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Theme: Council of the Endless Chase!

Each person makes a member of a council. It can be any council, determined by the first entry. They can be any type of characters, but the type cannot be repeated (so no more than one Abyssal or Solar or God-Blooded, etc). Give them reasons not to kill each other... or don't.  ;) ~ Seiraryu

Bringer of Peace -Scrollreader

Abyssal Exalt

Bringer is head of the Council of the Endless Chase, in Sijan, devoted to the shadowland there, policing and controlling it. She is a raven haired beauty, with charcoal grey eyes that some ghosts swear reflect the river lethe itself. She is quietly loyal to the malfeans and her deathlord, though she seems to be content for the moment with bringing the Good Death to those who ask for it, and has never been caught damning anyone to oblivion. Her compassion is real, but should her deathlord command, she will forsake both mercy and her past life as a funerist, and woe betide the ghost who crosses her then. She is an accomplished necromancer of the second circle, and when she must fight to defend the City of Sijan, or the shadowland there, she does so in a massive bone warstrider. She is well liked and respected by most of the other council members, though one is close to discovering her true loyalties ....

Truth Speaks Volumes ~StarHawk


Truth is only the secratary, but is in the position out of choice. Being a scion of the River God, Truth feels he holds quite a high station in Sijan. Truth is something of a spoiled brat, he's never had to live even one day among those who are less fortunite than himself, but he takes his job as council member very seriously. In fact Serious seems to be one of the main discriptors of Truth. He wears a very stern and severe look on his face, dressed in all midnight-blue. A three piece suit, with his strictly and rigidly presice hair. His murky green eyes are harsh when they look upon those below him, in particular her lady Bringer of Peace, who he feels shouldn't be in Sijan at all. His voice is solf, and only speaks in truths, the curse set upon him a birth by the River God. With such a serious demenor many around him feel he's more important than he really is, and he abuses that. Though if he were asked about it he'd be forced to tell them how low he really stands in the council. In the court his arguments are as solid as concrete, his debate skills only matched by one in the council...

Font ~DeathBySurfeit


A rigidly postured young woman in formal attire and with a tattered grey mantle thrown across her shoulders, Font's soft and gently inflected voice is rarely heard; when she deems to speak, however, her words are incisive and pertinent to matters at hand. She has never demonstrated any prowess in combat, but since her unprecedented rise through the ranks of the SIjanese council neither has she needed to; thus, her position on the council is maintained. Lingering beneath her cloak is her mute son, a doe-eyed, silk-haired young boy that hugs her leg and plays with the hem of her cloak as she attends meetings and walks from one region to another. Whilst the subject of many snide remarks and wild conjecture, the bond between the two seems so strong as to render them pretty much inseparable.

In actuality, some of the stranger rumours are true. Her nameless, wordless son is the progeny of an ancient ghost that came to her upon the fields of Sijan. With memories of that union and strings of the heart, her son's inherited powers granted him full dominion over his mother, turning her into little more than a puppet for his own agendas - a mirror themselves of his distant father. Unbeknownst even to him, his father controls another seat on the council, one more directly involved in seeing his plans to fruition...

Cry of the Banshee -Dmccoy1693

Heroic Dead

Cry of the Banshee, known in life as Ledaal Carn, was a runaway from his house after failing to exalt. In life he made many allies and enemies. His enemies were simply more powerful then his allies and he met a very painful and dramatic end. His family, wanting to give him a dignified end but not wanting his shame of his outcaste life to plague the family's name buried him in Sijan. In death, he was fixated on revenge on his enemies. He made a deal with a ghost who enshrouded himself in shadows in exchange for the power to get the vengence he longs for. The new connection has provided him with the means to quickly become a council member, yet cares little for the actual functions of the job. Instead he preoccupies himself with matters of his own vengence and does what he must to stay on the council and in the good graces of his ghost contact.

Cry has no knowledge of Font's connection to this same ghost, nor does he care. He does feel a great deal of emotion about Truth Speaks Volumes in that he hates him from top to bottom. Being one who, in life, has never had a break and worked for every everything he achieved, he cannot stand to see someone like Truth simply have life handed to him so easily. He does however feel that Bringer of Peace has several good ideas and listens to her ideas quite frequently. But the most complex relationship that Cry has is and old ally of his in life who also recently took the last place on the council....

She Who is Called Traitor to All Life - IanPrice

Terrestrial Exalted

She was once the outcaste called "Fragile Flower," a wood-aspect who resulted from some long-forgotten tryst several generations back. Despite her exalted power, her health was always weak, and she failed to gain respect with others of her kind because of it. Not only that, but she was held back by her sterility, preventing her from even finding some advancement and acceptance in marriage. Thus, Carn hit it off with her perfectly. Despite her exaltation, they shared more circumstances than most, and so they became fast friends. For some years, before old enemies drove him away, Carn stayed with her at the Immaculate temple she was studying at in the wilderness.

When Carn met her again as Cry of the Banshee, on the Council of the Endless Chase in Sijan, he could barely recognize her. The frailty which had plagued her body was gone, and somehow she had children of her own. Not to mention the change in her demeanor - Fragile Flower was a kind and mild young (for an Exalt) woman, while the Traitor to All Life is hard and cynical. If she recognizes Cry for who he was in life, she hides it well. She hides all her emotions, save spite for everyone who crosses her path.

Somewhere along the line, an encounter with a Solar Anathema of the Cult of the Illuminated convinced her that the dogma of the Immaculate Order was false. She came to recognize the way they had manipulated her, and others, and was quite upset. Unfortunately, after spending a short time following the Solar who convinced her of this, she realized that this Cult of the Illuminated was employing similar methods. Disgusted, she stayed just long enough to obtain Solar healing for her unfortunate physical problems, then made her disappearance. One Dragon-Blood more or less didn't concern the Cult much.

When she reached Sijan, Flower ran afoul of some Deathknights on assignment. With nothing to lose, she bargained her allegience for her life. She now serves Bringer of Peace on the Council, and uses her powers of life in ways antithetical to their normal applications. She creates disease, worsens wounds, and in many ways imitates her new masters. Yet she does not believe in this way of life. She who is Called Traitor doesn't believe in anything anymore, and she takes out her frustration with this fact on anybody foolish enough to stay anywhere near her too long.

Two Cents Here

I really like that name. I'll have to use it sometime. ~StarHawk

DBS... it's kind of tradition to add a little line that the next character can pick up. See the end of the first two entries. You don't have to, but it'd be cool to be true to form in that regard... anyway, just a suggestion, you may've had a reason for not doing it. ~ Seiraryu

I have a reason! Absentmindedness. Corrected now...DeathBySurfeit
Mwahah! Now, I take that to mean that there's another person connected to the boy's father on the council, and not that his father actually is on the council, right? ~ Seiraryu
Right. Clarified accordingly...DeathBySurfeit
Ah, the wonders of communication. I'm working on someone to add right now. I like your idea. ~ Seiraryu
Thanks! I suffer for my art...DeathBySurfeit