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Who I Am

I'm a pretty long-term Exalted ST, getting into about a year after the first printing hit the stores. I run games in the Bay Area of California (San Jose area, to be precise). I'm new here, but I hope my input might help other people. ^_^ If you want to contact me, e-mail me at my Yahoo! account. It's the same screenname, so it's easy to figure out. (Take that, bots!)

BTW, if anyone lives near my area, I am planning on running a large, high-power epic campaign this summer. Contact me or write here if you'd be interested in learning more about it.

Stuff I'm Talking About

Interrum: The Second Age is shaken up with a world of changes. (Coming Soon)
RiseOfRathess: Solars resurrect the city and build a new Deliberative. (Coming Soon)
Discussions/SiderealsRevealed: The Sidereals found out?
LunarNations: The Lunar Exalts raising tribes into states?
Canamrock/VneefJiaro: The bio for a Dragon-Blooded character I'll be playing soon.


I know you answered this question already but who are you? You need to sign in on Prefrences and put your name up on UserPages. I suggest you scope out BestPractices before anything out. Other than that welcome to Wiki ^_^ I like your Lunar nation write-up. nice job! - Paladinltd