Truck!

I am glad that I found this cause making fluff is something I enjoy. -Heru

Given that it's been months, I'm going to suggest that this be done at five characters and think up a new theme. Should we maybe alter this to always be five-member Circles? - FrivYeti

Well I don't mind six as it gives for a little more variance, in any case, since I made this theme, I'll take any suggestions for the next, otherwise I'll archive this and think of something in the next day or so. - ArabianNinja

Makes sense. I'd just noticed generally stalling seems to happen around four or five. I suggest "A Criminal Gang" for the next set of Circle-mates. If only because I have a great idea for them. ;) - FrivYeti

Criminals it is - ArabianNinja